Adsense network broadcast the end of the era of pirated film and television giant profits Baidu mill

1 pirated film and television giant era of the end of the flow has been significantly devalued  

with mid April pornography, net net 2014 action intensified, the mood is insecure by Nora event was re placed in the eye of the public owners groups spread.

on the station pornographic content cleanup become including small station and numerous advertising the most important task in the near future, and in the following Nora Baidu video also announced to stop the video on demand and download services, Nora had parasites in the huge chain of small video piracy site before the scene was also overshadowed. read more

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A5 webmaster network twenty-fourth phase SEO combat training to accept registration

webmaster webmaster friends in the industry training and support, has been successfully held 23, stationmaster net twenty-fourth SEO training content compared to the previous contents of more detailed content through the web site optimization techniques from the shallower to the deeper, with case analysis, suitable for all kinds of web learning. A5 training is the training channel stationmaster net’s, mainly for the majority of owners to provide SEO training and other network marketing training and website operation training, training a total of more than 400 SEO students, by students from the 23 SEO training class enrollment is hot. read more

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A video of the temptation to promote awareness of the network hype

network need to hype, hype can often make the site traffic soared. Let the rise of website development to a new level of new level
to a recent scandal, Zhang Yu announced the video to yoqoo traffic every day more than one million. Under
The read more

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A8 music for Internet publishing license to engage in Internet audio-visual publishing


technology news April 10th afternoon news, A8 music has been announced today, the State Press and Publication Administration (original GAPP) issued the "Internet publishing license", thus becoming the first in the field of China digital music company to obtain this qualification.

A8 music board chairman and CEO Liu Xiaosong said, "the Internet publishing license" means that the A8 will be able to obtain music independent publishing electronic and audio-visual publications, and the publication of audiovisual works entities in the Internet and mobile phone on the electronic version. This will benefit more than 30 thousand creators on the platform, while more and more outstanding works will be published. read more

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Trojan group wreak havoc on 3 million computers

latest Flash vulnerabilities are being used by tens of thousands of Trojan horse, a large-scale attack on the computer. Yesterday, the security company rising red (a) issued an emergency security alert said, "Trojan group" virus by using the latest Flash exploits computer users, and guide the tens of thousands of kinds of Trojan virus attacks on computer poisoning. According to the monitoring and measurement, there are more than 3 million Taiwan computer by "Trojan group" attacks, poisoning the computer will be closed, the antivirus software system time be modified, deleted, common procedures and QQ online games online banking account password theft and other symptoms. read more

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Pinterest history four years of ups and downs of sword

review: May 3rd Beijing time news, business insider website (BusinessInsider) recently wrote about a picture of social networking sites Pinterest rise of history. The article points out that Pinterest was founded four years, experienced the failure of the product, the last overnight fame.

summary of the full text is as follows:

‘s most popular small start-up is the photo collection site Pinterest, which has been loved by millions of American women.

How hot it

? When Facebook in April 9th to $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, technology blog AllThingsD reporter Peter Kavka (PeterKafka) micro Bo said, so Pinterest is now worth $5 billion?? $10 billion? His colleague Cara Swisher (KaraSwisher) responded well, big numbers. There is also a voice that Pinterest will become the next Facebook. read more

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Liu Qiangdong made the wedding dress for

this morning to see Liu Qiangdong micro-blog, I think the relevant departments for the interview, how Liu Qiangdong began to pay homage to Suning? Then look back only to find that the original is the war before the enemy. Previously, all boast Jingdong micro-blog do good marketing, but the real micro-blog marketing than is Liu Qiang East accidentally do the wedding dress for

does not discuss the final winner of this price war who, just look at the price war propaganda. Liu Qiangdong declared to by micro-blog and Jingdong against, the price war has become the protagonist, the focus of media attention. After’s popularity and Jingdong mall compared to may be slightly worse, but after challenge the Jingdong,’s brand has obvious compared with Jingdong. After consumers mentioned Jingdong, will think of, the Jingdong is no longer the lowest price of the online shopping business, consumers can choose Only know before the Jingdong, did not know the consumers also fully understand the Jingdong is a tough challenge,’s brand in the minds of consumers status rose. Big mention McDonald’s think of KFC, mention Coca-Cola think pepsi. If inadvertently helped establish a brand image, this may be hundreds of millions of advertising is not for publicity, needs to thank Liu Qiang east the willow. read more

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That sort of violence related to replace Shentong outlets responsible

November 12, 2012, Jiangsu, Nantong, the company’s employees busy distribution, delivery of express mail. Figure /CFP

Beijing News (reporter Su Manli) in January 4th after the media exposure to violence sorting, Shanghai postal authority interviewed the Shanghai STO company. STO vice president Jin Renchun yesterday in an interview with Beijing News reporter also for the first time to respond to the matter. He said that part of the network of the existence of violence sorting, exposure of the Beijing sub branch official has been replaced. read more

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World factory lead free e-commerce platform for the new era

recently, in a new round of market boom, dating platform’s success in the United States market, attracted the domestic dating sites Jiayuan listed vision. According to the plan, the company has listed in the United States in May 11th, but the first day that fell 4.36%, prospects, dare not break on.

and networking platform is different, dating service object is an individual, but the electronic commerce platform service object is a large part of the enterprise, but have one thing in common, since the same platform is for the third party service website, there will be free of charge and the area, whether e-commerce platform should charge free? Such as Alibaba, HC, Chinese manufacturing network and other well-known platform is the ranks of the charges, they have the e-commerce platform to do very fine, very fine, if we want to imitate their mode of development, is unlikely to be successful? In this case, the world factory decided to create a brave e-commerce platform for new initiatives for free. read more

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Chinese Internet users only 10% of the world’s leading mobile payment refused

August 1st news, recently, PayPal distributed in 15 countries around the world on the 15000 users of money, time, technology and other related topics to investigate the feelings. The survey results show that most users around the world have that technology will drive change, all things will become more convenient and fast, China Unicom will also, giving users more options and opportunities for development.

open online shopping attitude

learned billion state power network, more than 72% of respondents believe that the charm of online shopping is to a large extent it can be removed from the long waiting time for people to bring in the store consumption. In addition, let the bank card stuffed with cash, coins and coins completely invisible, but also to attract people to shop online and choose an important reason for online payment. read more

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Sources said the domestic mobile electricity supplier trading treasure will receive $200 million inv


technology news March 14th afternoon message, according to the investment community, the domestic mobile Wuxi Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the sale of treasure") recently obtained a new round of investment, the investment amount of more than $200 million, investors including the Tencent, MTK and Sequoia Capital, the specific financing details unknown. Sina Technology at the time confirmed the trading treasure each other, not to say yes or no. read more

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The import business sub-health under the mode of tax package can go how long

"tax package", "import tax refunded", "milk for your tax package, good goods are not afraid of maternal and child tax", "beauty package bonded a special" distinctive slogan as businesses in the face of Xu in guest throws the slogan. From the April 8th import tax has officially landed more than half a month, the "positive list" and "supplementary list" have landed. Hugo in April 11th and April 25th two compared to the cross-border electronic business platform, many businesses have begun to gradually reduce the tax activities, even canceled before the "tax package" promotion. "Package tax", "tax return" follow-up weakness. read more

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Agricultural electricity supplier the upcoming venture outlet

recently, agricultural electricity providers an acre of land for "data too the United States accused of fraud and other news, frequently brought to public opinion in the teeth of the storm. There are reports that thousands of national electricity supplier of agricultural products, 95% losses, which led to the society of agricultural electricity providers doubts. However, the major Internet giants and listed companies have vied for the trade of agricultural products entrance. In the days before the Beijing News held for Chinese hit off (ID:xjbmaker) activities, many investors and entrepreneurs also believe that the trade of agricultural products will become the following books, clothing, 3C of the fourth round of the electricity supplier boom. Agricultural electricity providers in the eve of the outbreak, will become the next venture outlet. read more

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Li Guoqing said Dangdang mobile client orders accounted for 30%

CEO Li Guoqing recently revealed mobile data terminal, wireless traffic continued to rise in June, the hottest shoes flash purchase, APP orders accounted for more than 30% new high.

Li Guoqing said, for online shopping users, good goods, low prices and service improvement is very important. At the same time, he also said that the phone Dangdang version of APP has been on the line, the wireless experience can not be a moment of revolution.

contrast June B2C electricity supplier’s mobile terminal orders data, Dangdang mobile terminal sales accounted for 30%, accounting for orders accounted for more than Jingdong during the 6.18. said mobile terminal growth on the one hand due to the increase promotional efforts fanquan, on the other hand due to the simplified shopping and payment process. read more

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The Jingdong line store Go to the countryside to pull the user

November 20th, Jingdong group, the country’s first electricity to help Jingdong service store in Hebei, Zhaoxian County officially opened, local consumers will take the lead in the experience of the first mile of Jingdong electricity service. The next 3 years, "the Jingdong for service shop" will be rolled out in the District, to more than 1000, and strive to eliminate the urban and rural household appliances price discrimination, do the same price, so that people in the village and town people enjoy the same consumer services. "Jingdong to help service shop" mode, is the practice of "national e-commerce in rural areas" and the Jingdong channel sink an important measure, the two strategies to Jingdong, we can electric logistics speed in four ~ six line of the city, so that more consumers to enjoy the Jingdong "fast delivery, the whole process of installation and maintenance of high quality shopping experience". read more

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Foreign CPA 4 years how to share my monthly income of million dollars

Hello everyone I am little, 07 years in September to join the foreign Wangzhuan has been nearly four years of time, the recent global global forum found a little domestic domestic Wangzhuan project a lot of money most of dragons and fishes jumbled together, including opportunistic components, small today is intended to fit for everyone to talk can make you a monthly income of $20000 or even a thousand knives foreign Wangzhuan lead.

on some foreign Wangzhuan friends may not know much, you can go to some foreign Wangzhuan forum, can also go to little Wangzhuan blog: learning, boats will regularly publish the latest foreign CPA tutorial. read more

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Linktech increase the Commission to 22% dream bazaar!!!

  dream bazaar; improve the percentage of commission + double rebate!!

The following is

Members receive commissions: 8%× /

* < 50 thousand Union website monthly sales: Sales of more than 100 thousand

Members receive commissions: 9.5%× /

. The monthly sales of more than 100 thousand union website:

Members receive commissions: 11%× /

read more

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The content of entrepreneurship, prosperity and expansion of start-up enterprises around the left af

"Internet plus", "mobile terminal fragmentation"…… The rapid spread and the occurrence of random at any time and place, determines the prosperity and expansion of our times.

too many small teams who emerge, too many entrepreneurs create too many different signs and counter attack, and all this behind the brilliant, also had a lot of ants, rolling die on the road of entrepreneurs, who can not find the value orientation of the business.

wave will settle down to Sentosa, nature is "high quality". read more

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Some people bet on him as the next Ma, these 90 CEO burst out!

Yu Jiawen, Chen Anni, Ma Jiajia, Zhang Tianyi these are recently this year by the media attention several 90 entrepreneurs, has also been known to all. Recently, the founder of the gift said Wen Chenghui, there are investors hit $30 million, bet he will become the next Ma Yun, how do you see?

1 –

Wencheng Fai said gift

investors hit $30 million bet I was 90 Ma

why do you want to invest in me? "When I asked my investors, he replied:" my city Hui, we think you may become 90 Ma, we are willing to bet you, accompany you to walk together! " read more

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Every woman wearing a bra should not exceed 12 hours female health network

(Editor: Teng Betty internship editor: Jiang Rong

the right bra can protect the breast, avoid excessive breast sagging, the beauty of women in the display in the contrast effect, if not the right bra will bring pain to the body. Therefore, female friends must pay attention to when choosing a bra, moderate size, wear should not be too tight or too narrow, and we should pay attention to the regular activities of upper limb, shoulder straps in position. Do not wear a bra when sleeping, not to go out at home or do not meet the guests, you can also consider the use of less, so you can lift or ease its restraint on the chest. read more

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