PUBG Mobile Lite features we really hope to see in PUBG Mobiles

first_img This has to be the coolest PUBG Mobile trick, EVER!!! PUBG Mobile Lite was recently launched to attract the masses owning a low-end smartphone. The lighter version of the most popular battle royale mobile title eliminates the need to have a premium, high-end smartphone to get onboard the craze PUBG Mobile has built since its launch.PUBG Mobile Lite developers have thought through the idea behind it, bringing each and every feature tailored to deliver optimum gaming experience. We tested PUBG Mobile Lite and it seemed fine but needs further improvements in terms of lags and some glitches. The gameplay aspect seems to be more favourable than the build itself, but there are going to be updates in the future to fix those errors.During our PUBG Mobile Lite review, we noticed some new features exclusive to this particular version and other features that we had briefly seen in select PUBG Mobile games. Now, we hope that Tencent considers bringing some of its PUBG Mobile Lite features to PUBG Mobile, which can benefit more users who have been playing the game for quite some time now.Riverside rampCamping on bridges is one of the common practices in PUBG Mobile, but there are culverts in the game to allow players to cross a river. While this is helpful, players can alternatively swim to cross to avoid any sniper who would be watching the culvert. But what we saw in PUBG Mobile Lite really had us thinking why this feature can’t come to PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile Lite riverside rampIBTimes India/Sami Khan screenshotPUBG Mobile Lite has a riverside ramp that can be used to cross a river in James Bond’s style. Throttle your vehicle and go over the ramp to land on the other side of the river to give opponents an element of surprise. We really hope to see this in PUBG Mobile as it can be used to a better strategy and ambush the enemy without losing your vehicle.RPG missile launcherPUBG Mobile Lite adds a new weapon to the airdrop weapon arsenal. An RPG missile launcher is incredibly cool to carry and highly destructive in short range. We’ve seen the RPG in PUBG Mobile x Resident Evil 2 crossover event to eliminate hoards of zombies, but we never heard of it in other maps. PUBG Mobile Lite RPG launcherIBTimes India/Sami KhanOur sincere hope is that PUBG Mobile gets RPG as a rare item found only in airdrops in addition to the weapons like M249, AWM, Groza and others.Health while on the moveFor so long, PUBG Mobile players have cribbed and complained about not being able to take health while on the move. Being stationary is mandatory to boost the health level, but it puts the player in a comprising situation if the sniper has marked you. In PUBG Mobile Lite, players can take health while on the move, which is something we wish gets introduced in the original PUBG Mobile. This can save lives and give a harder time for enemies to take you out. This works both ways, so don’t get too stressed out when your target is moving out of range while boosting health. PUBG Mobile Lite goes live in IndiaPlay StoreExtended time to killFinally, PUBG Mobile Lite makes it hard to kill an enemy. It’s not a glitch, but it is by design to “enhance players survivability during firefights and encouraging aggressive play.” We don’t entirely wish for this feature to be seen in the original game, but it wouldn’t hurt to be immune to shots while we inspect its origin. Most times, headshots take you out before you realize where it came from. A warning in the form of extended time to kill can be a nice addition.Tencent Games hasn’t promised or hinted to bring these features to PUBG Mobile, but it is merely our hope to enhance the gameplay. Closelast_img

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