Ali beat 7 overseas retail giants won the highest award of the year retailer

[TechWeb] September 18th news, the world retail Congress awards ceremony held in Italy, Rome in 2015. At the awards ceremony, Alibaba group won the highest award of the year, the retailer of the year, which is the first time the Chinese enterprises to get the award.

Ali defeated 7 overseas retail giants won the highest award retailer of the year

it is understood that this year’s world retail awards awarded a total of seven awards, a total of more than and 50 countries, hundreds of retailers involved. The "best retailer" is the highest annual award seven awards, the awards ceremony is the grand prize. read more

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Data server series software shocked the market

data server software is the first series of based server management software. This software is by Shenyang Takimoto Quan Information Technology Co. Ltd. independent self-help development, our company is a based technology company, our team is not only a collection of art more domestic top.Net programmers and professional level of capital and strong technical strength, determined to make the best Chinese server software suppliers.

this series of software has been officially released two models, the name of the king of the data domain virtual host management system, data Wang IIS restore backup experts! read more

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B2B electricity supplier dispute Ali or Jingdong

text / Wang Jinxiao (WeChat public number: tmtguancha)

in the country, to B platform is like a warm man, usually not concerned, but always do a great contribution to silence. Data statistics, the domestic market share in the C and B end of the distribution ratio of only 20:1, to B manufacturers significantly less. But what about the actual economic help?

to the electricity supplier, for example, iResearch statistics show that in 2014 China e-commerce market size of 12 trillion and 300 billion yuan, of which, B2B e-commerce accounted for 73.4% of total C, the transaction is only 20%, thus, B2B is the absolute main force of the electricity supplier, although it did not receive much attention in daily life. read more

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Domestic and foreign major B2B website comments

B2B foreign trade e-commerce site

domestic large and small "foreign trade" or "export" there are about 200, but the vast majority of the site is the so-called "dead station", and have to pay to join the value of foreign trade website should be said only about 10

to find out the main in the normal operation of the domestic foreign trade website that is also easy, you only need to lose a few "foreign trade" or "export" Chinese relevant keywords in the two Google and Baidu search engines can be read more

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Public comment will buy into the two or three line city

news August 29th, following the glutinous rice is Baidu holding after the public comment and the U.S. mission are pressure. According to public comment on internal sources, in the more than and 30 national key city, public comment on the group purchase business market share has exceeded the U.S. group, the second half of this year, the public comment will enter Zibo, Yantai, Weifang, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang, Nantong, Shaoxing, Jinhua, Wenzhou, Nanchang and Dongguan 11 two or three line city, comprehensive snatch the two or three line of the city group purchase share. read more

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Campus ious behind ambition and pepper Jingdong shrewd

recently, Jingdong and white pepper into the campus has aroused the concern of the industry. In ten colleges and universities nationwide, the Jingdong held IOUS and pepper line promotion activities, students use the Jingdong campus IOUs, buy red pepper Note mobile phone, can be more free, for only 58 yuan. The joint promotion activities, a show by Jingdong leveraging campus ious college market ambitions, but also to small and medium-sized manufacturers in the promotion to a lot of inspiration.

campus IOUs, IOUS is a Jingdong dedicated to this specific group of students’ credit payment products, usually have campus ious students can enjoy in the Jingdong "first payment" 30 days of interest free, credit Xpress stage, up to 8000 yuan of consumer welfare. It should be said that this move Jingdong, or very unique. Because of the high threshold of credit cards, many college students can not apply for a credit card, or although can apply to, but the amount is not high. Jingdong launched campus IOUs, is lower than the threshold of credit card, the services provided are more easily moved among college students. read more

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40 questions about Alibaba — an interview with Zhang Yong, chief operating officer of Alibaba group

40 questions about Alibaba

40 questions about Alibaba – an interview with Alibaba group coo Zhang Yong

"financial world" magazine reporter | Li Xiang Zhang thick

| editor

early Taobao known as the martial arts culture, each Taobao employees have a flower name, from the martial arts novels. Taobao’s three term at the helm, Sun Tongyu took the name is "God", Lu Zhaoxi took the name "Tiemuzhen", Zhang Yong’s nickname is "happy child". People talked about Zhang Yong, sometimes called him "old xiao". read more

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Online shopping market competition is the highest survival rate of college students shop

college students online shop business survival rate of 8 percentage points higher than the average level! Recently, domestic famous survey Ai Rui released the "2008 annual report" in the development of online shopping market, attractive and high survival rate of college students online.

survey shows that the online shopping market competition intensified. Since September 2008, Taobao’s new store opened nearly 20 yuan per month, an average of more than 6 thousand per day, compared with the first half, an increase of more than 60%. At the same time, the big brand Intel, Lenovo also began in, competition and individual sellers on the same stage. read more

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Depth analysis of Internet Business Report

in the region’s economic ecosystem

in the outer suburbs, some industries rely on you a business is not sustainable development, must be in a certain number of enterprise (or individual) to "competition atmosphere dataichangxi". For example, in Beijing suburban areas (such as Pinggu) is not suitable for Internet business, computer assembly and maintenance business, which is due to traffic developed, passenger demand for small, low economic level, consumption ability and other factors. If you set up a Internet Co in the suburban areas, because of traffic inconvenience, economic backwardness and not easy for the Internet industry survey, record and research work, and will attract more investors and employment. If you engage in computer maintenance industry in suburban areas, because the electronic parts models, price update too fast and cause the backlog and loss, if demand the purchase will need to spend at least 1 days to solve customer problems. In the bustling city of Beijing, eight districts and suburban areas formed tens of thousands of Internet Co, electronic products store, and the huge traffic and demand, the formation of the corresponding business ecosystem. So, the merchants are selling clothes are gathered in the same street, manufacturing enterprises gathered in the industrial park is justified – they fancy the corresponding business environment. read more

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Do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan insist to expose the domestic situation

in "Xunzi said: · encouraging learning" does not accumulate the trickle to into a river; a short step, resulting in thousands of miles. This sentence, I think everyone for having heard it many times. I think, whether in life or in the network to make money, we should think about this sentence, as well as the extension of the meaning of this sentence. Money is accumulated, I can not comment on this, we can consider……

Is it true to make money on


network to make money, say it like it’s a magical way, a kind of advertising behavior is actually advertising network era, simply for advertisers to promote their sites, or sell their products and services, due to his own promotion Co., have to pay people to help them see advertising, promotion. And each of us can look at his friends to help him promote advertising, so as to get his advertising remuneration. This is the network to make money. read more

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Domestic mobile phone will face five challenges

In the past 2003, the domestic mobile phone has achieved remarkable results this is a fact that is obvious to all. In people’s criticism and questioning, not only made the domestic mobile phone market half of the country, but also has been greatly improved in the core technology and research ability. TCL, bird, Amoi represented by the domestic mobile phone brand to meet as equals with foreign brands, these other foreign mobile phone giants can not be underestimated.

but with foreign brands expand the market more and more fierce offensive potential, in 2004 the domestic mobile phone market competition will be more intense, domestic mobile phone competition will be more and more. The five challenge will be placed in front of the domestic mobile phone must face the reality. read more

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Interest + confidence + carefulness + patience = success

did not know much about e-commerce, often heard people say that e-commerce is to open a Taobao shop. When I really started to learn the course of the system, it was not so simple. But at the same time, but also let me fall in love with Taobao.

I said here fell in love with Taobao, and not just to say that he is a person who loves to go to the Taobao store, but fell in love with all things related to Taobao. Open the Taobao shop, to its decoration, management, etc.. Looking at the platform that I created by myself, I am happy for myself. It’s not just a tool to make money, but a part of my hobby. read more

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Lianmeng on the registration of multiple users and commission settlement Commission

respected Webmaster:


thank you for your continued support for the Union (

      1, the provisions of the union the same bank account information can only be registered once, and some webmaster have many websites, in order to facilitate the owners of separate domain statistics, maximize the interests of owners, the League opened a sub account management function.
      when a user first registered user name, the system default bank account information for this user name under the main account, if the owners want to add a new user name, you can add sub account number in the background of "user data" – "account management". Whether or not to add a few sub account owners, the system default account information for the first user account under the account, the monthly settlement, the Commission will be remitted to the main account.
      主账号 密码:123456
                        Account number: 4367420225648142301
          sub account number: 1. password: 123654
      &> read more

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Perfect for Ali mother and Google advertising alliance Raiders

please note that this is not the so-called title of the party, I inadvertently discovered, please look at the patient. A few days ago, I used a domain name to another to do a good job on the site up, and then think about to apply for a look at Ali mother, the results in two hours to give me through. This also makes me happy, and then I would like to think, according to the following methods to apply for Ali mother and Google advertising alliance account is feasible.

before you apply for a domain name that you can bind the domain, and this space should have a good site, through the Ali mother and Google advertising alliance audit. The following list of specific methods of operation, please refer to: read more

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Four years of experience to talk about the grassroots webmaster that is not easy

In fact,

3 days ago to write this article, but due to the recent work too busy, just to finish the project today, drink, write this article originally early to write articles. 3 days ago to the title of the article is not so, but "more than the Internet, all grassroots webmaster also". But it seems to have weighed down, there are a lot of literary statements to match on a title. Just think of, or some ordinary, I those countrified literary or not out loud.

why do I want to talk about grassroots webmaster is not easy, because I think, grassroots webmaster not only have a good idea, there are some extraordinary skills. A grassroots webmaster, do the web page, when the editor, engage in the SEO, understand the website operation and maintenance. It can be said that the Internet is a rare comprehensive talent. Of course, you may want to refute me, the founder of hao123 who who who, is also a grassroots webmaster, he will not do a page, but also to do the general, how to become a bull. Please, people play is the idea, play is creative, play is the first in china. read more

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Should women shave ‘s health network

the course a lot of girls in the retention of body hair, most worried about is her boyfriend’s feelings; the boys involved in shaving, afraid of man feel too niang. This course is to make them aware of, masculine and feminine is how the definition of social norms, how to make people imperceptibly produce identity, and break the normal procedure will bear much pressure.

"the girl insisted on not shave a semester, the boys from the neck to adhere to the removal of all hair heel, can get extra credit", this is Briana gender studies professor at the Arizona State University (Breanne Fahs)? FASS classroom rules. Really? Small partners, you dare to try it? read more

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