Admin5 webmaster network successfully apply for Baidu news source

Admin5 webmaster network May 15th news, the webmaster network in May 14th successfully applied to become China’s Baidu search news source, the success of the application means that Baidu news network news on the webmaster’s approval.

application success in just one day time, in the Baidu news source ,, find the relevant news 374, fully demonstrated the Baidu news to webmaster nets attention.

webmaster web application for the success of Baidu news, for the majority of the webmaster, is undoubtedly a great joy, which means that the webmaster web site can be reproduced more portal, enhance visibility and popularity. Webmaster relevant responsible person said, after the audit will be more stringent, and constantly improve the service and quality, for the majority of the webmaster to provide better information services.

on the network: Webmaster Station Network officially launched in December 25, 2005, founded by the famous Internet activist Zhang Zhengjun, is home to webmaster based large portal, since its inception, has been committed to domestic webmaster, site management personnel of the enterprise, to provide comprehensive, authoritative and professional service network enthusiasts. Based on grassroots information, watching the development of China’s Internet, relying on China’s huge user base and excellent editorial team, timely and accurate presentation of the day’s popular Internet information. Just 5 years time, the initial accumulation of a number of professional Internet information active users, registered users reached 200 thousand, the membership of the website audit through nearly 250 thousand, has a series of excellent partners, website information is trying to achieve information platform more professional, more concise, more open, more timely.

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