Why can’t you make a profit

personal analysis that there are several reasons: the following

1, dating sites, users are not sure which to choose, it is impossible to pay registration.

2, dating sites, users are accustomed to free service, this dating site can not go to another dating site.

3, the information provided by each dating site has a limit, can not be met on a dating site, you need to go to a number of dating sites, which also have an impact. There are a number of dating sites, users will naturally look at.

note: there are several reasons for the existence of a correlation, there are some users choose to pay registration, because the big woods what the birds have, the number of people who have more.

so, if all of the sites are required to pay the registration fee, how to do?

all dating sites are registered to pay for consumption, some users will choose to pay for consumption, some users will choose not to use. Choose not to use people, little interest, can be used without. Choose to pay for the consumer, is not very concerned about the money, the network is more interested in making friends. Users will choose a website that is considered a good friend to pay registration. If the user does make friends, they will pay for registration.

summary: personally believe that dating sites, choose one of the big problems. Dating site itself is also a problem, the current level of spending 1 years spent on the top 2, $300 and no problem, the key is that users do not want to spend money on it. In the final analysis, it is still a matter of attraction.

all charges, dating site competition will be services, attractive, but dating sites are almost, no one has any absolute advantage, which caused an embarrassment, vicious circle.

all the charges, do well the dating site will be successful, do poor and die fast, because the user side. And no dating site is willing to give up their own interests to help others, will struggle, so the site will continue to do so.

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