Benkirane to Education Minister I Am the One the King Appointed

Rabat – Benkirane took his Education Minister Rachiad Belmokhtar by surprise on Tuesday when he told him that he should focus rather on less controversial issues and work to fix the issues that teachers and educational professionals call for.“Forget your project of teaching science subjects in French and focus on the moralization of the sector. It’s me the one that His Majesty the King appointed Head of Government, if the king wanted to appoint Belmokhtar, he would have done so. He knows you before me,” Benkirane said before the upper chamber of the parliament on Tuesday.To the bemusement of the Minister of Education, Benkirane made the decision live on TV to put on hold Belmokhtar’s controversial decision to use French as medium of teaching science subjects in Moroccan high schools. Benkirane went on to say that he sent a letter to the Education Minister and asked him to put that measure on hold, adding that he was not aware of it.The decision to adopt French in teaching science subjects, which was adopted last month, created an uproar across Morocco with education professionals labeling it “an anticipated move,” that did not take into account the multiples calls made by other members of the government to make English the language of instruction of these subjects.Earlier this year, Benkirane stated that English should become the primary language of education in Morocco because “it is the language of today’s science, technology and commerce.”

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