Why is O2O’s valuation so high

we have not thought about this issue, why the valuation of the O2O project so high?

The beaver family Manicure carved Lord

Meng wake founded, 3000 Manicure division valuation of $300 million, a $100 thousand Manicure division; Chen Hua sing 80 million users of the valuation of $200 million, $2.5 A user. The difference is 40 thousand times!

No wonder the big brother

and investor O2O regarded as the focus of investment in 2015, this gap is almost no justice ah


in fact, behind this, is the wave of O2O surge struck, the traditional way to subvert the valuation of venture capital. read more

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Amazon CEO Bezos the best user experience does not require customer service


technology news (Yu Lin) July 13th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, although some companies believe that customer service or computer automatic service is essential for the company’s Department, but Amazon CEO Geoff – Bezos (Jeff Bezos) has said that customer service is not on the entire business is the most important.

CEO Geoff – Bezos Amazon (Tencent technology plan)

Amazon founder said last year, when you feel you need customer service, it is already too late. In fact, the best customer service is that consumers do not have to call you, he does not need to communicate with you to complete the entire transaction process." read more

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Major changes in the business strategy of Alibaba

domestic B2B giant Alibaba finally on 26 January to Alibaba Chinese station for revision! On the surface, the revision is only on the layout has been modified. But careful observation, this change for Alibaba, is a major change in business philosophy!

Alibaba was founded, Ma proposed that "the world is not difficult to do business!" business ideas, so companies have settled, to sell the product! This philosophy at the time the Internet is not developed, to attract enterprises registered, played a good effect in a few years! Down, the Alibaba has attracted millions of businesses, they will be Alibaba as the best network marketing tool. These companies, many companies set up a special job maintenance, management platform for Alibaba, and from which to obtain business opportunities! read more

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Bank of brewing experts predict that Alipay super online banking to the nternet sooner or later

April 4th media reports, the second generation of the central bank payment system or will be on line in August this year, the first batch of more than and 10 pilot commercial banks are nervous access system development. The news that the pilot units are not included in the third party payment organization, and this news was widely interpreted as third party payment ordeal, but caused many safety habits of the third party payment online shopping lovers worry.

central bank super online banking on August on-line read more

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The effect analysis of micro blog marketing

recently to tens of year old house next to a few years old kids are playing micro-blog, about 140 words of micro-blog to become part of the record and share the life, because of micro-blog’s cheap and strong communication, then there are the so-called marketing to your out of micro-blog, a so-called "micro-blog to the forum, good news, blogs, video aggregation to the topic of the platform to allow more people to" crowd ", reached the two level marketing and brand marketing effect." The micro-blog marketing theory turned out. read more

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Jingdong QQ online shopping service market will merge with the prototype of the early alliance


] April 8th news billion state power network, the day before, the Jingdong announced the QQ online shopping businesses moving to Jingdong POP platform. The latest learned billion state power network, QQ online shopping service provider market will also open service platform to complete the docking with the Jingdong, and in the removal of the service providers to Jingdong, the completion of the final fusion.

it is understood that the two electricity supplier platform service provider market has begun to converge. Migration policy with similar businesses open platform, Jingdong also around QQ online shopping service provider careers, encourage some service providers settled. read more

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How to develop B2B e commerce based on Township

in recent years, the development of electronic commerce Chinese very fast, online shopping, group purchase website, web sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain overnight out, while the B2B website is developing rapidly, comprehensive, industry vertical, the number increasing, but most of the sites are focus on the city this one, many sites in each big city have set up a branch, then launched a fierce competition between these companies, we are making every trick to pull customers to their own website, but in this intense scene, another part of the people to see a new market, it is the township of B2B electronic commerce. read more

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How far the expert location blog mode Taobao station can

in the current Wangzhuan industry, Taobao guest team is huge, and are constantly growing! Mode promotion means Taobao station are diverse, but the mainstream is website promotion mode. Count the current Taobao guest website promotion type: portal mode, single page mode, blog mode, rebate mode etc.. Remember the single page mode over the previous two years swept the entire Taobao guest Wangzhuan but as time! Precipitation, improved resolution, users of pure single page mode has been slowly dying. Along with the Taobao alliance update rebate mode Taobao station has been dying! Then the other Taobao customers will face the challenge of how to model! Today we are going to discuss the mode of Taobao blog, how far can we go to read more

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YSHON called the power outage business line brand how to do online Kung Fu

recently, the industry sources said YISHION has stopped all of its electricity supplier business. Including its flagship store in the United States online and Tmall, Jingdong and other electronic business platform has been closed. Many people in the industry said that this is called the power outage YISHION business as the fundamental reason is that the conflict between its online business and offline, resulting in a lot of dissatisfaction with the franchisee, and finally had to stop.

YISHION halt its electricity supplier business, both exposed to the line to do the short line of the brand online business, but also reflects the widespread concern about the brand under the line. read more

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A new pattern of maternal electricity supplier under Chapter capital running

price war, marketing war, public relations war over the past two years, the young mother and child electricity supplier industry, like other popular industries, opened the chaos war mode, time into 2016, the situation is more intense. But from simple to complicated, although the form in the core, but there is only one — the mother occupied mobile phone screen. If 2016 is the year of the maternal and child electricity supplier reshuffle, then I believe that all the parents are thinking about a few questions: how to seize the hearts of mothers, how to walk, or even go back to the right way. read more

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The seven business investment 7 billion promotional price war burn loss to earn share

This is a

industry has been dubbed "the strongest in the history of the electricity supplier price war", Jingdong, Tmall mall, dangdang.com, Amazon, easy fast, suning.com, Gome online mall and other electricity providers all added seven. Not only is the electricity supplier nearly 7 billion of investment in the past, so that the price war intensified, more people in the industry, such as evaluation: June price war, it is possible to change the current pattern of electricity supplier.

is expected to invest 7 billion promotional read more

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The mathematical solution of e commerce Community e commerce is not reliable

The first stage: the electronic commerce


The rapid development of

e-commerce in Chinese, who fought to enter the market. In fact, e-commerce in all Internet services, is one of the most able to say a clear business model, at least not yet know what the profit model of social networking services to be too clear. If you want to translate e-commerce into a math problem, his formula may be like this:

revenue = website visitors x order conversion rate X are single value

simply said that the site to the number of how many people, including how many people under the single, the average number of each single. Further down the subdivision, the number of visitors may also be equal to the number of old and new visitors visitors, the number of visitors is equal to the number of new part of foreign advertising exposure by advertising rates; and the old visitors may be equal to the existing membership number multiplied by the rate of return and old members. read more

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The sea fox sea Amoy Overseas Direct Mail website focus on the contrarian cross border deal

Since the

"sea Fox" sea Amoy since officially launched, repeatedly refresh the trading volume in August this year, GMV (total commodity trading) is a breakthrough growth.

In an interview with

CEO in the Wu Wentao sea Amoy sea fox reporter learned that the release of the regulatory mechanism is relatively frequent in domestic cross-border electricity supplier under the new deal, the official website for the operation mode of the overseas direct mail has not received the sea fox, "48 New Deal", but in the last half year rose contrarian won GMW, compared with the other operation model, especially the free trade zone stockpile mode advantage, is pulled further big. read more

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Pat micro shop open soon mobile providers tend to center

October 13th, Jingdong group pat Network announced that, after a month of online operation, the mobile terminal micro shop – pat micro shop will soon officially oriented online pat all enterprises and individual businesses based on open.

said the vice president Pat network Song Yang received the twenty-first Century economic report interview, selected 5000 online pat pat micro shop opened businesses and complete the renovation operations, at the same time, pat Network will open all pat micro shop businesses to provide a unified WeChat payment function. read more

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Analysis of the causes of the failure of traditional clothing enterprises E commerce

2010 is a year of vigorous development of e-commerce, iResearch consulting 2009~2010 China clothing online shopping Research Report shows that the dress has become the first category of online shopping products. In VANCL, Taobao and other online shopping platform driven by traditional clothing brands began to have net".

the next question is: how to build e-commerce team? How to coordinate the impact of online price system of channel price system under the line? The cost of e-commerce is not low, how money is "the most cost-effective way? In what mode into e-commerce? Etc. a series of problems such as the traditional enterprise boss broke our brains, which makes the traditional corporate bosses lack of confidence, will inevitably lead to electronic commerce road failure, this paper mainly analyzes the e-commerce business failures due to the traditional road. read more

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Pathfinder double eleven 1 hours sales amounted to 26 million 950 thousand


technology news November 11th afternoon, outdoor brand toread revealed today at 1:11 on November 11th, Pathfinder, Tmall flagship store ushered in the first peak sales, sales exceeded 26 million 950 thousand, ranking first on the outdoor category.

yesterday evening, Pathfinder company president Peng Xin invited Wang Feng as the star manager, sounded the double eleven midnight, then, Wang Feng served as customer service consumers answer.

Peng Xin said, 4 years toread double eleven in a single day sales rose straight up, fast growth rate: 2010 single day sales reached 800 thousand, in 2011 amounted to 3 million 400 thousand yuan, reached 23 million 600 thousand yuan in 2012, 2013 sales exceeded 77 million 490 thousand yuan read more

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B2B electricity supplier dispute Ali or Jingdong

text / Wang Jinxiao (WeChat public number: tmtguancha)

in the country, to B platform is like a warm man, usually not concerned, but always do a great contribution to silence. Data statistics, the domestic market share in the C and B end of the distribution ratio of only 20:1, to B manufacturers significantly less. But what about the actual economic help?

to the electricity supplier, for example, iResearch statistics show that in 2014 China e-commerce market size of 12 trillion and 300 billion yuan, of which, B2B e-commerce accounted for 73.4% of total C, the transaction is only 20%, thus, B2B is the absolute main force of the electricity supplier, although it did not receive much attention in daily life. read more

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Electricity supplier extensive promotion or no longer fine operation into the future trend

back in 2012 the electricity supplier, let people remember there are 618, 815, 11 and 12 double double and a series full of gunpowder promotion war, the Jingdong to Taobao, suning.com light, spoiler, Gome Kuba has had to, let the consumer remember again and type the promotion war. But unfortunately, every time the promotion not only let businesses feel exhausted, but also make many consumers seem to no benefit, called promotion, vomiting blood sale, the result is a lot of consumers even more expensive than usual to buy silver, so it is the development and Reform Commission to intervene so that the electricity supplier promotional war Mongolia a layer of deception shadow, at least let many consumers recognize the big promotion, there is no free lunch, fleece, and ultimately to pay their own read more

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Domestic and foreign major B2B website comments

B2B foreign trade e-commerce site

domestic large and small "foreign trade" or "export" there are about 200, but the vast majority of the site is the so-called "dead station", and have to pay to join the value of foreign trade website should be said only about 10

to find out the main in the normal operation of the domestic foreign trade website that is also easy, you only need to lose a few "foreign trade" or "export" Chinese relevant keywords in the two Google and Baidu search engines can be read more

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How to look at a station with no future

we often encounter two types of stations, always can not have an accurate choice.

a station is rich, that is, one can see through his profit model, the more the greater the profits.

is not a very good profit model, but it can be seen at a glance, it has a strong audience.

for example, we have an example:

a person, want to do a creative trading platform, at present, the network is the lack of such a trading platform, because a platform which can maximize the protection of the interests of the creative people to buy, if a platform can guarantee a point, that is to invest 10 thousand yuan, can let a person day income 300 yuan, as long as there is the credibility of the platform, the whole Chinese may have hundreds of millions of people to invest in this project, because the revenue figures have exceeded their current income level, so the market is huge, we through such an analysis, can be analyzed, this project is promising, because it the profit pattern is clear, advertising fees charged by volume, as long as the transaction have income, so more and more money. read more

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