The rayista hobby, an example of solidarity that comes from afar

first_img– ADRV platform (@plataformaADRV) March 29, 2020Rhymes and stanzas that players like Ali, Luna, Trejo, Ángeles, Montiel and Alberto; ex from the Strip like Cota, Antonio and Iván Amaya, Yuma and Natalia; an icon of rayism like Michel; journalists such as Quique Peinado, Carlos Sánchez Blas and Antonio Luquero; singers such as Pulpul (Ska-P), Juankar (Boikot), Kake (Caskarrabias), TaylorChris (Afrojuice) and Fortu (Obús); the historian Juan Jiménez Mancha; the mythical utillero Isi; actors such as Víctor Sevilla and Vicente Gil; as well as dozens of fans and supporters acquaintances and loved ones in the neighborhood. Without forgetting some of the great protagonists, the nurses of the Infanta Leonor. Kas Vallekas video tribute to all the anonymous heroes who are fighting this pandemic. ⚡⚡Only the people save the peoplehttps: // The ADRV Platform has been the engine of an idea seconded by anonymous fans of Rayón and Vallecano, as well as by the Rayo and Veterans Association male and female staff. Your message of encouragement does not stop there. He has also captured it in a video. A tribute from Vallecas to all the anonymous heroes who fight against COVID-19. Well-known faces recite a poem in which we walk the corners of the neighborhood, empty, without joy, waiting for the sun to rise again after this terrible storm.There are no more children in the parks, silence rules El Bulevar, the chairs were left without portal gatherings.Uncle Pio’s lawn has not been trodden for a long time, I haven’t heard that old man talk for days, that grandparents don’t go down to buy anymore.My family, my friends, die alone and I can’t even watch them, it’s time to cry alone.Only nurses are heard to scream, Help for Health!I just want to be close to mine, to be able to go outside every day, that my grandmother goes for the bread.For the kisses and the hugs. A smile to wake up, a look to rewind.When time is past and present is no longer. And Vallecas, we will soon enjoy again!From Rayito’s goals to the Naval Battle. From the intricate sandwich to the gypsies sing. Of the statue of the Grandmother, who did not stop rocking.We have already suffered attacks and evictions we stopped. This neighborhood as always will rise again and united, we are going to stop it!The streets will resonate, the ball and the swings and the Albufera, to overflow. Sunsets in the Tits, the Estanquera de Vallekas will not be a memory.Go back to the swamps and rivers to spend the summer, beers in the bars, go for a walk.Time will have stopped, everything will be a bad dream and we will go out to celebrate it, like good Bukaneros!As Second, Let’s go out! And if someone takes my soul, let it be Saint Agnes.Because the day I die, I want to see my drawer, painted red-red, like my heart.Courage, courage and nobility. Now we have to support. Vallekas is not afraid. Vallekas is solidarity. Always at the foot of the canyonHistorically this hobby has always lent a hand in adversity. The defaults threatened the liquidation of Rayo during the last period of the Ruiz Mateos, back in 2011, which meant the sale of the club and the subsequent Bankruptcy. A stage in which the employees of the entity, some entire marriages, were not paid and were immersed in a desperate situation. Hence, the rayistas created a Row 0 to help those workers in distress.They also overturned with the one enabled by Rayo in 2014 to Carmen Martínez Ayuso, a Vallecas neighbor who was 85 at the time and was going to be evicted, and whom technician Paco Jémez has been helping to pay for his apartment for several years. Part of that collection (half, around 10,000 euros) was destined, one year later, for trying to fulfill Wilfred’s last wish, bringing his children from Nigeria. The goalkeeper died without the reunion being able to materialize, but they were able to come to say goodbye to their father.Its causes do not stop there. Since 1997 the Days Against Racism have been organized without interruption, with talks, parties and banners to try to raise awareness in society and thus end this scourge. Symbol precisely of this fight was Wilfred, one of the most beloved and representative players in the Strip. Also his hobby fought for gave a name to a sports center in the neighborhood and got it. That, apart from having his door and mosaic in the Vallecas stadium, which was his home.Two important pillars for fans are coexistence and the transmission of values, the engine of other activities such as the Race and the Rayism Days, where different activities were programmed to get to know the neighborhood and the club better. Furthermore, it is common to see that, from the bottom of Bukaneros, typhoons are displayed against gender violence, evictions … applauded and supported by the entire field. So it can be concluded that this is a combative and supportive hobby. Without a doubt, a different hobby. The fan of the Strip is supportive and, once again, has shown it with facts. Rayism, aware of the needs of the Hospitals of Vallecas in the face of this coronavirus epidemic, decided to mobilize and enable a Row 0 to acquire the necessary sanitary material for the Infanta Leonor and the Virgin of the Tower. Donations amounted to € 40,004.66 and with these funds it will also be possible to help other sectors affected by this crisis, such as shelters and homeless people who spend these days at IFEMA.last_img read more

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