Yao Jingang analysis of 2011 eight network marketing tools

network marketing means a lot, such as SEO, SEM, network advertisement, most of the time, the implementation of network marketing requires a combination of various effective means of cooperation, to the successful completion of the intended target, of course, not every method is applicable to all sites, the site needs combined with the specific circumstances of the choice of marketing practices. The following author lists the nine most commonly used most effective means of network marketing, for your reference.

1, search engine optimization (SEO)

search engine optimization is one of the most widely used means of network marketing, to bring one of the best means is, through the search engine optimization, which can make the target website keywords and important long tail word search engine ranking the forefront, bring considerable benefits to the site. Now the effect is lower than before, because many competitors.


viral marketingThe most typical example is the email marketing for

viral marketing, this type of marketing can be rapid transfer of information to tens of thousands of potential users of the mailbox, of course, now the mailbox has garbage filtering mechanism, improper methods, the effect will be very poor. However, good content, users will still be accepted and loved, so as to bring good benefits to the site. The success of the classic case is undoubtedly Microsoft Hotmail promotion.

3, micro-blog marketing


marketing is a recent is new means of marketing, a good reputation brought by micro-blog marketing can not be underestimated. In general, the micro-blog marketing mode has broadcast lottery, broadcast gifts and other forms. Recent comparison of the classic example is Cai Wensheng’s micro-blog forwarding gifts and 360 and Jinshan micro-blog war.

4, information release

information website is still a very important channel for Internet users to obtain information, so the information dissemination of marketing practices are widely used in various industries. Information release can bring enough exposure to the site, as long as the release of information coverage is large enough, the benefits brought by the brand is very large.

5, network membership marketing

The biggest feature of

network membership marketing is to capture the user’s curiosity, through the invitation of membership promotion, can bring a relatively high quality of users. Affiliate marketing is generally applicable to the community forum, the most recent classic example is rich marketing forum, the affiliate marketing means, in a few months will increase to tens of thousands of members of the forum from.

6, personalized marketing

personalized marketing is also a relatively new marketing means, simply say that personalized marketing is based on different customer needs to develop different marketing and service. The advantage of personalized marketing is that it can accurately marketing, greatly improving the efficiency of human.

7, QQ group marketing

QQ group marketing is a very classic marketing, but also

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