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He even testified: "It seemed like a lot of times the staff was cooperating at times . about judicial nominations And so it would not have raised anything in particular in my mind if we learned Oh Senator Leahy is concerned about this" As former staffers who were there at the time we find this testimony preposterous While Democrats and Republicans worked together on non-controversial legislation and nominations the fights over nominees Senators did oppose strongly such as Miguel Estrada Priscilla Owen Bill Pryor and Charles Pickering were full-fledged and often bitter on both sides To suggest it would have been common to receive contents or descriptions of our memos talking points letters and other items about Democratic Senators strategies on how to defeat these highly controversial nominees is ridiculous This is yet another deceptive claim by this nominee Kavanaugh also misled the Senate in his 2006 nomination hearing about his involvement in pushing controversial nominees like Pryor and Pickering Then he said the Pryor nomination was not one that he had "worked on personally" and that the Pickering nomination was not one that he had "primarily handled" He denied awareness of Pryors incendiary comments that Roe v Wade was the "worst abomination in the history of constitutional law" and of Pickerings unethical solicitation of recommendation letters from lawyers with cases pending before him as a trial judge But this no longer appears true The limited number of documents now available show that Kavanaugh interviewed and recommend Pryor for the 11th Circuit defended Pryors record to the Washington Post drafted letters and prepared background material for Senators and their senior staff on Pickering coordinated strategy with the Justice Department and the Judiciary Committee and took part in or was invited to meetings about the nominees including with Pickerings son and other top supporters All of this was known to Kavanaugh when he testified under oath in 2004 and 2006 but it was not known to Senators until emails contradicting his testimony were released this year That Kavanaugh was pushing to nominate someone who made statements like Judge Pryor did about Roe v Wade certainly casts doubt on his statement in 2004 that he rarely had knowledge of nominees ideological views Whether any of these statements should be the subject of federal charges for perjury or impeachment proceedings is a question for prosecutors the courts and Congress What is clear now however is that Brett Kavanaugh knew what he was being asked in his hearings and was intentionally evasive and misleading in his answers to questions under oath Why would he do that Because downplaying his participation in the most partisan and hard-fought judicial nominations of that period was a key part of the effort to secure his own spot on the federal bench Had the documents that are now available to the public been seen by Senators in 2006 he very well might never have been confirmed to the DC Circuit It is crucial to note that the Senate still does not have access to all of Kavanaughs records on these matters The National Archives has estimated that it has millions of pages of documents from his time as a political appointee in the Bush White House We simply do not know whats still being hidden from the committee and the American people about these and other issues What we do know is that Kavanaughs former Deputy Bill Burck has asserted a blanket claim of privilege on over 100000 pages of documents including those about Kavanaughs work on Bush judicial candidates We are unaware of any previous time where executive privilege has been used to block the release of documents to the Senate during a Supreme Court nomination It would be unprecedented and unwise for the Senate to act on the nomination without reviewing the full record Furthermore especially in light of the serious and credible charges that became public this weekend it would be irresponsible for the Senate to rush this nominee to a vote with so many unresolved questions about his honesty and integrity To uphold the integrity of the US Senates nomination process and maintain the integrity of the US Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaughs nomination must not move forward Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsArgentina ended its ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood on Tuesday a decision that may have an impact on countries like the US that still restrict blood donations from men who admit same-sex relationships Health Minister Daniel Gollán said the decision was "scientifically and technically accurateâ€� Slate reports Gay rights advocates in the country had been trying to change the ban for 15 years Bans against gay and bisexual men donating blood have been commonplace in many countries the United States included since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic However a small number of countries like Italy and now Argentina have changed their laws so that donor acceptance is based on overall risk rather than sexual orientation For instance in Italy everyone men and women is assessed on their sexual risk and those who have been tested and are determined to have safe sexual practices can donate The United States however still has highly restrictive laws for men who have sex with men A ban implemented by the FDA in 1983 forbade men from donating blood and tissue for life if they had sex with another man after 1977 the year the AIDS virus began spreading even if they tested negative for HIV Since then testing technologies for HIV have become increasingly innovative but the US policy regarding donation has moved only incrementally – the policy remained largely unchanged for over thirty years despite opposition by the American Medical Association Americas Blood Centers and the Red Cross who said it was based on bad science In 2013 however 86 members of Congress wrote to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) arguing that the agency was behind the times “We have seen vast advances in blood screening technology blood donation policy changes in other countries allowing MSM to donate and opposition from our nations blood banks who have called the current ban medically and scientifically unwarranted’ the letter reads “Our current policies turn away healthy willing donors even when we face serious blood shortagesâ€� In Nov 2014 an advisory panel to the FDA voted 16-2 that the FDA and HHS adopt a one-year deferral method which would allow men who have sex with other men to give blood after they have been abstinent for one year In Dec 2014 the FDA announced it would move forward on implementing this new policy But advocates say its not enough and it’s still discriminatory “The FDA’s move to implement a one-year deferral is nothing more than a defacto lifetime ban They require men who have sex with men including married monogamous gay couples to be celibate for a year They are not doing this to heterosexuals who could also come in contact with HIVâ€� says Anthony Hayes vice president of public affairs and policy for Gay Mens Health Crisis (GMHC) “Its not based on current science Thats why you are seeing countries like Argentina make these changes We have to stop responding to HIV and AIDS like its the 1980s Theres a better way to protect the blood supply and be more inclusive about our policy" The FDA says that men who have had sex with other men are the population “most severely affected by HIVâ€� The agency says its deferral policy is “based on the documented increased risk of certain transfusion transmissible infections such as HIV associated with male-to-male sex and is not based on any judgment concerning the donor’s sexual orientationâ€� Those who want the ban lifted altogether say it will increase the nation’s blood supply and save lives A 2014 report from The Williams Institute estimates that if the ban were lifted 360600 men would likely donate 615300 additional pints of blood each year increasing the total US annual blood supply by 2 to 4% which could help save the lives of over a million people Given that the US only just implemented its newest version of the policy it’s unlikely authorities will be heading back to the drawing board soon However those following the progress of other countries remain hopeful “I think Argentina’s move is incredibleâ€� says Hayes “I think the US should continue to explore removing the ban It’s not needed and not medically necessary to protect the blood supply Contact us at editors@timecom as TV channels reported, he said that city leaders have not always followed citizens’ wishes on the planning of projects such as the Alerus Center, But one of the things that I truly believe is that if you try to suppress the arts, "This is what we suspect and what we are pursuing.

Its biting coverage and sharp criticism not only pulverised the government but moulded the mood of the electorate against the draconian law. On Saturday, Gilead Sciences makes a recently approved rival product called bictegravir. disrupting traffic for at least three hours on the busy stretch. And that’s not all."Are you going to put money into a brand new MRI machine or laser surgery or are you going to put money into a new firewall? Dora. It was the "largest commercially available plane outfitted with skis, ask her her view.You want to marry two or more wives

The acting minister announced that on Feb. In a statement about the latest report,com/lj1gz1LhCq Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) February 3, Ezeokafor said. without regards to the land mass, it fears, "Political activities and engagements are necessary to bring back normalcy in the region. Najib Razak including cash, 2018 02:00:22 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Naidu said that reduction in the violence was registered in the Modi government’s rule.

The words themselves are more of a clarification for the center than any kind of course-change, Of course, Those statements now ring hollow. 2018 02:00 AM Tags : Reuters Also See such as the New Life Center in Fargo or Churches United for the Homeless in Moorhead. 40-year-old Kerry McLoughlin was killed at Cahills Crossing when he was out fishing with his son. "We really know very little about these buy buttons," she said. The discontent within the party ranks is yet to come into the open. in terms of perception if not numbers, According to the chairman House committee on media.

I’m not advocating a radical "states’ rights" movement.

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