Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese people’s English speaking station

, I see there are already many webmaster or ready to do English station. Here I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese people doing CJ.


is very easy to reach your goal; for Chinese, if a month income of $1 thousand, he would be smiling. For Americans, if only 1 months into the 1 thousand knife, he may not enough overhead stamp with rage, the webmaster! If a month income is $10 thousand, I think it is a reasonable income. So you just have to get 10 of an American’s income, and that’s a good income. read more

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The tiger has come 2010 grassroots webmaster can say

year plan is spring, spring has arrived, everything began to recover, but the Internet has yet to see the Spring Festival figure. Chinese lunar new year has passed, hoped that can cause the tiger a tiger with wings added, strive for further improvement, but after the network hit a kill webmaster confidence. For the grass roots station, the tiger year is just a cold winter,


in the beginning, the ministry began borrowing power to do evil ". A heavy notice let the grass roots after years of joy suddenly disappeared, "the Ministry: webmaster to IDC to take pictures to record data verification". Filing is originally very difficult thing, I do not know the efficiency of the relevant departments, or grassroots sub station does not match, in short, a website can successfully record, are quite costly. Now put forward "record site" is "nonsense", so that Heilongjiang’s webmaster to Guangdong to "live for the record"? That’s tough, read more

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What are the sales promotion skills

fitness is a lot of friends are more favorite projects, to join a fitness store, then you can get a good income. So, open fitness stores, then what are the skills to promote it? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

fitness store number of promotions. The number of sales promotion is the most common health promotion model. The number of promotions means that consumers feel more and more activities and fitness franchise, which is often able to stabilize the potential consumer groups fitness stores. This is a customer consumption after the promotion, is also very easy to use a promotion method. read more

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The new station is the most important mentality not instant profit

the most new friends contact Wangzhuan is occasionally see a seductive ads, in curiosity and desire, and gradually entered the ranks of wangzhuan. From the initial registration of money, and so on the hook to make money toil working now station profit, it is because before the pull the head of a series of toil live and not let yourself how much income, so many new friends will look to the station on time, a high return heart is urgent can not settle down, a patient pursuit of benefits.

new friends are usually found some simple construction course, with a short time to set up the site, everywhere crazy to collect information on advertising to brush flow, the flow of software, brush advertising and so on, but it can not help but come to a K end, even spend the station do not earn fees come back, some people also complained that the website profit prohibitively difficult. I can say that is over, these psychological behavior, these have also completely on my body showed no doubt, is not difficult to profit even more station, station may be prohibitively difficult, the key lies in their mentality, new friends just set foot in this field should be quiet station, to the station, should not take profit the word first, holding a taste to make money attitude to the construction of a site, then you will never be able to build a successful site. It is because the patient, so you will not follow the prescribed order by station, officially because of wealth eager, so you never go too observant of conventional standards. enrich their site content, only to a collection, or copy and paste, not to streamline the original or false original things, popular point is not only of things, even if more information, resources in many, this site is just a garbage station, is at best a good point of the garbage station, unable to get rid of the fate of read more

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Taobao zern off contest broadcast fightback on the end of the first month of the game

jointly organized by CEEN and Admin5 zern stationmaster net "2011 zern · world famous shoes Taobao customers to promote competition at the end of the screams in the first game the month! It is the week Yi overlord, week surprises, monthly award competition in the monthly tournament second day countdown is shaking reversal of


staged the "miracle" is Taobao guest "luffi520", he in September 20th to take 9 single, a record single day turnover record! At the same time with a week 11 pen will score this week won the final hegemony, it is beyond the last week, a total score of the top two of the "Yu Qingping 2" "Taobao and VIP media alliance", with the monthly king! Mankind has been unable to stop Taobao zern guest promotion competition climax read more

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To do electricity providers to succeed we must do 5 core elements

in recent years, e-commerce has been rapid development, many ground brands to see others playing e-commerce seems to make money, so also joined the ranks. And some young people doing well in their work, hoping to start their own businesses, but also "sea" into the electricity supplier in the market. But the fact is, many people put a lot of money to burn, but did not get the desired result, a loss is inevitable, so they think that e-commerce is bluff, in fact the main reason is that its not in-depth understanding, positioning is not clear, the lack of good team work, is certainly can not be successful. I do a little more than a year with their own experience and share with you, I hope that users have some reference value. read more

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Exchange new station keyword positioning and mining

we decided to do a website, the first thing to consider is the site location, then according to the position to set the keyword of the website keywords; it is divided into two categories, the core keyword is the target keywords and long tail keywords; we locate a web site to identify the core keywords theme to highlight the core keywords; the website, web page layout as a keyword, usually choose the most frequently used words for some users. The long tail keyword is the keyword that users search for all the keyword except the target keyword. read more

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Liu Huanbin square dance teaching network case of inspiration for SEO

seovip and Baidu SEO recently Guide founder Liu Huanbin on the site to share a square dance teaching network SEO case, this is a successful case of SEO, just six months to put this square dance popular keywords do Baidu third, the first is Baidu video. So it can be said is ranked second in the short term, to do this effect is very powerful, so here is Xiao Jun by some inspiration about the SEO case to do SEO for our simple analysis.

square dance teaching network SEO basic situation (click to see the big picture) read more

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Anhui cultural network Webmaster personal charity website difficult road

September 8, 2007 is the name of the domain name registration of Anhui culture network. Now, I even can’t remember when the domain name registration situation, it is difficult to say the original registration of the establishment of such a site plans in this domain, perhaps also a may be prompted by a sudden impulse, a stimulus, but look at this year’s road, there are many hard feelings.

in retrospect, the time spent in Anhui is more than that of any other site in the When people say, Anhui cultural network after more than a year of trial operation, officially launched, this cycle is long, and the process in the middle can be said to be extremely difficult. read more

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A5 website transaction Download Station special event 9 21 is about to open

celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, welcome national day, A5 webmaster network, website trading "Download Station special activities" 9.21 is about to open, the current recruitment registration in

As long as you have the

download station wants to sell, whether it is software download, download, games, pictures, novels, movies or material document download station, as long as the quality is good the price is, we can be submitted to the registration. Free to promote your website (do not show web site, retain privacy) read more

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How profitable is the classified information website

this is the article that younger brother saw before, write well, transfer to everybody. Made some changes,


, the content of

over the past two years, has been concerned about the classification of information at home and abroad related sites, and our classification of information stations, after nearly 1 years of planning and development, has also been on-line operation.

, this article. Just these two years summed up some of the classification site experience, experience and thinking and share with you webmaster. More hope to communicate with peers, learning, my contact information and website address will be published at the bottom of the article. read more

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A good website must not ignore the user’s online habits

, here are a few examples. Take qqmail first, and the integration of QQ chat software, to a large extent subvert the Internet users used to Email habits. Just in the top left corner of QQ, you can easily open the QQ mailbox, coupled with the qqmail itself simple and easy to use and powerful functions, whether it is office, entertainment or learning have brought great convenience. This innovation is worth learning, its excellent user experience design and has a strong technical support for QQ and Foxmail users, qqmail’s market share in the rapid growth, and has Gmail and 163 NetEase become e-mail the three most commonly used. QQmail’s success is largely due to the capture of the user’s online habits, which is an important factor in the user experience. Most of the Internet users in the country online career is owned by a QQ start, the first thing to do online every day is landing QQ, look at space, keep QQ pets, play QQ games…… I believe most of the sites are familiar, this has become China’s Internet surfing habits, and the Tencent is to take a fancy to this, will be integrated into the email chat software and grab a market share of Email. read more

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How to use the forum to effectively build the chain

"content is king, the chain for the emperor" this sentence, I believe you are familiar with the webmaster. This gives our website construction put forward a development train of thought, that is excellent website must be content and the chain, two hands, two hands hard. Because the content is the soul of the website, the website has no soul value of what is said, surely, are difficult to arouse the interest of Internet users, but what about the profit point. Of course, if you have content, but do not know how to sell, no traffic, the content becomes meaningless. Some may say is not afraid of deep alley, but deep, estimated you in the competition in the team go forward with great strength and vigour were eliminated imperceptibly. So, if you want your site has long been active in this change rapidly in the network world, you must do two things: one is to do the content, valuable content, a viewpoint is given, leads to an idea, popular point is the site to have the goods; the two is on display at present, thousands on thousands of websites, silence is not broke, it must die in silence, to understand marketing. And the way that website popularizes at present, basically have blog promotion, Forum promotion, mail promotion, IM software promotion and competitive bidding rank and so on. Due to limited personal ability, I will focus on how to use the effective construction of the chain of the forum theme from the perspective of process starting, operation, and to share some of their own experiences, such as the wrong wrong, hope you heroes pointed out: read more

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t’s really not easy to stand up

is engaged in the Internet industry for several years, but there has never been a want to do stand ideas, recently may be headed now, want to do the webmaster impulse to idea idea, do you want to quickly, well, so I decided to make a stand, but now the site is in is too much, not enough to really don’t know what the site is good, think or want to provide a truly free online watch movie website for everyone, every day the movie network

find Marx’s website program, bought a 3G space to begin my journey to do station, installation page design are relatively easy to complete, the rest of the things is to enrich the content inside, to do every friends will love here, come here to watch movies, so use a lot of time to design the web pages and content, can finally come to an end, because these are almost done, but there are still a big problem in me, that is Baidu included, because I know that Baidu spiders love the original things, so I put all the contents inside the site have been modified or added, hoping to let Baidu spider more love to come here to play, I collected more than page and the content of. read more

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nvestment in small business opportunities can not be missed

less investment venture projects currently see no more, no more does not mean that there is no visible, they are all being touted, but to truly find low cost venture projects are not so easy! Not the money, skill, good luck to succeed in business, you can also, daily life there are a lot of opportunities to make money! 20 low cost venture projects will make you eye-opening, wonderful not to be missed!

read more

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Alumni record and classmate record program evaluation

graduated from the University, find some students in the online book program, do a good frame exchanges between students, I remember my first classmates with CC program frame, very good, the series is very complex, it is not easy to understand, in fact, the program is not a lot of classmates, but basically is ASP the version of PHP, JSP,.NET basically no, why there is such a situation, I guess is not money, after all, is the public nature of the classmates, and traffic is also limited to students, not like the forum, community, classification of information, so SNS can find business profits, the following is my collect classmates program, add read more

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Confused confused growth of grassroots webmaster

, an accidental opportunity has made me contact the network construction site, from beginning to now nearly two months. I used to know how to click on the web, play online games, watch movies, listen to music.

it was my most confused days, side had given me a greeting, a few days on holiday, what specific time holiday is not clear, although the first home in the year under the condition of the financial crisis, the holiday in advance what it means, and in the project department (I work in construction units) has spread too, first off is likely the company will you quit, chilling ah read more

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ndustry websites are surging auto articles

is a car enthusiast, often removed from the car Web Forum, there are often some friends ask what I want to buy a car to the site, where the full price information, what website popular forum is fire.

A lot of

now the car website also very miscellaneous, many riders, users want the Internet to find some information you need, don’t know where to go, so today I open a car website literacy stick, hope to be able to help those who just bought a car, ready to buy a car or a friend.

portal news consulting read more

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How to keep the quality of the content and retain high quality users

Internet is a massive information, the Internet every day how much information? It is difficult to find the exact answer, but you can be sure that the amount of information on the Internet every day is enormous, mega level, the degree of unimaginable. The Internet has already been fully integrated into all aspects of society, various functions and convenience businesses, government departments, organizations, individuals have been fully accepted and rely on the Internet, using the Internet to provide. read more

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Diffuse fox website long station and optimization process detailed

first said the results: domain name before the search engine K, in the collection of this I spent a lot of time, and now Baidu natural ranking is higher. The word "constellation query" is now being optimized and is currently ranked more than 80. Some people say that with regional words to optimize, do this line of people should be clear.

now start from the site, the first to determine the style of the site, and then design a good map of the site, before making the site to determine the target keyword. I mainly optimize Baidu, in the Baidu index check the key words, constellation query. Then, in the process of making web sites, key words are nested in a reasonable location. I have been working in the Internet company for 2 years, and I have my own set of procedures, so it is faster to build a website. For better optimization, home page with DIV+CSS do, afraid of trouble inside pages with Table do. The advantage of using DIV+CSS is that the website opens faster, has less nested, and has less code redundancy, which is beneficial to spider crawling. (PS: if you don’t know how to use DIV+CSS, you can contact me and provide a simple program for you. As long as you understand HTML language, you will see it.). read more

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