IT male low-key turn – my electricity supplier business review in March

electric white one, review your business experience for the great spirit enthusiastically Paizhuan.

Today is February 27th

overcast sky do not know if the


through the hustle and bustle of the 2013, double the Taobao mobile phone sales are 5 billion 300 million; WeChat electricity supplier business model more and more fire; fresh and agricultural products also began to shock.

IT industry by the impact of smart phones, increasingly meager. I am in the cafe and the computer industry is more like yesterday’s yellow, going from bad to worse, the cost is high, more and more meager profits. read more

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Perfect for Ali mother and Google advertising alliance Raiders

please note that this is not the so-called title of the party, I inadvertently discovered, please look at the patient. A few days ago, I used a domain name to another to do a good job on the site up, and then think about to apply for a look at Ali mother, the results in two hours to give me through. This also makes me happy, and then I would like to think, according to the following methods to apply for Ali mother and Google advertising alliance account is feasible.

before you apply for a domain name that you can bind the domain, and this space should have a good site, through the Ali mother and Google advertising alliance audit. The following list of specific methods of operation, please refer to: read more

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Foreign Wangzhuan change life in your own way

I’m flying, long time no see you every day, and the boats are also a lot of friends, no matter what kind of friends are not enthusiastic reception, after all we know is fate, maybe one day the two sides will have the opportunity to cooperate.

a few years ago, when I give up work boats, full-time by foreign Wangzhuan way of life, the family is very difficult to understand, they cannot imagine my life in the future how to achieve security, will not be poor, they can not understand, not every day, work diligently, I can rely on what. The boats I still remember when I first send money to family first by my foreign Wangzhuan money when they do not stop on the phone to ask, will always worry about my money is not to go crooked ways also constantly told me, a man must be quiet, do not do illegal things. This time the boats, very Speechless. read more

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Online advertising click fraud when Hugh

if asked about the profit model of Internet companies, as long as the Internet a little understanding of the people can give the answer, that is – online advertising. However, for their own interests, the network advertisement click fraud like every corner of a black spread to the internet. Reports from the media is more disturbing, network advertisement click fraud has become a black chain, voices can be heard without end advertisers: "Internet advertising click fraud when Hugh

?" read more

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Wangzhuan experience share several suitable for new Wangzhuan

with the development of the domestic Internet is more and more fast, and more and more prosperous, it seems from the network to make money is not what difficult, in the prosperity of the network world, as long as you have a good idea, and good idea can become a Wangzhuan project, but also have different periods of Wangzhuan the project, especially the rapid development of the Internet era, Wangzhuan wave, a number of dead and live a group, as is the basis of Wangzhuan project such as PTC advertising to make money, make money, questionnaire Chinese registration task to make money, earn money by playing games, surfing, money to make money Witkey task. Learning website, advertising alliance, what CPA, CPC, and even those less legitimate, such as: s.s.c recruitment typist, HYIP investment and so on, of course, in the numerous network Make project, not all are suitable for everyone to do, now I share in this a few more suitable for new Wangzhuan project, if you can’t find a suitable Wangzhuan project you a new look at read more

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Diffuse cable cloud platform founder Lin Rui 16 years of entrepreneurial veterans and harvest

introduction Dr. diffuse cloud platform founder Lin Rui cable started as early as 98 years, 16 years, he has experienced a year lost 300 thousand, debt business failure. The following article is made up of 3 articles about his experiences in the two venture.

first: the correct treatment of the entrepreneurial process of failure and success

entrepreneurial way a lot, on the Taobao shop, back home to pack a few acres of land are entrepreneurial. The strict sense of entrepreneurship refers to the creation of a business, in the process of industrial and commercial, taxation, social security and other costs are relatively high, the first venture failure rate is very high. My first venture was a failure. read more

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How to make use of ECFA earn money

Cross Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) almost signed, will have what effect to the Chinese webmaster? There is no Wangzhuan owners may find the opportunity to make money in ECFA? What did the international view of maple leaf network, the economic issues and political knowledge is limited, let alone, but for ECFA is always think that can also be a chance of people to make money, how will have such "intuitive"


did you find many opportunities to make money, is at the boundary occurs during an important time or space, such as I see Taiwan television reported, Vietnam, Korea and the Russian border trade, while rich in fruits, transported to the other side, the price immediately turned a few times. Yes, "several times" is not "a few" Oh! This is amazing profits. The two sides are about to sign ECFA, the owners have found that the changes in this, perhaps we make a good opportunity to make money read more

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Sheriff black hat taught you to do foreign Wangzhuan lead a monthly income of 30 thousand is very ea

Hello, I am black hat sheriff, in the Internet work has been more than 4 years, from the beginning to now can be said to go is very difficult, from the first three months of hard earned 10 knife is able to lead his team to do CPS, CPC, cpa. to achieve the annual income of 100

, originally I don’t do lead, but recently the apprentice received repeated requests about lead, and in July 1st, I will be in my blog, my students bright to do 5 days of receipt, absolutely everyone can more than 100 knives, welcome to my blog. Next read more

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Where is the potential of the Internet Content resources will become the support point

here with the car Internet to refer to the car and the Internet industry. In the automotive field, I do a lot of investment, including: BITAUTO, China auto rental, excellent letter shot, car car, etc.. Talk about this topic, very interested. Americans will expand into the Internet mobile phone, all of a sudden, the very influential social networks are a bit inferior by comparison, was robbed of the limelight. Mobile Internet swept almost all industries. Most people’s lives, property and cars cost are the most important two pieces. Real estate investment, car consumption. Automotive Internet will certainly eye-catching. read more

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News PR union money error

this morning received PR money Alliance Bank SMS tips. Look at the amount of last month the Commission figures don’t tally than
) to the office, a friend asked me: is not a PR tax deduction is very serious, more than 30%. The amount of money is inconsistent with the background of a combination of

a. An advertising company accounting made money 3


2.  sb; website; 1300     

read more

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Malone Dragon novice owners to be careful to guard against the temptation of the four


recently wrote a few articles, there are many of my friends told me how to make money through the exchange, communicate with them, I found that they now operate the project very vulgar, but few of the others came in, not what operating income after a period of time, according to the original expectations is not achieved, but depressed, I summed up the following four conditions we must be cautious, hope for the novice friends can help.

1: join agent

have a friend listen to join the XX network is very good, as long as the pay agency fees, then the development of agents can be, but XX business is very good, so trusting others, to join the project, is the national nature of the classification information of the regional agency, if it is like 58. Such people network has little visibility even sadly, even the name of the site is the first time I heard, but also to open the site in 20 seconds, the layout of this form of out of order, agent has been through the survival of the fittest, shuffle washed dry static, as long as a little bit on the Internet people are not fooled. read more

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First of all to create wealth and then get the value of the Internet from the laggards (3)

1 and before the release of the 2, I was on the basis of these two articles outdated

can find these records in Google

ado. The laggards are the webmaster, I am not, and I like the title, I just came to see.-_-b.


(here at a digression, in principle, to control the downstream is the most say, P & G can not afford to offend WAL-MART, as we can’t afford to offend the search engine. -_-b)

in view traffic before, you should consider whether there is valuable content on your site first, whether it can provide a valuable service. Any station will have their own original, the original is their core value. For example, blue ideal, we should know that the classic forum posts, almost every can be searched in the Google (static is not included in the mandatory requirements of the engine). The success of their site is due to the collection of a large number of experts in the industry, have their own members are very good original. Of course, you can also take the memory of Intel CPU, Samsung, ASUS, Kingston display board assembly of their PC sales, which make the case difference, at least there is a case to be original. Even if you only buy second-hand machine, at least you should learn the assembly. The content of the site copy others put their own advertising, may be able to earn money, but you always do a little. Intel CEO in the global annual meeting you hide in small talk with eloquence, broken inside the shop with greasy hands and display. The station owners say site culture where you can harvest day in and day out. read more

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China’s advertising alliance must pass the three pass

      in fact about ADMIN5 has for a long time, but it is not registered, today China advertising alliance in the development of the phenomenon to be comment, talk about ideas, we encourage each other.

      three pass are: credibility, face and speed.

      first pass: reputation. Reputation are aware of, is certainly a line of life and death line, the same type of alliance, enterprise alliance, or even know the importance of these two words. I am a station the traffic increased quickly, also love to hang a few regular pop, earn a few money, ask how much a pop-up rate, three or four. I am confused, not to say that super pop code, YAHOO XP2 can be solved, can only play this, do the user has installed iron bastions? Isn’t that a slap in the face? Or some customer service chat, simply come to our union will not be deducted, the results of the day, 30% less than? Angry curse, ask customer service with you how to scold him no longer speak. read more

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Website how to choose the site of the Union

      how to use the site to make money is a personal webmaster and site operators are concerned with the problem of adding website alliance is one of the main ways to achieve the site to make money, through the network alliance advertising on its Web site, making the site visits into income. Now various forms of network alliance countless, how to choose the right website alliance through the site to make money?

      network money is full of temptation and there are a lot of fraud and bad factors, and some even become a veritable network marketing, while others cheat the site but did not pay commission. But overall the regular network alliance is still the mainstream, but mostly by well-known websites, such as Baidu, YAHOO, Google, eBay,, and, these large sites good reputation, not only can guarantee the payment of members of the Commission, and provide the commission policy usually is relatively good, can bring good income for the webmaster. read more

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Baby Babyhuddle social set up the stage singing business community

Babyhuddle uses a social + electricity supplier model


of the parent for many young people, what to buy baby supplies which do not have much experience, because most of them can not start, and baby supplies online retailer Babyhuddle aimed at the target population, offers an online community of young parents.

in Babyhuddle, many young parents will be listed on the list of baby supplies, equipment evaluation, and answer other people’s questions, so that the "new parents" be targeted when shopping. read more

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Network to make money on the site as the premise should continue to understand e-commerce

network is known how to make? Earned five digit possible? How to make their sites become synonymous with the Internet?… though as this problem, each of US internet people often consider these, then how can we from the Internet to Amoy gold? Rely on Google ads, Baidu alliance or other, my answer is: are you going to do e-commerce.

, a clear purpose to establish the direction of technology to make money, marketing their own line, relying on Google Baidu advertising has become a lot of money to become owners keen. Whether Google or Baidu lady master rely on advertising to make you always ideal number of cattle stationmaster of a lot are aware of this point, a simple example, we all know that weight stand put Google Baidu advertising, advertising not only, and a single click on the price a lot, but this always will reach a bottleneck, the annual income of more than five digits of the poor, careful Adsense will find a lot of cow weight stations began selling slimming products, this is a very good case to electronic business transformation, slimming products profit not that we all know, a lot more than Google Baidu advertising revenue. It is recommended that either the old or new webmaster webmaster should consider money making ideas, in a clear, end to do market research station, be targeted. Agent products do e-commerce or physical shops are a good choice. Network big success, you may wish to consider, if there is no risk investment, there are several can be boarded the throne? Do ordinary people, as usual, earn more money than ordinary people. Go their own way, others, or listen to good! read more

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On the Google ad I said NO

Hello! GG I do more than a year! But now I finally gave up he knows why? Is not the problem of cheating is not because cheating is K off! I have never cheated! But I will fall off after K K email is still we find your site invalid click. According to the meaning of Google said Khan must ensure that 100% is not invalid


is simply a power hegemony. We make money is hard but in some of our webmaster pay a letter after the return is a stereotyped ruthless mail. So cold! So we don’t hit the station. We should resist and reflection? We must unite to come together! Get him out of Chinese. read more

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Ali mother this strategy we accept it

your expected income in June totaled 68.28 yuan, after deducting Ali mom technical service fee of $10.24, is expected to pre tax real income in June was $58.04

mom withholding personal income tax 0 yuan, is expected in real after tax income in June was 58.04 yuan

above the data does not include the package when the advertising revenue, the data is for reference only, the actual situation in the month after the income account in the details of the data shall prevail.

package free advertising, advertising within three days after the end of the ads, no objection, the money directly into your account. read more

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The domain name investment projects in Wangzhuan

this morning we tell about Wangzhuan tricks in that some can make money on the Internet loopholes, but is also very easy to make the rich project.

domain name investment is divided into the following categories:

a class of large enterprises English writing or pinyin.

This kind of

is very difficult to find, we can focus on some new enterprises, timely register their domain names, but now, now we are beginning to pay attention to the protection of their own brands, so generally in time to market or development, will be registered in advance down your own domain name, this is the past when one of the main means of domain name speculation, for example we can search our city domain, basically by foreign people registered. read more

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Please make every effort to make money online

As a novice just contact to make money online, not only simple, but also need to learn some knowledge, here, we will step by step guide, so that you grasp the methods and skills of making money online as soon as possible to earn your first paycheck.

first, most of the websites that make money online now are foreign websites, which requires you to have a good foreign language. However, even the poor English do not have to worry, as long as you have a little bit of English foundation, and then through the use of words such as: Kingsoft, orient express such translation software can, actually can see almost 60%-70%. read more

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