The site should be how to break the traffic bottleneck

but a little competitive.

in the previous two we have analyzed our present industry users what is the dominant demand and implicit demand, following this step we can call the enemy, we analyze whether the same industry site for the user to meet the explicit demand in the content, if the same industry website has not meet the user’s explicit demand that we the website of opportunity is quite large, some general machinery industry user demand is the most dominant are not satisfied.

implicit demand starting from the industry customers’extrinsic need more to think about and extend, even with us for a more in-depth understanding of the industry, for example, we search for decoration, will find the love of Shanghai down the search box, decoration effect diagram Daquan 2013 pictures in the front row, we analysis the decoration industry the user’s explicit demand is a rigid demand for renovation renderings, but the stealth requirement is for a user needs time and integrity of the image, whether the time is the latest 2013 picture, complete aspect of user needs is a set of pictures, pictures can contain a variety of rooms, apartment layout (living room, kitchen, horizontal, etc.) when the user did not add the word corpus of the search results and did not meet the needs of the user, so the user will To add search daquan. (Figure read more

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Three step all the keywords within a day occupation of Shanghai love home

I am a novice webmaster, not what the Shanghai dragon advanced technology, only know some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, has not been previously done business website, I make a website but before the next day, all the keywords on the home page, and there are a number of index more than 300 keywords are the top three.

, must be a "good old domain", if it is a punishment, that is a tragedy, may do to do home. This is why I say the first step, in order to use more at ease, the first step we can raise their own a ranking of the domain name, and then use the time. Of course, you can also go directly to the domain name registrar to buy, with some conventional sentence > read more

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Examples of important popular word station bench thinking

: a case of enterprise station was drop right, the company difficult

the company in the market in addition to Changsha intensive and meticulous farming, Internet business, the industry has also brought a lot of acquaintances. However, to enter the Xinjiang market, because the life of sparse, business is heavily dependent on the Internet, rely on search engines. However, one day in April, the company website is down right, enjoy Shanghai traffic sources, the company suddenly disconnected.

website optimization of the enterprise stand the best professional maintenance, secondly, is the replacement station and flow sources. Otherwise, the site was K, no traffic sources have no business, the whole company will fall into the bottom of it. read more

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Bidding and optimization of medical network promotion is necessary at the same time

?Below is a

How much is a value of IP Hospital of

rarely >

I take a simple example, for example, we found the "Beijing people hospital", in Ji’nan local display results I prevail:

said the medical website optimization, most insiders may be that optimization is not necessary, so difficult to do much good, direct investment bidding. I think that some people have two things in common:

some people say do medical station optimization, buy the chain is a large sum of money every month, and do the medical station optimization is seemingly the most expensive cost of the chain, is it really read more

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Love the sea Ruili bug algorithm caused by the circle after the earthquake station unspeakable pain

Chinese reflection: the webmaster can say that 99% of all rely on search engines to eat, love Shanghai is the absolute supremacy of the search engine, for the owners to love Shanghai ban means almost destroyed, but fortunately, love is fast reaction in Shanghai, if it delayed 35 days a week, I believe most of the webmaster basically will be on the verge of collapse.


through this thing, I think all the webmaster should seriously consider how to do, in order to reduce the dependence of the search engine, if you have a good way to welcome the exchange of ideas and. read more

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Luhan reached the capital circle carrying new hope as the entertainment establishment of Qing Han f

it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the new hope group and China television entertainment, Han Qing fund behind another shareholder hidden many Luhan’s sister "". Company data show that the second largest shareholder of the Qing Han Fund – Ningbo Meishan bonded port Qing Han high source investment management partnership limited partnership hereinafter referred to as the Qing Han high source for capital operation platform of clean capital holdings, the largest shareholder of the company is the general manager of clean capital, known as the "sh419" live version the former vice president of sh419 Wang Mengqiu. read more

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Analysis of Shanghai dragon Combat graphic analysis of five large chain errors

contains the JS code of the chain code, and when we move the mouse over the link above, the lower left corner of the browser is not displayed by pointing to the web site, but a JS code. So, this is not a chain anchor text, only increasing the exposure site only, and small weight this link brings no pure text links to take effect.

four, Links module using frame framework.

three, link.

, a hyperlink containing the JS code.

most of the webmaster know search engine friendly to JS code, but there are some novice webmaster do not understand the hyperlink is how to contain JS code. Small special drawings are as follows: read more

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Hong Tao after the revision of the website how to make Shanghai Longfeng optimization

? operation!

we have contact with the site can be divided into two types: new and old web site. Today we talked about since the revision, it is certainly refers to the old site! If more fine is do not meet the conditions of the old Shanghai dragon website, must conduct revision reconstruction. Here Hongshou recommend two comparison value see article: how to make new love Shanghai fast included and the enterprise website how to do Shanghai


said the revision to the first concept, our concept of mind is to do a website, but also with the old domain name domain name. Indeed, only our revision of the conditions are: website design style does not conform to the structure of the customer, industry website does not comply with the Shanghai Phoenix, site URL is too complex with many parameters generally refers to {URL} and so on, according to the several problems, there will be one time Hongshou targeted to discuss today. We mainly talk about how to do, after the revision of the website of Shanghai dragon read more

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4 tell you good Shanghai Longfeng optimal control quality basic degree

based user experience optimization basic point.

with web page open speed said, is actually a very important point of site stability. But the site stability here, including something more broad and diverse, from another point of view. Including the server stability, the stability of the program, template stability, content update stability and link building stability.

The stability is 2 of the website,

although we can use love Shanghai statistics or webmaster tools to detect the page opening speed, but stability is not comprehensive inspection to the website. But the important point is also the site open speed stability, stability is good if the score more than 85 points in that. At present, the Internet also some test site stability of small software, but is based on the detection speed of web access. So in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the need for site stability, are the factors influencing the stability of detection. read more

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Case analysis wedding photography station how to enhance the user experience

in addition to flash on JS, CSS merger, each JS will increase the number of page rendering thus affecting the speed of opening, the flash made the station is very redundant, only home to do.

customer service annoying popups

, a streamline function to enhance the rate of

when you are a beautiful wedding attracted suddenly an advisory pop-up window is so very angry, for the website pop-up ads do not use this is likely to make you lose the customer. The right side of the site has a large customer service window and no close button, affecting the normal user browsing content. Don’t be afraid of the user can not find you, as long as the content of your website to meet his needs, he will try to contact you and not try to let others come in direct consumption. read more

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Delete one time too much Links lead to love Shanghai review

is certainly not the theme of today, due to work, have to do a lot of things in the company every day, ranking analysis website, training employees to engage in, usually not so much time to manage their own websites, just let people every day to update the next article, slightly down the chain, after work two or three month, I went to see the website, it was found that due to update less, the snapshot is much slower, ranking also dropped, then check Links, found the chain was removed around 10, and I’ve been hanging from their friends of the chain, is really a big loss. I immediately put those removed to Links to delete, and then find the people change, but because the snapshot slow down, want to change is not too easy, but the company has several new sites to do, put the website down. read more

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2012 love Shanghai changing webmaster should be how to deal with the crisis

1. new year, love Shanghai to become

don’t be dull, often with a new idea to let everyone benefit, there are always new ways to help others, do yourself rich also help others, so I believe, love of Shanghai Google search will be, regardless of envy, will give you a good valuation.

3. abide by the old rules, mining new ideas

is more than three in recent months through observation, published on A5, share with you, hope to.


away from us in a long time, a lot of people in Shanghai say no competitors will be very difficult to do better, in fact, if a developer or from the operator’s point of view, who do not want their products more perfect? Love sea change must be in the new year so far a new rule of common sense, and by the new rules to improve the user experience. Our webmaster is a product manager and operation manager, and what is the reason we do not let the user experience of the website is better, so, the webmaster can be put on a look of so-called fire hot marketing means, starting from the root, improve the user experience. It consists of the identity of the user to experience the site, on the site for further rectification. read more

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Also said that the power of Web rank inexhaustible

recently read an article title "original content is" inexhaustible power rankings, look after the benefits, but it is very good for a place mentioned in the website "Links is almost 0, only included dozens of original articles, or even less, the snapshot is not updated every day." but in Shanghai the first home firmly love wonder. The Shanghai dragon Er understand that a web site on the original light content is difficult to obtain ranking, must also have strong support the chain. That such a only by dozens of the original article baodatianxia site is how to do it? I can’t help wondering, the search engine is how to determine the original article must be good to recommend to its users? read more

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Case analysis love Shanghai how to treat a regular website

as a Shanghai Longfeng staff, we all know that the revision to the web site in the search engine on the impact, the impact of size at the website itself and the website of. We have to keep the traffic flow, only small changes. But most of the time, we have to modify the general framework of website structure. Then, we follow the principles of revision, search engine will be subject to heavy penalties. The author to share a formal site revision after heavy penalties for example:

to follow some principles of revision of our analysis: read more

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Do you recognize the road map site optimization can be considered

4, your business on

2, the relevant information must submit accurate


network map can help us find the enterprise, does it mean that it can help us to bring some traffic? Many owners think is feasible. So a few stationmaster his business address and information submitted to the map, this is an optimal feasible solution! In fact, if you carefully observe, you will find a map of the search term, general map occupied space is relatively large, a lot of information naturally pushed to second the page, the user’s eyes will be attracted to the map, so take the time to optimize the map can be oh read more

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A regular open website ranked second why love Shanghai

web site outside of the chain and collected, we can see from the chart of the site outside the chain of love Shanghai and collected is not high, so why this site to get such a high ranking? And I just look at this site, basically are not outside the chain, through the domain found the the site itself chain basically is 0, why not a chain of the website can have such a high ranking

website to open the search engine spiders to crawl? In fact, this website although the browser can’t open web page, but the server is not broken, we can access directly from the server to its two level domain name, that is to say the contents of this website although users can not see, but the search engine spiders it can crawl. This is why this site has been able to retain the position, although the website user experience is not good, but love Shanghai search engine spiders in the grab when they. read more

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Fine details of site construction site optimization


want to build a house, first everybody will think I will build a house is what look like? The house back painted drawings, and the construction site is like building a house, and the website planning relative to house construction drawings as a good site planning to site comprehensive and reasonable control. Usually the site planning mainly includes the following contents: the orientation of the website, domain name selection, site promotion website maintenance, website security and so on. Every aspect has some specific requirements. Not afraid of trouble in site planning, but also consider the problem must be comprehensive. For example, promotion of the site, many sites including the promotion way, but we must choose the corresponding location on the website promotion, this website effect can be reached. read more

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Excellent web site you should copy from the following details to design

second, a unique perspective, can cause controversy or sympathy. The news happens every day but can combine their own business with a unique perspective to write resonate or controversial words, this is our mind this hyperactivity, to combine their experience and for fresh content collection and finishing ability, so we usually read text writing counterparts, do not be afraid of boring and adhere to the practice, gradually we can make up for the short board in this regard. The controversial text is to inspire everyone to discuss a very important strategy caused by interaction, only in the interactive process to make their views or ideas to support. read more

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How to use the Sohu micro blog Tencent micro blog increased the chain for the website

Use micro-blog to bring the chain a bit speculative inside

feeling now, Shanghai dragon optimization is a long process, or pay attention to long-term optimization, strengthen the construction of the chain and content, not said the chain for the emperor king, the content of it.


fourth is the NetEase micro-blog, I registered, but also not included, micro-blog and Sina may cause the same.

is now a well-known micro-blog Sina micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, micro-blog, so if we can use these micro-blog to increase the chain to your site where the answer is yes, the micro-blog don’t like blogs that are going to support, not to publish articles, using micro-blog high weight station, bring a the chain for your website, you can check, how specific effect. read more

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How to make search engines understand your site hierarchy

from this figure, I can see that the customer or search engine will soon be able to find what they want, expressed very clearly and structure. The website structure is like a tree, see the "trunk" is home from the figure, the "branches" is the channel page, it is subdivided into branches and leaves, that is the content page, so whether browsing or love of spiders in Shanghai are clearly understand the website structure, so that the structure of the website like "tree". read more

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