2 years of defeat in the light of China’s top three richest man of the Teng million why not turn to

Abstract: two years ago, Chinese top three richest man, Ma Huateng, Robin Li and Wang Jianlin stand on the same stage, with a smile, put their hands together and announced that Wanda electricity company, Teng million friendship thus kicked off. However, the friendship of the boat said turn over. Ma described them as the three giants is a motley crew, is bound to disband


two years ago, Chinese top three richest man, Ma Huateng, Robin Li and Wang Jianlin stand on the same stage, with a smile, put their hands together and announced that Wanda electricity supplier company (company name: Shanghai Frestech where Agel Ecommerce Ltd; platform name: fifast network) was established, Teng million friendship thus kicked off. However, the friendship of the boat said turn over. read more

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From the detailed video promotion means and how to do marketing video conversion method

lead: with the rapid development of mobile Internet, video and new vitality, promotion will be paid more attention to the use of video.

blog today beetroot from the two aspects of video promotion method and conversion method to introduce video promotion methods you.

a video promotion means

now on the Internet, the use of video to promote the means can be roughly divided into three categories:

1, self media mode

This pattern of

in long ago have arisen, such as early beast video series, Ao director video series, that time is not called from the media, at most is also a podcast, is the prototype of the video from the media. With the rise of thinking thinking, set off a large network video from the media. read more

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Can not insight into your users but also to talk about what the scene of marketing ah

review: to truly understand this era is that we can go to the rapid transformation, an effective way to become the core competitiveness of the business. The ability to operate the user is the real marketing.

small partners want me to talk about marketing. Many people think that marketing seems to be a problem, but I believe that the current era of marketing is a strategic issue, is the problem of the road.

scene marketing thinking, we must first understand the current era of creation logic

mobile Internet is able to put people and all the supply and demand through the scene set up. read more

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The interactive website promotion Ultimate Nirvana


site was K months, quiet reflection, finally let me realize the Ultimate Nirvana — interactive promotion.

It is an interactive

allows you to stand friends, can be a forum, a QQ group, or even a message of this, as long as do, there will be a success. I started a forum began to interact for half a month, Baidu has not included a page for several months, and now included 500 pages a day, half a month ago is included in the 3000 page, and now is the 8600 page, oh, the effect is obvious

look at the details of the benefits of interaction, I think you will understand why I can be collected so much. read more

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Eight foreign intellectual property cross border electricity to protect their vital

in recent years, cross-border electricity supplier more and more fire, but most people ignore the cross-border transactions — "a vital international trademark". Eight foreign intellectual property professionals, said the cross-border electricity supplier, the importance of international brands and even more than the product itself.

no international trademark, what open market


in the United States, Canada and the European Union and other countries and regions as an example, the intellectual property management is very strict, the infringing goods are extremely difficult to enter, let alone make a move towards the market. In view of this, the current number of multinational companies to enter the domestic leading platform, such as Tmall international, Jingdong global purchase, most of the international trademark requirements. As the trademark has geographical restrictions, the domestic trademark failure, the product to the world, it is necessary to register the international trademark. read more

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Brands want to exit the price war electricity supplier 618 can last long

618 electricity supplier price war continues to herald the rumor, Jingdong, Tmall two business platform again to refresh the record, according to the authoritative data show that in 618 the Jingdong electric sales to 750 million yuan hurricane, and Tmall electric city more crazy, a total of more than 1 billion 300 million yuan. Other platforms as easy fast network, Gome online, suning.com, dangdang.com is good news frequently, but the brands of the price war in the attitude change, how long the 618 electricity supplier price war to continue? read more

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Eleven where to go Mango network invites you to experience the most beautiful asian cruise trip

[review] eleven where? Mango network invites you to experience the most beautiful Asian cruise. Recently, a reporter from the China’s mango network was informed that from now on, mango net took the lead in the joint Royal Caribbean cruise start "Asia’s most beautiful album for the National Day theme, launched a special offer only 5799 yuan tour of Hongkong – Xiamen – Okinawa (Japan) – Hongkong 6 days 5 night cruise tour. It is reported that the line will sail in September 29th. read more

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Electricity supplier services revenue or up to 1 trillion in 2015

Business Daily News (reporter Wei Yu) has been behind the scenes electricity supplier service industry began to move towards the front desk. Held last weekend from the Ninth National Conference on network operators showing the information display, the electricity supplier service industry from this year will be full expansion, is expected to 2015, Chinese e-commerce services revenue will reach trillion yuan, leveraging $13 trillion in e-commerce transactions.

it is understood that the electricity supplier service providers are forming a huge volume of the new group, including the "net" for businesses to provide shop decoration, management software, product photography, also provides marketing, customer orders, the daily operation of the shop, logistics system and data analysis of foreign trade and other outsourcing services. Alibaba group senior researcher Liang Chunxiao said: "in the ecological evolution of the e-commerce service industry cycle, this year the e-commerce service industry is in from" the key node to the expansion phase "transition tectonic period, in 2012 the electricity supplier service provider group innovation and market potential will be fully expanded." read more

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The seven business investment 7 billion promotional price war burn loss to earn share

This is a

industry has been dubbed "the strongest in the history of the electricity supplier price war", Jingdong, Tmall mall, dangdang.com, Amazon, easy fast, suning.com, Gome online mall and other electricity providers all added seven. Not only is the electricity supplier nearly 7 billion of investment in the past, so that the price war intensified, more people in the industry, such as evaluation: June price war, it is possible to change the current pattern of electricity supplier.

is expected to invest 7 billion promotional read more

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Vertical B2B easy straight for 10 million A round of financing

recently, the domestic smart terminal B2B online trading platform easy straight for $10 million A round of financing by the blue Chi venture capital, the financing is mainly used for market expansion and upgrade the platform system.

According to "capital times"

database, "direct supply" launched in early 2014, belonging to the Nanjing twenty-four Network Technology Co. Ltd., formerly known as the optional machine, vertical B2B electronic business platform focused intelligent terminal industry chain, headquartered in Nanjing. The platform contains in the sale of SKU mobile phone number card, merchandise category, tablets, wearable devices and other types of more than 20000 in 2015, to direct supply service of mobile terminal distributors will be more than 1.5, the mobile terminal service small and medium-sized retailers more than 30 years, transaction size will exceed 10 billion yuan. The team are from Alibaba, Tencent, suning.com, Sohu and traditional mobile phone distribution, retail channels, CEO is in the song dynasty. read more

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U S and European retailers to enter the mobile payment market

NetEase Francisco April 7th message, according to Reuters, the visa, MasterCard (Visa) (MasterCard) and credit card companies such as Google and high-tech companies, large retailers also push into mobile payment market, hoping to reduce transaction costs, and improve customer loyalty.

UK Tesco (Tesco) and faguooushang (Auchan) and other retailers are hoping their digital wallet Service — the application lets users through intelligent mobile phone, rather than cash or credit card payment, can bring about more comprehensive customer shopping habits data for them, so that they can have to the customer targeted advertising. read more

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Hualong CEO Xiang Qian Yu group purchase website faces an uncertain future

products purchased exclusively since the success of the Grouporn in the United States, there have been a large number of domestic buy site, the formation of a thousand regiment war situation. In September 12th, the famous local website CEO Qian Yu Hualong Lane in micro-blog said: "a group purchase, uncertain, but the biggest risk seems to have seen".

Yu Yu referred to the presence of three points buy site risk:

1, buy kind, its supply chain service level can not keep up with the growth of the front, whether it is a positive logistics or RMA. read more

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Blog to make money do not take the unusual way to talk about the views of the blog to make money

the motivation for each Blogger to start blogging at first seems to be out of interest, and for a long time the interest will slowly turn into experience and resources, such as a strong network of contacts, a considerable number of visits, etc.. When the hand resources accumulated to a certain extent, they began to think how to through certain means of operation or converted into money these resources, so as to achieve the purpose of profit. Popular point of view, such as through the use of blog to make money. read more

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Day earn 200 five Ma Yun and Taobao guest these 2 years


is Taobao’s customer through the commodity sales promotion, to complete the transaction into the model, this is a plan Ma since launched in 2007, Taobao said, I now have access to 2008 for 2 years, we talk about IDC a year can gain 40 thousand, let me talk to Taobao also let off you can easily give pocket stuffed.

Many Taobao customers are doing

, especially for hundreds of millions of yuan soon Ma implement "blue whale plan" many owners to provide Taobao. Taobao off site a separate surge, slimming products, a Baidu keyword site even 3-4 page is the main site, it can be 30-40 to compete, the network also spread earn tens of thousands, earn 500 days, in the end is not really read more

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Diffuse cable cloud platform founder Lin Rui 16 years of entrepreneurial veterans and harvest

introduction Dr. diffuse cloud platform founder Lin Rui cable started as early as 98 years, 16 years, he has experienced a year lost 300 thousand, debt business failure. The following article is made up of 3 articles about his experiences in the two venture.

first: the correct treatment of the entrepreneurial process of failure and success

entrepreneurial way a lot, on the Taobao shop, back home to pack a few acres of land are entrepreneurial. The strict sense of entrepreneurship refers to the creation of a business, in the process of industrial and commercial, taxation, social security and other costs are relatively high, the first venture failure rate is very high. My first venture was a failure. read more

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8868 hand travel trading platform CEO season is still Forbes the 30 entrepreneurs under the age of

(August 25th) afternoon, the 2015 will be held at Forbes venture cyanine during rendezvous, and announced in 2015 China "30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old" list, Mobile Games third party trading platform leading 8868 Mobile Games trading platform (www.8868.cn) CEO are elected, and attended the ceremony.

  figure 1

season is still, 28 years old, the founder of the 8868 hand travel trading platform and CEO, the well-known game player, has a wealth of mobile Internet gaming experience. 26 years old in 2012, founded in Guangzhou, the 8868 hand travel trading platform, is committed to building a mobile phone game in the field of professional vertical electricity supplier. Won the 2014 Red Bull business model of the year March 2015, was selected in, Forbes, China’s top 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 list. In the tide of the rapid development of mobile games, the season is still the original CBC embedded transaction mode, only a short period of 2 years, 8868 Mobile Games trading platform has grown into a leading and unique Mobile Games trading site. As of March this year, 8868 months of water has more than $30 million. read more

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How to alleviate adolescent breast pain ‘s health network

is generally believed that the bloody discharge 60% of cancer, serum, milk or the water sample of benign lesions possibility; with mass should be suspected of malignant tumors, no non bloody nipple discharge often benign.

high salt food is easy to make the breast swell, menstruation before 7 ~ 10 days you should avoid this kind of food.

the following is a female friend breast problems often occur, the following problems of the breast should be treated as soon as possible.

4, weight loss

1, nipple discharge read more

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Pay attention to make you more healthy breast health net

The process of

local massage

is mainly to strengthen the chest muscles, such as do more appropriate chest movement or push ups chest aerobics.

nutrition should be moderate

adhere to the morning and evening appropriate massage breast, promote the role of nerve reflex, improve the secretion of pituitary gland.

good chest fitness

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)

usually walk upright abdomen, buttocks tight; sitting posture also sat erect, not including chest piggyback; sleep supine or lateral position, not prone to. read more

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Breast cancer prevention and treatment of high quality olive oil to help you ‘s health ne

"we had a large number of epidemiological studies, we now have the data to prove that the unique Mediterranean diet system can prevent cancer, heart disease and aging, the main person in charge of the research project, associate professor of Northwestern University in Chicago. Unfortunately, it takes a long time for the Americans to find their way into clinical practice. They can only use a few cancer cells taken from cancer patients. Next, we do experiments on animals before they can be used in clinical trials, and only after a series of processes can we recommend the widespread use of them. However, there is nothing to prevent the patient from starting to use more olive oil. read more

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