Fashion shop Nasty Gal 40 million investment

Nasty, founder and chief executive officer of Gal Sophia Amoruso (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lin Jingdong) August 26th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, Losangeles fashion shop Nasty Gal received a $40 million investment from investors Index Ventures, the latter is only Nasty Gal an investor, had on Nasty Gal invested $9 million.

Nasty Gal revenue this year is expected to grow 3 times on the basis of last year to $128 million, gross margin will be more than 60%. In addition to regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other social networking images and artwork, Gasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso (Sophia Amoruso) did not make too much publicity for Nasty Gal. read more

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Absolute nsider the recent capital operation of several T sites

One day. In 2000 5 million. IDG investment, the acquisition of Chinabyte, $800 thousand dowry. 2001-2003, the Internet technology backbone to the winter pole outside to grab a single, system integration, information platform construction, the internal system being ignored, even 1-2 days can not update nobody. In 2003, York engage in gambling SMS in Chongqing, have been reported to the State Council, rectification, to earn some money, missed the best time of sms. After ZOL, PChome sold to Cnet, in 2005, Li Zhigao went to the United States several times, and finally did not talk about the price, Cnet was abandoned. It currently reached more than and 600 people, personnel of size IT the biggest website.

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Chinese World Title cheating

recently received some enthusiastic users to report, part of the site is through the form please click Wangzhuan for IP click on the cheating, once found, immediately


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for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

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would like to join the Admin5 channel, please contact QQ:285445 read more

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Taobao shop blog marketing model

The new Taobao

shop is often the most easily overlooked by users, because of their low credibility, so at the time of search ranking is always in the back, and people are in the habit of looking for the last basic ignore (at least I do). For Taobao shop, promotion is an essential means. At present, one of the most powerful marketing methods have been found to promote the staff, that is, blog marketing.

blog marketing is aimed at a commodity, the use of this platform to promote the brand branding and operation of the promotion. Blog, different from other network platform, not only a webmaster to increase the chain, improve the site ranking platform, but also a very interactive platform. Here, let’s talk about how to use the blog to promote Taobao shop. read more

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According to the study you can earn 3000 of the ten ways

    every grassroots network, there are at least 10 ways, respectively is 3000 month, 3000 month and what not, I now do not need these basic methods, but for some it can make him a person of noble aspirations, more freedom to do the things they want to do.

      the methods described in this paper are tested or demonstrated. To write this article, but also to unlock some people may exist doubts. In peacetime, naturally speaking: "my job is to find the people better than me, then my task is done, I don’t have a leeway for ourselves," seems very detached, in fact. No one can not do without the "material", leaving the "material", how to talk about the spirit of detachment! read more

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Look at enterprise information demand from CO

Applause rang, it was only to see standing on the stage of the 15 "best enterprise information China executive", their names are "company vice president, assistant general manager, chief information officer, general manager of the Department of information engineering, most of them have a master degree or above. They are involved in major strategic decisions of the enterprise, and their role in our understanding of CIO are different. In the new era, the change of the role of CIO reflects the enterprise informatization has entered a new stage, read more

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Results Nana M virtual community CPA on line

Nana M virtual community CPA a new round of promotion on the line. Successful registration, download the game client, and enter the game, as a result. Real-time authentication. Games, animation, entertainment, leisure class website is preferred. Thank you for your support and cooperation!

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for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic! read more

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The reason that Taobao does not make money off

now I know the real money by Taobao customers, most of them have their own website or customize the corresponding strong platform, so today we only do

analysis of reasons for Taobao customers do not make money through the website

since it is a website, the content is the foundation of the building, reflected in the nature of the Taobao site, it is necessary to grasp the selection of shops and products on the site, to do this step. First of all, through the analysis of some consumers online shopping habits, to determine the selected products. read more

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Some thoughts on Taobao store operation

operation for a year, which sour, sweet, bitter, hot ease of which, now to talk about personal views on operation.

Taobao has two kinds of operations, I will talk about the following:

is the first company to give the greatest support, as long as there is a reasonable plan, which you have to the shop which dissatisfaction factors which need to be put forward to change the place, called the appropriate personnel to cooperate with the modification. For the most simple example, selection of operational needs of product positioning, so we must know the selection of product cost, because the cost to know know the reasonable pricing of products, is whether you can do activities to do product explosion models, there is little, if the store is in the early stage, if it is C shop customer service, know the cost would be appropriate to the customer so as to promote some preferential turnover, compared to the C store to the mall, congenital deficiency, because Taobao has been emphasizing the mall is the quality of the city, but did not say the C store is the quality of the city. This is the type of fit. read more

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How to make money advertising alliance three horizontal comparison

now the domestic advertising alliance buckle quantity horse dragons and fishes jumbled together, the amount of the horse, can let you rest assured that a blogger Google AdSense and Baidu, Ali mother. But to understand clearly can be used to rest assured, for our bloggers, the choice of what kind of alliance to reflect the value of our blog?

Baidu Alliance: Baidu alliance CPC divided into about 50%. Most clicks on 0.1 to $0.2. Quite a lot of style. Full 100 yuan to pay. Support bank card and post office remittance. There are some difficulties to apply for, a lot of blog applications are not available, such as Baidu auction union entertainment station. Requires Alexa ranking within 5W. General blog is not up to this standard. Personal feeling to do Baidu bid Union when Baidu included will be more friendly. read more

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Campus WeChat takeaway practice four months turnover of millions

author and his partner on campus to create a WeChat takeaway public number, from the total assets of only 900 yuan, the team set up in almost zero cost. 4 months of operation, WeChat takeaway project achieved turnover exceeded one million, more than 70 thousand copies of the results sent takeaway ordering.

talked about the night, the establishment of entrepreneurial projects

completed his studies in the school during the year August 2013, the whole year to be an internship, and all college students want to work like a long time to work for a long time. I and my friend Cao Yang (later entrepreneurial partners) began a two week delivery resume and interview cycle, until the final application to the real estate agent to sell the house. The first day of work after I returned to university after two, so long, why think of school leavers easy work by others command? We do this job one day will not go back. read more

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To explore and meet the real needs of your users

Come out for nearly a year, most of the station area is love story, often go to the seniors to do stand experience, learned a lot of things, very recently to write website related things, but did not make their own website, but I think no matter what, in fact, inherent truth are similar, so I want to have some thoughts on some of their own experience of doing business on their own, do stand the most important is to consider the needs of users. This article is to do a formal operation of the station, not to talk about how to make money to do garbage station, how to do SEO, etc., a lot of good articles in this area behind the times

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Summer network to find a part time note

summer vacation, of course, is very happy, can play everywhere, you can play games, but many students are like me, love the summer when looking for a part-time job to do in the summer vacation, one can earn money, increase income, on the other hand can also add a little social experience, prepare for the future, stepped into the society after all, with great differences in school society, a little early to adapt to the society, is always good.


brothers junior year, freshman, sophomore summer was spent at many part-time jobs in the holiday, feel very substantial, every two months of vacation time, always have an income of one thousand or two thousand yuan, very happy. It is a bit of experience, I would like to share with you, you can help find a part-time summer students less detours, make more money: read more

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Some personal views on the recent performance of Google AdSense

since the Google search out of the country, Google this move on the development of Google AdSense in the country has a very bad impact. First of all, it is very important for advertisers to reduce their confidence in Google. This led to a decline in the amount of advertising Google AdSense.

I carefully analyzed the performance of Google AdSense since April, the results are very unsatisfactory.

the first point, a small number of ads. Now we carefully observe the words, it should be aware of their site on the Google AdSense recently released are Google AdWords promotion. Pictured: read more

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On the death of entertainment website the sad place

          entertainment website, pictures, maps, jokes, gossip, star, chat, friends, have been the decline.

2 years ago is no longer the scenery, easily do 3-5 IP, then a month to reap gold.

        from July 06 SP closed, there are already a lot of webmasters realize that entertainment website has come to an end. Jeffwu

also mentioned several times in the last year, a popular light entertainment website. Can not stay long. Man can’t be forever.
      personal web site entertainment can not be the root cause of the climate: 1) can not be monopolized. No money, want to do, too difficult,

2 monopoly, it can not be bigger, entertainment, entertainment and how people can make people happy. Individuals do not have the ability to absorb first-hand information.

bigger, not with any erotic.

3) where profit point. League? The alliance is now closed, advertising? Sina Sohu are not advertising, personal access to advertising?

by member?   what to deceive members money, could not get the money. The bigger the individual station is, the faster it goes.

4) entertainment station was hit too much, this short few years, the leading edge. One sample a year. Popular fans last year, this year’s popular video.

personal station. Who can spell it.

5) personal website traffic mainly by search. Now search companies are cheating traffic. Try to look for beauty Baidu

mp3, the first 5 are all Baidu own. In the future, the individual website to do traffic, is a very painful process.

6) the maximum possible entertainment site is copied, when you have a good idea, you will immediately be copied to the station. read more

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Analysis of the future prospects of Taobao recharge software

has experienced a long Taobao recharge software after the downturn, many of you will be on the Taobao recharge to the prospect of a skeptical, because of the present situation, this environment, Taobao recharge software for most people is too little, the real project will be less and less, liar tricks, deceptive it means never stopped, even compared with the previous ifheavier. Make money online, can really make money now can have a few people? These people can hold the money? How long? How about Taobao recharge software really can’t again? read more

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Tianjiao advertising alliance to join the Chinese network launched Operation booking service

Chinese network myopia by integrating own resources, to guide the new surgical technique for treatment of myopia, myopia excimer surgery popularization principle and related knowledge, has helped Chinese three hundred million myopia patients to clearly understand the principle of prevention or treatment of myopia, myopia and myopia disease; Chinese network throughout the country to provide information for the treatment of myopia institutions need to do myopia surgery the user, to provide convenient and safe operation arrangement, and the value of 200-1000 yuan preferential operation. read more

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Huaxing capital chairman Bao fan interview business rules of the game

"rules of the game" is very familiar with the word, from small to large we have been experiencing, has been involved in, has been maintained. What is it? He is a way of thinking or acting in a way that everyone agrees with. What are the rules of the game that must be followed in the business?

do you want to choose your own business? Where are your core competencies? How to take the first step?. Please listen to Huaxing capital chairman and chief executive of the package where to take you into the business rules of the game. read more

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How to make money online to increase customer trust and improve product sales

we all know, the sales network, making money online reputation is a key factor in sales, business that is humane, how to increase customer loyalty, increase product sales, in order to solve this problem, and Duo Wangzhuan home and guest network marketing and communicate with you


, a beautiful site training

for on site to ask the people, the website is to leave them for the first time the training plan for an impression, but the official template does not have its own design style website, for the customer trust is very difficult to improve. read more

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VCs do not expect users to pay for Facebook and Twitter

Beijing on April 30th news, according to foreign media reports, the joint venture investment company (Union square Square Ventures) the venturecapitalist Fred – Wilson (Fred Wilson), known as Twitter, Foursquare and Kickstarter investment companies, he can use the platform to make money for the Internet Co always have their own ideas. He recently bluntly, expect users to pay Facebook and Twitter idea is absurd.

held in New York in the British "Guardian" of the annual Technology Summit (Activate Conference) group discussions, Werwilson said, most Internet companies relying on advertising business will be able to feed themselves, if they require the user to pay, it is unbelievable. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are created entirely by the user. "It’s ridiculous to expect users to pay, because users are people who create value." Wilson said. read more

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