What will you do with your circle of friends in 2015

in 2014 after a series of purchasing, micro shop and other information under the bombing, we have long been aesthetic fatigue, in 2015 you will also be embarrassed to delete and retain these so-called friends do?

if the brush out of the circle of friends in the sun or return, the buyers figure advertisement, feel shy, directly pull the black. Have to say, last year a lot of small sellers, the development of online and offline, there are some stay-at-home mom really got the first pot of gold, but there are also many sellers directly disappeared, if this year is not to make a change would die on the beach. So what do you do in 2015, read more

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nternet entrepreneurs to avoid copying foreign models online education O2O personalized programs so

dry cargo extraction:

In fact,

is not a lot of time the company is not good, but the industry did not heat. All industries, all enterprises have their own things, seize the time to finance, to ensure that you can live in the heat, especially you do Internet, do online, mobile, takes time. Education is education, the things needed for a long time, need a period of time after the profit, profit will be very stable, fast Internet, Internet early is not to make money, education out small scale training class, it is easy to make money, but the scale will be relatively difficult. read more

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U S and European retailers to enter the mobile payment market

NetEase Francisco April 7th message, according to Reuters, the visa, MasterCard (Visa) (MasterCard) and credit card companies such as Google and high-tech companies, large retailers also push into mobile payment market, hoping to reduce transaction costs, and improve customer loyalty.

UK Tesco (Tesco) and faguooushang (Auchan) and other retailers are hoping their digital wallet Service — the application lets users through intelligent mobile phone, rather than cash or credit card payment, can bring about more comprehensive customer shopping habits data for them, so that they can have to the customer targeted advertising. read more

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ME domain name registration exceeded 200 thousand

ME domain name authority announced on February 9, 2009, the world’s ME domain name registration amount to break the milestone of the 200 thousand nature, refresh the new record of the growth rate of the new domain name".

is reported that twentieth registered.ME domain name is OpenDoor.ME, registered by the Japanese city of Fukuoka. ME’s executive director, Predrag Lesic, said: "ME has become a truly global domain name. In addition to the United States, ME domain names in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and China are popular, the number of registrations increased exponentially." read more

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Hualong CEO Xiang Qian Yu group purchase website faces an uncertain future

products purchased exclusively since the success of the Grouporn in the United States, there have been a large number of domestic buy site, the formation of a thousand regiment war situation. In September 12th, the famous local website CEO Qian Yu Hualong Lane in micro-blog said: "a group purchase, uncertain, but the biggest risk seems to have seen".

Yu Yu referred to the presence of three points buy site risk:

1, buy kind, its supply chain service level can not keep up with the growth of the front, whether it is a positive logistics or RMA. read more

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Garnett is a liar King

first announced the liar’s URL http://s.playbo.cn/

"University – high IQ network talent incubatorThese three words are the high IQ

let him lost

the daily income of $100 to free Wangzhuan training projects as bait to cheat in his group began to talk you

what is GDI? I know a little bit of a MLM http://s.playbo.cn/viewthread.php? Tid=115& extra=page%3D1

you can watch it. Http://s.goodny.ws/ called GDI.

just rely on this thing on the one thousand of a person you are not a liar liar read more

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Campus ious behind ambition and pepper Jingdong shrewd

recently, Jingdong and white pepper into the campus has aroused the concern of the industry. In ten colleges and universities nationwide, the Jingdong held IOUS and pepper line promotion activities, students use the Jingdong campus IOUs, buy red pepper Note mobile phone, can be more free, for only 58 yuan. The joint promotion activities, a show by Jingdong leveraging campus ious college market ambitions, but also to small and medium-sized manufacturers in the promotion to a lot of inspiration.

campus IOUs, IOUS is a Jingdong dedicated to this specific group of students’ credit payment products, usually have campus ious students can enjoy in the Jingdong "first payment" 30 days of interest free, credit Xpress stage, up to 8000 yuan of consumer welfare. It should be said that this move Jingdong, or very unique. Because of the high threshold of credit cards, many college students can not apply for a credit card, or although can apply to, but the amount is not high. Jingdong launched campus IOUs, is lower than the threshold of credit card, the services provided are more easily moved among college students. read more

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Taobao modified evaluation system no longer have the default

original title: Taobao modify evaluation system: the default evaluation no longer praise

often go to Taobao shopping will find that, if the automatic confirmation of receipt, the specified time does not comment, the system will default praise.

today, someone broke the news that Taobao has quietly changed the commodity evaluation system, if there is no active comments, will display the user did not fill in the evaluation "," evaluation will no longer display party fails to make timely evaluation, the system default ". read more

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Comparison of online shopping psychology between China and America

we know that the U.S. Internet started earlier, compared to China is more developed, users are also more mature. Take SEO industry, I often look at some foreign SEO blog. Foreign SEO practitioners often find some very professional articles, through a variety of experiments, data analysis to explore seo. China is the largest stone forum SEO with it, basically no a gold content of the article, we mention the problem is the primary. But precisely because of this situation, I think our SEO practitioners in the future there will be more room for development. read more

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The Jingdong line store Go to the countryside to pull the user

November 20th, Jingdong group, the country’s first electricity to help Jingdong service store in Hebei, Zhaoxian County officially opened, local consumers will take the lead in the experience of the first mile of Jingdong electricity service. The next 3 years, "the Jingdong for service shop" will be rolled out in the District, to more than 1000, and strive to eliminate the urban and rural household appliances price discrimination, do the same price, so that people in the village and town people enjoy the same consumer services. "Jingdong to help service shop" mode, is the practice of "national e-commerce in rural areas" and the Jingdong channel sink an important measure, the two strategies to Jingdong, we can electric logistics speed in four ~ six line of the city, so that more consumers to enjoy the Jingdong "fast delivery, the whole process of installation and maintenance of high quality shopping experience". read more

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