Frigidity easily induced breast cancer ‘s health network

cold to harm — breast pain

women into sexual excitement when the breast increased congestion, reach orgasm, breast than usual increase of 1/4, get sexual satisfaction, breast congestion subside restitution, this process is generally 15-30 minutes.

has a normal sexual life of women, breast congestion, swelling and regression of cyclical changes, is conducive to promoting blood circulation within the breast. The sexual frigidity has long been suppressed, was not satisfied, so that the breast congestion and swelling is not easy to fade or disappeared completely, the persistent swelling make breast distending pain. read more

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Desk negative female breast health health network

long to sit in the office, especially to deal with computer white-collar women, may not know, desk work, "bent" in front of the computer, to keep a breast’s "strong" is very unfavorable.

long sitting office breasts easy to collapse

experts pointed out that often use computer desk work, women, their most common posture is bent at the desk, in front of the computer, keep a chest posture for a long time, it not only looks beautiful, but also a long time, not only affect the shape of breast, breast pain, will feel tingling. read more

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Breast massage care for pregnant women will learn the ‘s health network

women in the middle of pregnancy, the breast will slowly generate some milk, then the nipple has begun to secrete a little milk. Breast massage care is very important. Pregnant women can be in the bra pad with a cotton pad or breathable, clean gauze, shower with warm water to wash the nipple, the intensity is not too large. There are several ways to massage the breast care.

breast massage nursing

pregnant women in pregnancy how to care for the breast? You can be pregnant mothers during the first 20-24 weeks of pregnancy, to do some preparation for postpartum lactation, preparatory work, there are nipple care and breast massage, etc.. However, care should be to promote blood circulation and breast development as the goal, the frequency and intensity of massage should be appropriate, especially in the second trimester, not suitable for excessive breast massage, you just need to establish the concept of breast massage care. read more

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Take care of the female breast is the required course huxiong baodianpian quickly learn female

women’s health and body, all cannot do without breast, and breast is the most easily "injured" parts, protect the breast to avoid breast hyperplasia and breast cancer and other diseases, are particularly important for women, you will take care of breast?

breast care, how should I do?

develop good posture

chest damage to the breast is the largest, it is because it oppresses the growth of breast tissue, the chest of the living space, easy to normal breast sagging. Therefore, any time to keep correct sitting and standing posture, must strut. read more

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Every woman wearing a bra should not exceed 12 hours female health network

(Editor: Teng Betty internship editor: Jiang Rong

the right bra can protect the breast, avoid excessive breast sagging, the beauty of women in the display in the contrast effect, if not the right bra will bring pain to the body. Therefore, female friends must pay attention to when choosing a bra, moderate size, wear should not be too tight or too narrow, and we should pay attention to the regular activities of upper limb, shoulder straps in position. Do not wear a bra when sleeping, not to go out at home or do not meet the guests, you can also consider the use of less, so you can lift or ease its restraint on the chest. read more

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Female self massage health network Qiaozhi mastitis women

above method is for reference only, Xiao Bian here to remind you, such as the use of the above method is invalid, please go to the hospital for treatment, so as not to delay the best treatment time, resulting in exacerbations.

experts pointed out that the available mastitis patients on the palm hypothenar or thenar focus in the swelling of the affected part, pain means gentle manipulation, hard place repeatedly rubbing pressure several times, until the mass until soft.

were sitting or supine, fully exposed chest. First in the ipsilateral breast sprinkle talcum powder or coated with a little paraffin oil, and then his hands full palm from the breast around the breast to nipple direction gently stroke 50-100. read more

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How much do you know about the secret of breasts ‘s health network


although the purpose is different, but the chest scenery, has been the focus of attention of men and women. Perhaps we are concerned about the external "ting" but did not pay attention to her inherent factors. In fact, in life, there are a lot of bad habits will make the breast very hurt". Beautiful woman breast not only gave the external female charm, can bring the most natural baby care and the best delicious! You may know it’s precious, can not ignore its existence, but if you read it "private album", really understand the secret of ­ read more

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Researchers in the United States put forward seven proposals to reduce the risk of breast cancer

cooking to use smoke hoods, reducing consumption of carbonated foods (barbecue).

away from the carpet and interior of the antifouling.

According to

limit emissions of gasoline, diesel and vehicle emissions as far as possible.

reported that U.S. scientists released a list of 17 high-risk substances identified. Most women are exposed to these substances every day and are likely to cause breast cancer.

do not buy furniture containing polyurethane foam (sofa, armchair, etc.), and ensure that the furniture has not been treated with flame retardants. read more

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The chest and concentrated to eliminate Furu health network

1 in the chest massage, kneading and pushing skill, the body upright can see the armpit to the chest within the concave and protruding part, the concave part of the left chest with his right middle finger and thumb appropriate forces repeatedly knead, right chest is the opposite; on the protruding part of the left grip to the strength of finger joints will be left the chest highlighted Furu pushed from outside to inside, the right chest is opposite to

3 dress suited to their underwear, the full coated underwear, is the first step in preventing Furu generated! You have Furu, choice of underwear should pay more attention to; the side of heightening and widening, and can complete the entire breast coated principle, or is the correction of the adjustable underwear. read more

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The 8 part black woman to anti black areola should use ginseng nourishing health network female 3

the dark complexion for kidney deficiency caused by blood deficiency, and health, diet and lifestyle and washing and dressing will affect the skin beauty. Often in the sun, the skin will turn black, if the abuse of mask cosmetics, facial skin thickening.


6 peach food is most suitable for the stagnation of liver qi, blood caused by poor face grey without china.

if you often work late into the night 2, 3 points, at about 8 in the morning to go to work, then, black eye will appear.

, a black face read more

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