How profitable is the classified information website

this is the article that younger brother saw before, write well, transfer to everybody. Made some changes,


, the content of

over the past two years, has been concerned about the classification of information at home and abroad related sites, and our classification of information stations, after nearly 1 years of planning and development, has also been on-line operation.

, this article. Just these two years summed up some of the classification site experience, experience and thinking and share with you webmaster. More hope to communicate with peers, learning, my contact information and website address will be published at the bottom of the article. read more

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Webmaster friends, is your space garbage

but I mediocre customers without what is already 2 years, didn’t stand, many ideas have become obsolete, to keep up with the rhythm now, but I found that taking more and more IDC companies, and the basic price is very cheap.

said 1G, 1G double line, IIS, CPU traffic, giving 100-200M database and so on, many are not limited, and the price is in the majority of 50-200 yuan.

the couple is very ideal, cheap space, fewer restrictions, more free, but you thought of the quality, some configuration or restrictions about the same, why more than 400 yuan or 300 yuan per 1G? N M? This is not going away. You see? read more

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Investment in the three major advantages of subway tea

do not know if you have any impression on the subway milk tea shop, pay attention to the small series, but said in the subway next to the open which a tea shop, but the subway brand tea shop. You don’t know if you look carefully at the Xiaobian introduce! The Liuzhou underground railway Catering Management Company Limited is located in Guangxi, Liuzhou, Hongkong province by Carle. Mr. Xie was formally incorporated in 2007, specializing in leisure catering management chain, Guangxi is the first franchise chain. To January 2016 has opened 169 stores in nearly 2200 cities in the country’s 28 provinces, but also with many of the world’s top 500 food companies to establish a long-term strategic partnership. read more

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How to open an early childhood center how to join

now with many parents believe that children need to win at the starting line, so there are a lot of related early education programs began to appear, in the society, there are many investors have begun to invest look to the early education market.

how to start or join a development center? How to center the prospect? Over the years, early education is more and more Chinese government and the importance of family, family expenses for child’s early education and rapid growth, to 2015   early education industry consumption is expected to break through 50 billion, the golden age into rapid development "". However, the potential of the early development of the market so far has only developed less than 20%. read more

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Quan Ren announced that celebrity attention is a beautiful thing

entertainment side of the venture while the stars are everywhere, able to do the best investment when the boss may be only Quan Ren. Recently, Quan Ren announced her retirement to focus on investment, is also a must rely on talent can eat on his handsome life!

3 17, actor Quan Ren published a long micro-blog announced yet, focusing on venture capital, said that this is a thought for a long time decision. Micro-blog, he shared the reporter Wang Yanqing article "Quan Ren: his attention is a beautiful thing", which describes his experience and make the idea of Quan Ren. read more

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School side of the shop to make money what small projects for your secret

school next to the shop to make money, whether it is delicious or fun can be. The student’s spending power is limited, so the need for market research, which is more likely to make money?


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Children’s toy stores to improve the quality of shopping guide is very important

a lot of times, people see the opportunity of a certain industry, but really wait until their own shop, but because of business problems can not lead to profitability. Open children’s toy store, you need to pay attention to what business problems, we look at the small series together.

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SSX ‘巴塔哥尼亚’拖车命运Beta七月来临





SSX发布在PlayStation 3和Xbox 360于2月28日在北美洲和3月2日在欧洲。




此前表示,测试将在今年夏天开始,而PlayStation 4和PlayStation 3的业主将获得第一。


来源:CVG read more

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What are the tricks of customer retention

is a very important point for any store management. However, now all walks of life are very fierce competition, the shops are competing for customers, so if you want to retain customers, naturally also need to master a certain tricks. So, what are the tricks to retain customers?

attract old customers at the same time, be sure to keep them at a reasonable price, warm service. The price is reasonable, we are required to strengthen the investigation, especially to strengthen the investigation of the commodity prices in the neighboring shops. The same kind of goods, when the old customers to buy, must not be higher than the price of other retail stores, if necessary, can give some small gifts to show our sincerity to the old customers. Of course, the cigarette must be in accordance with the provisions of the tobacco companies, blatantly sales. read more

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The choice of business to join Bo Yang Textile – baby what are the advantages of whole

with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we gradually improve the quality of life needs. Home life gradually by the attention of consumers, of course, the textile industry is also gradually began to rise. Bo baby home textile? Not only has a very high popularity, but also joined the treasure baby home textile projects, or a very strong brand to join the good project!

join Bo treasure baby home textile?

rapid access to the market: and Bo’s brand, image, can be accepted by the market and consumers in the shortest possible time. Unique brand and product differentiation, improve competitive advantage. read more

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Xining held a contract campaign

during the May Day holiday, sponsored by the provincial forestry department, the Provincial Wildlife Protection Association of Qinghai province thirty-first "contract" promotional activities held in Xining, promotional activities will end on May 12th.

it is reported that since 1981 to carry out the contract, the province’s forestry system and all levels of the wildlife conservation society in support of the community participation, adhere to the annual contract organization activities, every year to determine a theme of propaganda in the form loved by the masses, will focus on publicity and propaganda usually combine, focusing on the promotion of national the wild animal protection laws and regulations, the popularization of scientific knowledge of wild animal protection. read more

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Electronic regulation help food safety

In July 31st, the provincial food and Drug Administration held a provincial food service food safety non on-site electronic supervision teleconference, deployment of the province (nurseries) school canteens, catering service units to carry out food safety supervision work of all electronic field. The food service food safety non on-site electronic supervision will be the first in the province’s colleges and universities canteen and medium-sized catering service units to carry out, gradually extended to small and medium-sized catering service units, the province’s food service food safety electronic supervision work to do, do, do strong, do make a feature, a bright spot. read more

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Internet services market competition to promote technological innovation

      the rapid development of the Internet, making Internet service products: domain name, virtual host and other basic products demand. There is competition in the market, facing the huge market of Internet services, service providers who have from technology to accelerate innovation to enhance the competitiveness of VDNS, the global version of the launch, domain name query system added recommendation function and other special services continue to emerge.

      according to the latest release of DCCI Internet data center, Chinese Internet users have reached 162 million, an annual growth rate of up to 30%. And the first half of 2007, China’s Internet users Internet consumption of 161 billion 811 million yuan in total, is expected in the second half of the figure will reach $202 billion 303 million, more than 05 years of Internet consumption scale. The rapid development of the Internet, making Internet service products: domain name, virtual host and other basic product demand. There is competition in the market, facing the huge market of Internet services, service providers who have from technology to accelerate innovation to enhance the competitiveness of VDNS, the global version of the launch, domain name query system added recommendation function and other special services continue to emerge. read more

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