Lu Cong the Shanghai dragon industry vertical development

industry has been in China through several years, from the initial development to cover local progress now, more practitioners and even entrepreneurs to enter the industry. No doubt in the next 2-3 years, Shanghai dragon will enter a peak period of prosperity. Of course, as did the industry reshuffle, then the estimate is not a pure Shanghai dragon, derived from the things now, who do not know. When it is certain that Shanghai dragon gradually vertical industry development. Today I will talk about the Shanghai dragon industry development should be vertical.

change is a pain is a happy process, the pain is must go through a change in industry stage, happiness is an industry has a new vitality and development. Here I will talk about how the ER method of Shanghai dragon slowly to a "professional" Shanghai dragon er. The first step, choose a traditional industry (of course, the industry must be of interest, interest is the best teacher) the second step: the understanding of the industry, familiar with this industry related. The third step, of course is the best of all the Shanghai dragon analysis of this industry, looking for the industry and the Shanghai dragon proper fit. On the transformation of some people may ask, Shanghai dragon industry can be applied to various industries, why must focus on one industry.

Shanghai industry of Shanghai dragon dragon


Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon industry


today’s Shanghai dragon industry has been showing a thriving situation. Enter this industry from countless prospectors knew. The author in a previous "Lu Cong: Shanghai dragon ER development trends" was mentioned in several states of Shanghai Longfeng Er now from the speech of Robin Li. Obviously, now a lot of Shanghai dragon Er are SOHO family, slowly evolved into the team, since entering the traditional enterprises as Shanghai Longfeng positions. So now is the three state of Shanghai dragon industry. For those who do not say Shanghai dragon training. We may wish to analyze under the three states to survive. The SOHO family is the most common form, with their site development or Shanghai Longfeng orders to survive. This problem the only way is Shanghai dragon orders not how to do? The Shanghai dragon team is a good solution to the problems of individual SOHO, a good solution to the orders of the problem, which is of course network. But the lack of team Shanghai dragon is more cohesive team. It is I think one of the most reasonable way, of course is the Shanghai dragon industry to industry pioneer of the Shanghai dragon. Pay attention to an industry of the Shanghai dragon is the real development.

first to explain the vertical development of industry, the author according to their own understanding to explain the vertical development of Shanghai dragon industry, is attached to the reality of Shanghai Longfeng industries, and gradually put into Shanghai Shanghai dragon industry industry is also varied by the dragon, Shanghai dragon, to focus on one industry in Shanghai Dragon.

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