com domain name thirty years review from 1 to 100 million a history of changes in the nternet

Abstract: five years after the birth of the first.Com domain, the Internet has become a worldwide event. You have heard that, in 1993, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Tim · Berners · Li, using hypertext links, do a convenient extraction directory for the Internet, the world wide web was born.


.Com, from first to $first.

even if you press the enter button behind.Com to be as usual as eating and drinking water, you may not have thought of it in the world for 30 years. March 15, 1985, the world’s first.Com top-level domain name was born, Massachusetts Institute of Technology artificial intelligence laboratory computer company Symbolics registered the first with.Com suffix domain name Of course, this is only a small range of events, at that time, more people tend to be conservative, did not realize that this simplified IP address will be the same as the number of symbols will be of great significance to the world.

can open the site now, the company has become an empty shell, it was the production of Lisp computer, and later became the first commercial computer. Registered.Com is a new thing in 1985, to maintain freshness for nearly 30 years, last year ICANN officially opened the 472 new top-level domain, people began to feel, to find a cool top-level domain, such as Google some time ago to spend $150 million to buy.App, and those who listen to your heart itch.Sucks, a business is.Porn.

.Com does not original become important, not only because of the above, but also because of the emergence of the mobile Internet, "now you asked people what App is better with" rather than "which is better", the business on behalf of the domain name.Com is also slowly reduce the probability in daily life — although the annual registration.Com the domain name is still on the increase. Twitter co-founder Evan Williams a few years ago had expressed similar regret, the phone browser address bar will usually be hidden, and the search function is increasingly emphasized. But in the past 30 years, its existence is accompanied by changes in the Internet, if you want to know how the impact of the Internet on the world is happening,.Com can tell the story.


we try to use the number of.Com domain names as a timescale to tell you what happened in the past 30 years.

first to 100th:.Co>

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