We talk about the product needs in the end how to play

a rich man wants to marry his wife, there are three candidates, the rich gave the three girls each $one thousand, please fill the room. The first girl bought a lot of cotton, filled the room with 1/2. Second girls bought a lot of balloons, filled the room 3/4. Third girls bought candles to fill the room with light. In the end, the rich chose the biggest one. This story tells us: it is important to understand the real needs of customers. Sometimes the customer requirements are in fact the clouds, people always find some highfalutin reasons, but these are not really what you want.


had previously been provided to the customer needs, from which we get the customer’s demand is real demand? Product demand is actually very elusive, sometimes you think you understand, but on the line after the dismal performance; sometimes we demand design products according to user said, the user does not pay.

today, we talk about how the software needs to play in the end


we talk about how the software needs to play in the end


we first analyze the requirements of the acquisition process, the first picture:


demand is divided into four stages, requirement elicitation, requirement analysis and requirement documents, requirements validation, the next stage is the next step on the stage that needs access to after the analysis of the requirements analysis document the reasonable demand, then the document is based on the needs of the review, verification.

this step may require several cycles, the continuous optimization of demand.

requirements acquisition, can also be called requirements capture, is a verb, need to take the initiative to capture.

needs analysis, will get to the needs of filtering, analysis, in order to filter out the real reasonable demand.

requirements document, the analysis of the real needs of documents in the form of records, and the formation of norms, so that all stakeholders to communicate, understand.

requirements validation is the process of demonstrating requirements, not all of the requirements obtained through analysis are correct and reasonable needs, which need to be proved by the demonstration to prove the correctness and rationality of the requirements.

what happens if the demand goes into the next phase and finds that there is a problem? Each phase is reversible, and when the problem arises in the next stage, the demand will be rolled back to the previous stage and then improved.

looking for a joke from the rich man can see, want to get to the real demand is very difficult, the user’s psychology is very difficult to capture. For our products, people, through what channels and ways to get to the real needs of


I above:


requirements can be obtained from the user, network, company

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