SF suspected sea Amoy platform exposure named Alexander


] November 7th news billion state power network, the day before, a suspected SF internal mail shots were exposed, which referred to the "new Alexander SF shopping site Project" test. Many people cross-border electricity to billion state power network confirmed that the "Alexander" SF is preparing for the imported electricity supplier project.


SF internal mail screenshot

, a person close to SF sources, the domain name "sfht" is "SF sea Amoy Pinyin initials, and named" Alexander "is one of the hub" Alexandria ancient metaphor connected European and Oriental trade". read more

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Waiting for a smile in the thorns

is not a high mountain to an immortal, not in deep water business, Long Zeling, a stylish and helpless move, a section of interesting legend, is always difficult and courage in more or less test of entrepreneurs. As for the current use of Internet entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need more of a patient, a lonely stand and the suffering of body and mental process of double way. Network business is like is to go through a piece of thorns from, often entrepreneurs stabbed but as long as they can know how covered all over with cuts and bruises, waiting, perseverance and wisdom will be added, entrepreneurs may be the last laugh. read more

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The content page advertisement position optimization click several times higher than the income of v

content page advertisement position optimization click several times higher than the income of violent income everyone is complaining about the advertising price is lower than the recommended price no one to buy, in fact, the reason things still have to look at their own station, just to have a station is the same advertising user fatigue in the course of time, you can imagine yourself to others stand up pay attention to people on the right side of the immutable and frozen advertising, see go learn, the station through a small ad position adjustment, a small improvement, from 1.4% up to 6% hits and 400% higher, several times, my friend, of course, have income increased several times, only so chatting with a friend why almost flow station income difference is so big, so I wonder how to optimize advertising position and color. read more

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Google spirit

stopped you already very tired, take a look at the following text! Look at your hard earned if you deserve benefits! " Google wizard 2009" written on them ", only part-time to complete daily work, without the need to invest a lot of time.

you may start at the beginning of the day you can earn 50-80 yuan advertising costs, when you are familiar with the process every day to earn 100-150 basically no problem.

recommended reward system: when you recommend other people to join, you will be able to get an additional bonus of his daily Commission of 1/5 as a recommended reward. read more

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Absolute nsider the recent capital operation of several T sites

One day. In 2000 5 million. IDG investment, the acquisition of Chinabyte, $800 thousand dowry. 2001-2003, the Internet technology backbone to the winter pole outside to grab a single, system integration, information platform construction, the internal system being ignored, even 1-2 days can not update nobody. In 2003, York engage in gambling SMS in Chongqing, have been reported to the State Council, rectification, to earn some money, missed the best time of sms. After ZOL, PChome sold to Cnet, in 2005, Li Zhigao went to the United States several times, and finally did not talk about the price, Cnet was abandoned. It currently reached more than and 600 people, personnel of size IT the biggest website.

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Taobao shop blog marketing model

The new Taobao

shop is often the most easily overlooked by users, because of their low credibility, so at the time of search ranking is always in the back, and people are in the habit of looking for the last basic ignore (at least I do). For Taobao shop, promotion is an essential means. At present, one of the most powerful marketing methods have been found to promote the staff, that is, blog marketing.

blog marketing is aimed at a commodity, the use of this platform to promote the brand branding and operation of the promotion. Blog, different from other network platform, not only a webmaster to increase the chain, improve the site ranking platform, but also a very interactive platform. Here, let’s talk about how to use the blog to promote Taobao shop. read more

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How to make money advertising alliance three horizontal comparison

now the domestic advertising alliance buckle quantity horse dragons and fishes jumbled together, the amount of the horse, can let you rest assured that a blogger Google AdSense and Baidu, Ali mother. But to understand clearly can be used to rest assured, for our bloggers, the choice of what kind of alliance to reflect the value of our blog?

Baidu Alliance: Baidu alliance CPC divided into about 50%. Most clicks on 0.1 to $0.2. Quite a lot of style. Full 100 yuan to pay. Support bank card and post office remittance. There are some difficulties to apply for, a lot of blog applications are not available, such as Baidu auction union entertainment station. Requires Alexa ranking within 5W. General blog is not up to this standard. Personal feeling to do Baidu bid Union when Baidu included will be more friendly. read more

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Campus WeChat takeaway practice four months turnover of millions

author and his partner on campus to create a WeChat takeaway public number, from the total assets of only 900 yuan, the team set up in almost zero cost. 4 months of operation, WeChat takeaway project achieved turnover exceeded one million, more than 70 thousand copies of the results sent takeaway ordering.

talked about the night, the establishment of entrepreneurial projects

completed his studies in the school during the year August 2013, the whole year to be an internship, and all college students want to work like a long time to work for a long time. I and my friend Cao Yang (later entrepreneurial partners) began a two week delivery resume and interview cycle, until the final application to the real estate agent to sell the house. The first day of work after I returned to university after two, so long, why think of school leavers easy work by others command? We do this job one day will not go back. read more

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Thousand Taobao customers even from low key

people talk in online shopping, we are basically in the Taobao excellence and Dangdang, very few people to pay attention to in the rapid growth of the Taobao station, Ali is the rapid development of the static guide quietly Taobao customer shopping guide website. Ali shopping guide rarely media attention, it is difficult to see the difference between them in their simple appearance and other Taobao customers, then what is driving them in the rush?

simple entrepreneurial dream

today’s Internet situation is capital, money for flying situation, many startups are crazy in the capital under the drive of read more

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f you choose to be able to maximize the interests of the Alliance

        first of all, I want to say, I’m not a master, I just do some thinking about the problem, do the first station to have ideas, ideas, the money will be a lot of money!

            in Admin5, I often see some Adsense said do it hard, even some regret, actually not, is actually very easy to do, you choose this road station is right, flow have income, earn thousands of dollars each month is very easy, than to help people work much better. read more

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Blog to make money need to adhere to the progress

from high school to work hard now for 7 years, although there is no great achievement, but a little too. As long as the money and do not involve illegal, I have tried all walks of life. Pull off the truck to sell watermelon, agent brand, put off stall, do Internet cafes, selling breakfast, received mixed waste. Now listen to the uncle’s advice, concentrate on a brand. My parents are working, in the career can not give me too much help, but they have been silently support me, whether I was successful or failed. read more

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The way of life and death experience business empire

cheetah co-founder, President and CTO Xu Ming for the students to share the feelings of Israel’s trip

dark horse said: Israel, a distant and mysterious country, is also a country of entrepreneurship. In the end is what kind of strength in this barren land to produce a new civilization?

in mid May, dozens of entrepreneurs, as the founder of the "dark horse tour of Israel two period" to investigate israeli. Along the way, they gain a lot. The night before leaving Israel, cheetah co-founder, President and CTO Xu Ming summed up the Israeli trip brought him to think about entrepreneurship. Chinese entrepreneurs in the end what can learn from Israel, please see Xu Ming’s wonderful sharing. read more

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Didi founder Cheng Wei about the history of Entrepreneurship drops is to pass through

"after the idea of entrepreneurship, I consulted the people around, all people say not fly. But this is normal, this is the first venture, only to pull this off can be successful. At the beginning (2011, the driver master, the smart phone has not yet universal), everyone told me that the driver did not even have a smart phone, do not think of the idea of a taxi software……"


titanium media drops and fast, a hitherto unknown China in the history of the Internet burn war in 2014, and then again in 2015 with lightning. To outsiders, it’s like a dream. But in the process of CEO drops dimensional view, it is natural to hard work and after. read more

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Cream really pink areola ‘s health network

the areola is not actually a explicit Bimei weapon, but may let women fall into myth. Many women, in addition to a strong chest, even the areola color is also more and more requirements, many women fear the areola color is too deep, not pink and lose confidence. Then, use the cream really pink areola


positive solutions: cream like color lipstick, short effect.

cream on the market many items, demands can be white, pink areola, however, experts said the cream is actually a lipstick color as a gimmick, belongs to a kind of pigment, formula of citric acid made the pH value of about 3~4 acidity in this environment will appear colorless, when applied to the skin. Because the skin pH value of about 5~6, as an indicator of the color principle, turn red. read more

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Female self massage health network Qiaozhi mastitis women

above method is for reference only, Xiao Bian here to remind you, such as the use of the above method is invalid, please go to the hospital for treatment, so as not to delay the best treatment time, resulting in exacerbations.

experts pointed out that the available mastitis patients on the palm hypothenar or thenar focus in the swelling of the affected part, pain means gentle manipulation, hard place repeatedly rubbing pressure several times, until the mass until soft.

were sitting or supine, fully exposed chest. First in the ipsilateral breast sprinkle talcum powder or coated with a little paraffin oil, and then his hands full palm from the breast around the breast to nipple direction gently stroke 50-100. read more

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Breast hyperplasia preventive measures health network

of pregnant and lactating mammary gland function is a kind of physiological regulation, therefore, timely marriage, breastfeeding is beneficial to breast; on the contrary, over the age of 30 unmarried women (women breast-feeding or less food) is easy to suffer from breast hyperplasia.

The main measures of

hyperplasia of mammary glands is the most common breast disease in women, and its pathogenesis and pathogenesis are related to endocrine disorders and mental factors. Not too much estrogen and progesterone or lack of coordination between the two hormones, and breast tissue can lead to overly sensitive to estrogen, breast hyperplasia and subinvollution occurrence. read more

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