China’s advertising alliance must pass the three pass

      in fact about ADMIN5 has for a long time, but it is not registered, today China advertising alliance in the development of the phenomenon to be comment, talk about ideas, we encourage each other.

      three pass are: credibility, face and speed.

      first pass: reputation. Reputation are aware of, is certainly a line of life and death line, the same type of alliance, enterprise alliance, or even know the importance of these two words. I am a station the traffic increased quickly, also love to hang a few regular pop, earn a few money, ask how much a pop-up rate, three or four. I am confused, not to say that super pop code, YAHOO XP2 can be solved, can only play this, do the user has installed iron bastions? Isn’t that a slap in the face? Or some customer service chat, simply come to our union will not be deducted, the results of the day, 30% less than? Angry curse, ask customer service with you how to scold him no longer speak. read more

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Website how to choose the site of the Union

      how to use the site to make money is a personal webmaster and site operators are concerned with the problem of adding website alliance is one of the main ways to achieve the site to make money, through the network alliance advertising on its Web site, making the site visits into income. Now various forms of network alliance countless, how to choose the right website alliance through the site to make money?

      network money is full of temptation and there are a lot of fraud and bad factors, and some even become a veritable network marketing, while others cheat the site but did not pay commission. But overall the regular network alliance is still the mainstream, but mostly by well-known websites, such as Baidu, YAHOO, Google, eBay,, and, these large sites good reputation, not only can guarantee the payment of members of the Commission, and provide the commission policy usually is relatively good, can bring good income for the webmaster. read more

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Baby Babyhuddle social set up the stage singing business community

Babyhuddle uses a social + electricity supplier model


of the parent for many young people, what to buy baby supplies which do not have much experience, because most of them can not start, and baby supplies online retailer Babyhuddle aimed at the target population, offers an online community of young parents.

in Babyhuddle, many young parents will be listed on the list of baby supplies, equipment evaluation, and answer other people’s questions, so that the "new parents" be targeted when shopping. read more

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Network to make money on the site as the premise should continue to understand e-commerce

network is known how to make? Earned five digit possible? How to make their sites become synonymous with the Internet?… though as this problem, each of US internet people often consider these, then how can we from the Internet to Amoy gold? Rely on Google ads, Baidu alliance or other, my answer is: are you going to do e-commerce.

, a clear purpose to establish the direction of technology to make money, marketing their own line, relying on Google Baidu advertising has become a lot of money to become owners keen. Whether Google or Baidu lady master rely on advertising to make you always ideal number of cattle stationmaster of a lot are aware of this point, a simple example, we all know that weight stand put Google Baidu advertising, advertising not only, and a single click on the price a lot, but this always will reach a bottleneck, the annual income of more than five digits of the poor, careful Adsense will find a lot of cow weight stations began selling slimming products, this is a very good case to electronic business transformation, slimming products profit not that we all know, a lot more than Google Baidu advertising revenue. It is recommended that either the old or new webmaster webmaster should consider money making ideas, in a clear, end to do market research station, be targeted. Agent products do e-commerce or physical shops are a good choice. Network big success, you may wish to consider, if there is no risk investment, there are several can be boarded the throne? Do ordinary people, as usual, earn more money than ordinary people. Go their own way, others, or listen to good! read more

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On the Google ad I said NO

Hello! GG I do more than a year! But now I finally gave up he knows why? Is not the problem of cheating is not because cheating is K off! I have never cheated! But I will fall off after K K email is still we find your site invalid click. According to the meaning of Google said Khan must ensure that 100% is not invalid


is simply a power hegemony. We make money is hard but in some of our webmaster pay a letter after the return is a stereotyped ruthless mail. So cold! So we don’t hit the station. We should resist and reflection? We must unite to come together! Get him out of Chinese. read more

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Ali mother this strategy we accept it

your expected income in June totaled 68.28 yuan, after deducting Ali mom technical service fee of $10.24, is expected to pre tax real income in June was $58.04

mom withholding personal income tax 0 yuan, is expected in real after tax income in June was 58.04 yuan

above the data does not include the package when the advertising revenue, the data is for reference only, the actual situation in the month after the income account in the details of the data shall prevail.

package free advertising, advertising within three days after the end of the ads, no objection, the money directly into your account. read more

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The domain name investment projects in Wangzhuan

this morning we tell about Wangzhuan tricks in that some can make money on the Internet loopholes, but is also very easy to make the rich project.

domain name investment is divided into the following categories:

a class of large enterprises English writing or pinyin.

This kind of

is very difficult to find, we can focus on some new enterprises, timely register their domain names, but now, now we are beginning to pay attention to the protection of their own brands, so generally in time to market or development, will be registered in advance down your own domain name, this is the past when one of the main means of domain name speculation, for example we can search our city domain, basically by foreign people registered. read more

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Please make every effort to make money online

As a novice just contact to make money online, not only simple, but also need to learn some knowledge, here, we will step by step guide, so that you grasp the methods and skills of making money online as soon as possible to earn your first paycheck.

first, most of the websites that make money online now are foreign websites, which requires you to have a good foreign language. However, even the poor English do not have to worry, as long as you have a little bit of English foundation, and then through the use of words such as: Kingsoft, orient express such translation software can, actually can see almost 60%-70%. read more

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Little brother actual share 5 network combined with the SEO operating profit project

black brother summed up the SEO of the 11 kinds of ways to make money in 08 years, after two years, SEO almost entered the era of the people, some SEO money may competition is too big, or is not suitable for the majority of SEO lovers, little brother after two years of experience in contact with the total SEO junction, found that the use of SEO the network make money too much, as long as you know about the observation and Analysis on, understand the extension of 11 mainstream SEO not mentioned before the money mode, different products will output different operation methods and different SEO projects to make money, which is part of the SEO money making profits only in the hands of a few. read more

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How to deal with the band aid staff

It is necessary for IT managers to learn how to deal with employees who will only cover up after the problem arises. In the IT world, I met one of the most interesting phenomenon of personnel is what I called "a class of employee aid".

– hard work

– solution to all kinds of problems which often involved

– love backseat driver

– still can work well under pressure

But this kind of

, employees also have some negative:

– work beyond the scope of their capability read more

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Wangzhuan tell take the time to waste time physical Wangzhuan Wangzhuan analysis

network is better than the bond market, bond market and money without money or 28, and the network to make money and no money is simply a disproportionate share of money less than 0.1% 5, do not make money accounted for ninety-nine percent of the 5, because ninety-nine percent of the people are staying at the click, hook, mail and so on do not make money in the industry, only a handful of people rushed out of the magic circle, and ultimately to the success of wangzhuan.

is now on the search engine to search, manual Wangzhuan have accounted for more than ninety percent, the most influential is nothing more than a few clicks, investigation, mail, coding and so on the site, do not enter these can do Wangzhuan novice, novice is always from the project to start up. The influence of free website, not by higher person is hard work, doing manual work to make money, says bluntly, do this with the reality in the dishwasher, the waiter does not have what difference, this is not the most valuable, not hard, but few money. There are too many people left on the network, as long as there is no one who will be on the Internet now, when the surplus labor is too much time, these physical activities of the exploitation of a layer, you can earn how much, 1 months to earn 100 you are happy. From these conclusions are: engage in physical money, not only can not make money in the past, and now can not make money, the future can not make money, regardless of the reality or network are interlinked! read more

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If you choose to be able to maximize the interests of the Alliance

        first of all, I want to say, I’m not a master, I just do some thinking about the problem, do the first station to have ideas, ideas, the money will be a lot of money!

            in Admin5, I often see some Adsense said do it hard, even some regret, actually not, is actually very easy to do, you choose this road station is right, flow have income, earn thousands of dollars each month is very easy, than to help people work much better. read more

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What can I do to save Wangzhuan Tongren

A wide range of

online, according to the author’s understanding that through this network platform to make money the project can be understood as wangzhuan. Some people say that there is a difference between Wangzhuan with MLM, but I believe that this is a one-sided understanding, everything should be analyzed from different point of view.

the beginning of the Wangzhuan is also called e-mail, surfing, click on these items, they have in common is that no technical content, open the page, waiting for the advertising countdown, then earn very little income, but for this little advertising, Wangzhuan novice hang software, what things do you can make money and free, in reality, where to find ah! Actually this kind of mentality reflects China network consumption and foreign distance difference. Because Chinese users feel is a great thing to make money online, even a bit, a few hair is bored. In fact, this free Wangzhuan only at the top of the Pyramid people can earn money, we can understand the reality of MLM sponsors, although the MLM is to obtain the following human money by deceptive means, but Wangzhuan is by exploiting the referral link decoy beginner labor from advertisers that get a lot of money advertising fee. There is not much difference between the two. read more

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Let Taobao shop as our money making tool

near the Japanese station and earn some friends chat, get a lot of inspiration, and here to share with you. These earn friends is also the site offline. In has not done before suitable projects also rely mainly on rebate Wangzhuan get some benefits. However, as the site often said that, by returning to the Commission, the monthly income of tens of dollars on the good. Even in the heyday of PTC, monthly rebate of 200 yuan should be on the ceiling. So only rely on rebates to Wangzhuan income is very limited, only pocket money. It is impossible to solve the problem of life by it. read more

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Prevent English GGad Chinese IP click too much by K method

is now a lot of GGAD because Chinese IP click too much by K. If you are Apache to do web server, this method can effectively stop this situation.

modify Apache.Htaccess file to join

deny from 61.52

deny from 61.53

deny from 61.54

deny from 61.131

deny from 61.132

deny from 61.133

deny from 61.134

deny from 61.135

deny from 61.136

deny from 61.137

deny from 61.138

deny from 61.139

deny from 61.140

deny from 61.141

deny from 61.142

deny from 61.143

deny from 61.144

deny from 61.145

deny from 61.146 read more

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Wangzhuan blog most people can’t make money on the blog

is a Wangzhuan topic all the time, one of the station is the main way to Wangzhuan, blog popularity is very high, for the construction of the blog to make money is very desirable, however, had to remind you that you have to give up the idea, make money from a blog because the blog does not give you a lot of income.

: your first blog special attention?? the blog has infinite, and to the infinite talent shows itself in the blog, this is not an easy thing, if you want to get to choose talent shows itself, special topic, through this topic, to attract everyone’s attention, as more when people pay attention to this blog, you can earn a lot of money from a blog, of course, this model is a price to pay. read more

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Linktech increase the Commission to 22% dream bazaar!!!

  dream bazaar; improve the percentage of commission + double rebate!!

The following is

Members receive commissions: 8%× /

* < 50 thousand Union website monthly sales: Sales of more than 100 thousand

Members receive commissions: 9.5%× /

. The monthly sales of more than 100 thousand union website:

Members receive commissions: 11%× /

read more

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Silicon Valley investors are flocking to the upstart funny website 9GAG

9GAG, a social networking site with funny funny pictures, cartoons and other Internet humor for content and rapid development, today announced a $2 million 800 thousand financing.

there is a concern down mainly from what big Silicon Valley investors, because there are a lot like Reddit and 4chan at sites like 9GAG, said it is copied from their content. Of course, Reddit and 4chan have no traditional investment opportunities.

to participate in this round of financing is not only a venture capital company Freestyle Capital, True Ventures, 500 Startups, First Round Capital, Greycroft Partners, and Scott Chris as angel investment Banister, Sacca, David Tisch, Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ben Ling, Karl Jacob, James Hong, Philip Kaplan and so on. read more

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Make them proud

The quality of the products and services provided by the supplier is the key to any success. In the case of NASA, the success or failure of a space mission depends on the quality of the components supplied by our contract supplier.

years, real value I know more clearly that to maintain a good relationship with suppliers. My project is usually high tech, high research value, internal (in-house) work. Internal refers to the main role of the main contractor’s customers, and we act as the system designers and integrators of a large number of suppliers. Experience has taught me that when suppliers view themselves as valuable members of the task force, they are more likely to help us achieve our goals. Performance is directly proportional to the degree of integration between the supplier and the project team. read more

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Four years of experience to talk about the grassroots webmaster that is not easy

In fact,

3 days ago to write this article, but due to the recent work too busy, just to finish the project today, drink, write this article originally early to write articles. 3 days ago to the title of the article is not so, but "more than the Internet, all grassroots webmaster also". But it seems to have weighed down, there are a lot of literary statements to match on a title. Just think of, or some ordinary, I those countrified literary or not out loud.

why do I want to talk about grassroots webmaster is not easy, because I think, grassroots webmaster not only have a good idea, there are some extraordinary skills. A grassroots webmaster, do the web page, when the editor, engage in the SEO, understand the website operation and maintenance. It can be said that the Internet is a rare comprehensive talent. Of course, you may want to refute me, the founder of hao123 who who who, is also a grassroots webmaster, he will not do a page, but also to do the general, how to become a bull. Please, people play is the idea, play is creative, play is the first in china. read more

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