Why the United States and the United States ended the free tools to do the world’s largest market ca

to do a free tool to collect tens of millions of users to make money day, has passed.

Thomson Reuters reported on Friday that the MiTo company to be listed on the Hongkong at the end of this year, plans to raise $700 million.

from 2008 began to do image processing business is finally going to the U.S. market, from PC to do the phone, free software to sell mobile phones. Since the MiTo’s products are Meitu Xiu Xiu, beauty shot, poster factory, expression factory and a series of popular applications, Mito mobile phone has been to the fourth generation.

but the listing of Hongkong means that the United States plans to compromise. A shares listed on the main board can always catch the most familiar with its investors, but listed here requires three consecutive years of profit. According to the leaked picture of the ownership structure of the chart shows that in the past three years it has been a loss, is expected to be profitable in 2017.

not profitable Internet Co can also go to the United States listed, there are far more capital than Hongkong. Baidu continued losses for many years on the NASDAQ is mobilized hundreds of billions of capital. But in that market, the company did not have a good financial results to persuade Wall Street to accept a future can make money story, in order to sell the stock.

has been able to explain the listing of Hongkong, the United States has no way to describe such a future, although it is already the best in the industry.

a field to do the best, will be able to make money

rely on Meitu Xiu Xiu to fire up the beautiful figure, is one of the few successful transition to the mobile phone to do better in Vietnam in the PC company.

download in the Apple App Store Chinese area "photography and video" top ten, Mito’s four products, Meitu Xiu Xiu beauty camera, self timer, tide beauty shot all the year round in the standings.

in the overseas market, Apple’s app store beauty camera, Meitu Xiu Xiu and other products in Japan, United States, Thailand also won the free download list first achievement.

According to the data provided by the

map, as of October 31, 2015, there are 270 million people using the map products in the mobile phone every month, they used the camera to take 3 billion 870 million photos of beauty.

whether it is from the brand awareness or cover the number of users, the United States is one of the world’s most successful image tool applications.

but its users only think of it every day when taking pictures, run out of WeChat, micro-blog and other social networks. The figure is not a product into a picture of social networks like Instagram, the problem is not sell advertising — users will watch the ads in the brush when the circle of friends, but not when using the tool.

began in 2013, Mito began to try to sell the phone to make money. Three years to launch six smart mobile phone, each section is the flagship beauty photographed.

Meitu Xiu Xiu


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