The shopping season chop hand Monday opening sea Amoy Raiders Da Qidi

when you see this article, the American people are Cyber Monday (chop hand Monday) final warm-up. Overseas version of the upcoming eleven double grab. Of course, if your work is not so busy, the boss is considerate enough, you can also join them, the same earth, the same shopping malls, sea Amoy conquer the world. Well, the money is so capricious.

Cyber Monday is the first working day after the Thanksgiving holiday, Thanksgiving shopping promotions (black Friday) extension activities, similar to the double eleven shopping. read more

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Why is O2O’s valuation so high

we have not thought about this issue, why the valuation of the O2O project so high?

The beaver family Manicure carved Lord

Meng wake founded, 3000 Manicure division valuation of $300 million, a $100 thousand Manicure division; Chen Hua sing 80 million users of the valuation of $200 million, $2.5 A user. The difference is 40 thousand times!

No wonder the big brother

and investor O2O regarded as the focus of investment in 2015, this gap is almost no justice ah


in fact, behind this, is the wave of O2O surge struck, the traditional way to subvert the valuation of venture capital. read more

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How far the expert location blog mode Taobao station can

in the current Wangzhuan industry, Taobao guest team is huge, and are constantly growing! Mode promotion means Taobao station are diverse, but the mainstream is website promotion mode. Count the current Taobao guest website promotion type: portal mode, single page mode, blog mode, rebate mode etc.. Remember the single page mode over the previous two years swept the entire Taobao guest Wangzhuan but as time! Precipitation, improved resolution, users of pure single page mode has been slowly dying. Along with the Taobao alliance update rebate mode Taobao station has been dying! Then the other Taobao customers will face the challenge of how to model! Today we are going to discuss the mode of Taobao blog, how far can we go to read more

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Electricity supplier actual combat experience information in detail to control the release of the re

a, inexpensive product information

release of the product quality must be excellent, while the price has certain advantages. Because the market of similar products must exist. In the commodity economy developed to this extent, unique products almost No. Therefore, to win in the competition of similar products, the quality must pass, but also attractive in terms of price. Only inexpensive products, in e-commerce, network marketing, to win the market. For the production of electronic products manufacturing enterprises, the domestic market of domestic products if obtaining CCC certification (Chinese mandatory certification, also referred to as the "3C" logo); the international market of export products such as to achieve some international certification, such as ISO9000 series, ISO14000 series certification certification, UL (into the North American market permits CE (open), and enter the European market (CSA), in the United States and Canada market permits), GS (German products quality and safety certification), as well as VDE, KEMA and other international certification, and SA8000 (social responsibility standard, the new standard of international buyers), more strength and competition of similar products. read more

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Electricity providers and wireless entrepreneurs are still favored Earnings yet to come

industry competition has not yet come

nearly two years, the most sad reminder of the Internet business than electricity providers, most of the thunder and heavy rain Internet business is nothing more than the mobile Internet: the former loss is not only, the latter did not find a way to make money. However, in the whole field of IT Internet, the two is the shrine of entrepreneurs chase fellow sufferers: industry not stereotypes, have the opportunity.

vertical e-commerce can not die

vertical e-commerce will always have a chance, Liu Qiangdong, chairman of the board of Jingdong mall this interpretation of the electricity supplier in the winter is still emerging e-commerce companies. As the 2012 "summer race horse contest chief judge, Liu Qiangdong will vote for a vertical e-commerce enterprise — egg net. read more

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Huaxing capital chairman Bao fan interview business rules of the game

"rules of the game" is very familiar with the word, from small to large we have been experiencing, has been involved in, has been maintained. What is it? He is a way of thinking or acting in a way that everyone agrees with. What are the rules of the game that must be followed in the business?

do you want to choose your own business? Where are your core competencies? How to take the first step?. Please listen to Huaxing capital chairman and chief executive of the package where to take you into the business rules of the game. read more

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Confessions of a restaurant off the record burn 7 lesson one million to buy the light!


August 2014, Dong’s breakfast from burning one million, from the kitchen, and the food supplier delivery team to the supply chain have their own preparations, the risk and responsibility control in their own hands.

however, in this era of Internet entrepreneurs, a variety of heavy assets is obviously outdated. Dong entered the breakfast O2O at the beginning, the market is still a thriving. Now O2O breakfast market competition intensified, but helpless to Dong from the stage of history. read more

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Zhigaodian a customer, how to protect the trademark is reliable

into the Internet era, almost all offline activities will be implemented on the internet. In recent years, the development of the Internet is also a relatively rapid development of a group, but also the most rapid and convenient business model. For the public to create a passenger, whether it is self-employed, or join the entrepreneurial team, how to do a good job, including the protection of trademarks, including various types of brands and intellectual property protection, it is particularly important. read more

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