Analysis of the future prospects of Taobao recharge software

has experienced a long Taobao recharge software after the downturn, many of you will be on the Taobao recharge to the prospect of a skeptical, because of the present situation, this environment, Taobao recharge software for most people is too little, the real project will be less and less, liar tricks, deceptive it means never stopped, even compared with the previous ifheavier. Make money online, can really make money now can have a few people? These people can hold the money? How long? How about Taobao recharge software really can’t again? read more

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Tianjiao advertising alliance to join the Chinese network launched Operation booking service

Chinese network myopia by integrating own resources, to guide the new surgical technique for treatment of myopia, myopia excimer surgery popularization principle and related knowledge, has helped Chinese three hundred million myopia patients to clearly understand the principle of prevention or treatment of myopia, myopia and myopia disease; Chinese network throughout the country to provide information for the treatment of myopia institutions need to do myopia surgery the user, to provide convenient and safe operation arrangement, and the value of 200-1000 yuan preferential operation. read more

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Huaxing capital chairman Bao fan interview business rules of the game

"rules of the game" is very familiar with the word, from small to large we have been experiencing, has been involved in, has been maintained. What is it? He is a way of thinking or acting in a way that everyone agrees with. What are the rules of the game that must be followed in the business?

do you want to choose your own business? Where are your core competencies? How to take the first step?. Please listen to Huaxing capital chairman and chief executive of the package where to take you into the business rules of the game. read more

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How to make money online to increase customer trust and improve product sales

we all know, the sales network, making money online reputation is a key factor in sales, business that is humane, how to increase customer loyalty, increase product sales, in order to solve this problem, and Duo Wangzhuan home and guest network marketing and communicate with you


, a beautiful site training

for on site to ask the people, the website is to leave them for the first time the training plan for an impression, but the official template does not have its own design style website, for the customer trust is very difficult to improve. read more

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VCs do not expect users to pay for Facebook and Twitter

Beijing on April 30th news, according to foreign media reports, the joint venture investment company (Union square Square Ventures) the venturecapitalist Fred – Wilson (Fred Wilson), known as Twitter, Foursquare and Kickstarter investment companies, he can use the platform to make money for the Internet Co always have their own ideas. He recently bluntly, expect users to pay Facebook and Twitter idea is absurd.

held in New York in the British "Guardian" of the annual Technology Summit (Activate Conference) group discussions, Werwilson said, most Internet companies relying on advertising business will be able to feed themselves, if they require the user to pay, it is unbelievable. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are created entirely by the user. "It’s ridiculous to expect users to pay, because users are people who create value." Wilson said. read more

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Why can not make money online Entrepreneurship

network business, new words, there are a lot of people to participate in the Internet, the dream of millions of years to make, the company set up a year later, may? May, because many people through the Internet to build up the family fortunes, and the failure of the people are too many to count, this is why? The intentions of the people must know, because this is what is not difficult.

2006, a lot of hundreds of millions of dollars through the network, making millions of years, until now there are people in the operation of this project. Their business model is advertising alliance, is also called Wangzhuan, I get a contact network, the network to make money cheats, which provide two hundred kinds of ways to make money, a total of more than 20 thousand words. I was very excited, I would like to make a few hundred dollars a day, sleep at night, but this is not the case. I’ve been doing this for two months, and I’ve tried every way, but I didn’t make any money. In a chance, I saw Wang Tong (a member of the first batch of China in SEO optimization) SEO training website to learn SEO, 100% money, heart, want to learn, no money, they can not be reconciled, try holding the mentality of their website, looking for information, read all kinds of tutorial. Sleepwalk learn, and learn to use the SEO to your site integrity do website search engine first, you feel good, but I still do not earn money. read more

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Thousand Taobao customers even from low key

people talk in online shopping, we are basically in the Taobao excellence and Dangdang, very few people to pay attention to in the rapid growth of the Taobao station, Ali is the rapid development of the static guide quietly Taobao customer shopping guide website. Ali shopping guide rarely media attention, it is difficult to see the difference between them in their simple appearance and other Taobao customers, then what is driving them in the rush?

simple entrepreneurial dream

today’s Internet situation is capital, money for flying situation, many startups are crazy in the capital under the drive of read more

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Wangzhuan Wangzhuan road need to start small

many friends do not believe Wangzhuan, because many of my friends did not earn his first commission through the network, or earn less and less, so what do Wangzhuan? The answer is clear. Why many friends do Wangzhuan when not to earn money or earn very little? Very simple, these people have the same characteristics, is not adhere to, believe in the watch also has a lot of friends do Wangzhuan, or do a period of time is not how successful friends. So I hope this paper can share more experience for everyone Wangzhuan read more

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dle idle from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial eight

sometimes, I wonder whether the environment is now want instant success, some recent training is relatively hot, in fact I don’t think so, why don’t I not because I don’t have the ability to engage in training training, is now almost no threshold, what people can achieve to beg.

from the beginning of this chapter, I will use another way to teach you how to do some foreign things, a lot of people see others with hundreds of thousands of dollars for a check, envy, and want to go to the master, in fact, to see how some people do not see the level of training, he received much of his income checks. Has nothing to do with you, you need to see his students how income. read more

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nterest confidence carefulness patience = success

did not know much about e-commerce, often heard people say that e-commerce is to open a Taobao shop. When I really started to learn the course of the system, it was not so simple. But at the same time, but also let me fall in love with Taobao.

I said here fell in love with Taobao, and not just to say that he is a person who loves to go to the Taobao store, but fell in love with all things related to Taobao. Open the Taobao shop, to its decoration, management, etc.. Looking at the platform that I created by myself, I am happy for myself. It’s not just a tool to make money, but a part of my hobby. read more

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nvalid click GG super low price culprit

is a relative question! Some people think that the average price of only 0.5$or 0.1$instead of 1$said their price is too low, this is not appropriate, because the GG is based on the content of the site itself shows the relevant ads! To my website the IT network as an example, from my website computer Technology Forum, the display is the computer and related advertising, is the largest DELL computer sales advertising, the price is very low about 0.02$, I think this is very normal! Because I found the IT industry advertising price is very low read more

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Lianmeng on the registration of multiple users and commission settlement Commission

respected Webmaster:


thank you for your continued support for the Union (

      1, the provisions of the union the same bank account information can only be registered once, and some webmaster have many websites, in order to facilitate the owners of separate domain statistics, maximize the interests of owners, the League opened a sub account management function.
      when a user first registered user name, the system default bank account information for this user name under the main account, if the owners want to add a new user name, you can add sub account number in the background of "user data" – "account management". Whether or not to add a few sub account owners, the system default account information for the first user account under the account, the monthly settlement, the Commission will be remitted to the main account.
      主账号 密码:123456
                        Account number: 4367420225648142301
          sub account number: 1. password: 123654
      &> read more

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Discuz 2013 nternet entrepreneurs conference wonderful business inventory

by Discuz!, spray Network hosted the 2013 China Internet entrepreneurs (webmaster) conference May 11th held in Beijing International Convention Center, the theme of the conference is to embrace the mobile Internet, there are a total of 4000 from all over the country owners, entrepreneurs attended the meeting.

map for the venue panorama.

The annual meeting by

Discuz! Zhang Xiang vice president of planning and hosting, invited Tencent Inc senior executive vice president Tang Daosheng, the founder Lei Jun millet and DCCI data center founder Hu Yanping, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan, CEO Fu Sheng, Jinshan network open platform Tencent general manager Lin Songtao, Tencent life electricity supplier division general Manager Dai Zhikang, CEO Wang Feng, LineKong search CEO Chen Pei, to view the investment partner Wang Huai, Kai Ying network CEO Wang Yue and other heavyweights attended IT, common employment sector and the owners are most concerned about the Internet business, mobile Internet and other hot topics in-depth discussion and wonderful keynote speeches and published views. Reporter selected a number of important guests of the business quotations finishing. read more

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What are the early mistakes

life we tend to focus on success and ignore failure. But in the rapid development of the Internet industry, small companies tend to be high risk of innovation, very easy to fail. And entrepreneurs themselves may also make mistakes, every mistake can be fatal.

– is a truth over

Wang Xing back to the early start, I felt that I was not really so clear objectives, a clear decision, a sense of urgency.

The problem with

‘s first venture is that you don’t know what’s important. I read some book, Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) and so. Facebook is popular with early adopters, but he doesn’t know how important it is. He went to Silicon Valley once said that the project is not important Facebook, want to rely on Facebook to attract some users, really want to do is to do a download software. Later Sean · (Sean Parker) told Mark not to do anything else, do this right. read more

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Discussion on new Wangzhuan to earn some money for the reason

many people with great enthusiasm to join Wangzhuan career, many people in the If You Are The One imagined himself to his own career listed before the age of 35, from retirement, free disposable wealth, with a lover to travel around the world, but to imagine like, it is covered with thorns, the difficulties, or even several months not to earn money from the phenomenon, is not visible Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, everyone can succeed the meat and potatoes, but also full of fierce competition and survival of the fittest, here we have to analyze why many Wangzhuan couples do not earn money read more

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T male low key turn my electricity supplier business review in March

electric white one, review your business experience for the great spirit enthusiastically Paizhuan.

Today is February 27th

overcast sky do not know if the


through the hustle and bustle of the 2013, double the Taobao mobile phone sales are 5 billion 300 million; WeChat electricity supplier business model more and more fire; fresh and agricultural products also began to shock.

IT industry by the impact of smart phones, increasingly meager. I am in the cafe and the computer industry is more like yesterday’s yellow, going from bad to worse, the cost is high, more and more meager profits. read more

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Perfect for Ali mother and Google advertising alliance Raiders

please note that this is not the so-called title of the party, I inadvertently discovered, please look at the patient. A few days ago, I used a domain name to another to do a good job on the site up, and then think about to apply for a look at Ali mother, the results in two hours to give me through. This also makes me happy, and then I would like to think, according to the following methods to apply for Ali mother and Google advertising alliance account is feasible.

before you apply for a domain name that you can bind the domain, and this space should have a good site, through the Ali mother and Google advertising alliance audit. The following list of specific methods of operation, please refer to: read more

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Foreign Wangzhuan change life in your own way

I’m flying, long time no see you every day, and the boats are also a lot of friends, no matter what kind of friends are not enthusiastic reception, after all we know is fate, maybe one day the two sides will have the opportunity to cooperate.

a few years ago, when I give up work boats, full-time by foreign Wangzhuan way of life, the family is very difficult to understand, they cannot imagine my life in the future how to achieve security, will not be poor, they can not understand, not every day, work diligently, I can rely on what. The boats I still remember when I first send money to family first by my foreign Wangzhuan money when they do not stop on the phone to ask, will always worry about my money is not to go crooked ways also constantly told me, a man must be quiet, do not do illegal things. This time the boats, very Speechless. read more

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Online advertising click fraud when Hugh

if asked about the profit model of Internet companies, as long as the Internet a little understanding of the people can give the answer, that is – online advertising. However, for their own interests, the network advertisement click fraud like every corner of a black spread to the internet. Reports from the media is more disturbing, network advertisement click fraud has become a black chain, voices can be heard without end advertisers: "Internet advertising click fraud when Hugh

?" read more

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Wangzhuan experience share several suitable for new Wangzhuan

with the development of the domestic Internet is more and more fast, and more and more prosperous, it seems from the network to make money is not what difficult, in the prosperity of the network world, as long as you have a good idea, and good idea can become a Wangzhuan project, but also have different periods of Wangzhuan the project, especially the rapid development of the Internet era, Wangzhuan wave, a number of dead and live a group, as is the basis of Wangzhuan project such as PTC advertising to make money, make money, questionnaire Chinese registration task to make money, earn money by playing games, surfing, money to make money Witkey task. Learning website, advertising alliance, what CPA, CPC, and even those less legitimate, such as: s.s.c recruitment typist, HYIP investment and so on, of course, in the numerous network Make project, not all are suitable for everyone to do, now I share in this a few more suitable for new Wangzhuan project, if you can’t find a suitable Wangzhuan project you a new look at read more

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