Laguardia: “We are taking advantages when defending”

first_imgLaguardia said that “sometimes dreams come true and I am very happy to approach numbers of legendary players such as Astudillo, Téllez, Karmona, Pablo Gómez. There are 97 games here and I am very proud. It has rained a lot since those first 3 that I played in Zaragoza. I have not had an easy career, has been full of obstacles but that has made me have a level of maturity that has given me these results. “ The central has, for example, had several operations due to rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament.On the defeat of last Saturday in Mallorcacommented that “We knew it was a very important game. Everyone is difficult and you can’t win because you impose your law. Valencia, for example, thrashed out of there. U.S We started the game well, we went to win it. They punished us for an unfair penalty and then they marked us in an isolated play. The team had moments like that opportunity from Lucas on the first play of the second half. We were hurt but now we are looking forward to Sunday. “ The Alavés is 6 points from the relegation places and, in that sense, Laguardia sentenced that “I am calm because I see a very close dressing room. I think we are where we have to be after what we are doing. The margin is within what we will need to add the 40 that can give you salvation. It is clear that we are going to suffer but the costumes are confident. “Alavés has already been called eleven penaltiesThe Alavés is being very punished with the maximum penalties. The concern is absolute with the hands within the area, most committed without voluntariness. In fact, in training, the ways of facing the rivals’ passes are already being rehearsed and, as advised, you have to defend with your hands behind. In short, unnatural postures.Of the eleven penalties that the whole of Asier Garitano has received, seven have arrived by use of arms and hands. Some, such as Manu, Magallán or Duarte in recent days have been to leave their arms loose. They have not sought the ball but the contact has existed and, with VAR or without VAR, they have ended up decreeing.Of the eleven maximum penalties, ten have been far from Mendizorroza (Mallorca, Athletic, Valencia, Granada, Barcelona, ​​Seville and two, respectively in the fields of Osasuna and Real Sociedad). The only one at home was against Betis in the first game of 2020. Pacheco has stopped seven penalties in his four years with Alavés in First Division, the last one, precisely, last Saturday.If Alavés has eleven maximum penalties against him, Mallorca has ten. The other day, also at the behest of the VAR, the Balearic team saw how they annulled a goal by Dani Rodríguez by a previous involuntary hand. Between Pizarro Gómez and Soto Grado they had a complicated Saturday morning. On the hands inside the area, he pointed out that “now it is clear that they all whistle. As I said on occasion, They are forcing all defenders to play with their hands behind and that takes away advantages when defending. But we have no other and we have to get used to the new regulation. The referees are the ones in charge but I think there is no unified criterion. We are doing specific exercises to try to correct these positions, although sometimes they are unnatural. “The weekend comes Athletic and noted that “the statistics are there and Now they are not joining in the league. We will have to do things very well to overcome them Because they are a great team. We know what a match like this means for our people and we know that the fans have it marked on the calendar. Our hobby is always with us good and bad and from the first minute we have to see our need to win. There is no desire for revenge because they beat us in the first round. We had a bad game in San Mamés. There will be times to use the head and you will also need to throw heart. “last_img read more

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