Analysis of why QQ space marketing will be very fire

we are saying every hour and moment of network marketing, especially the rapid development of mobile Internet, so that everyone is talking about the spirit of the Internet, but the Internet is the spirit of what have to say, you will give one or two examples on the Internet for expert talk. Perhaps this is the mentality of the people follow suit. Do not ask me, I do not know, I will only do my own good job in the network marketing.

2014, for many people is unusual, for another part is unusual. That is, WeChat marketing fire, micro business fire, since the media fire, you may not have the fire is it, a joke. read more

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The breakdown of the glory of the year of network promotion taboo

this article said that the network promotion, mainly for the promotion of e-commerce sites, other types of website promotion is not within the scope of the discussion. Today, more and more e-commerce sites, many traditional companies want to share a cup of tea, I do not know the water is very deep, accidentally, it may drown, such a precedent is not in the minority. From time to time to hear a traditional enterprises involved in e-commerce, such as going to come up with a few million on the accuracy of messages and not hearsay, I don’t know, but every few days, always in Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other major portals or Phoenix video website to see some well-known e-commerce platform to start a large-scale advertising so, I had to sigh the rich traditional enterprise, just over a period of time, you can find these e-commerce sites do not know when it has disappeared, just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum gradually forgotten. The most representative of the specific electronic business platform: read more

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Yunnan Internet Alliance provides free space for the owners of the Union

      Yunnan Internet Alliance Information Technology Co. Ltd. Kunming translated Description: British knight for the Yunnan internet affiliate offers free double server space service.

      Internet Alliance in Yunnan since this time, the industry has been widely supported by people, has now become the Internet industry in Yunnan to discuss the comprehensive exchange of technical support in one organization. The group members are the industry elite occupation, in order to better development, contribute more to growth and development of Yunnan Internet business, and to all sectors in a person of noble aspirations to provide a self entrepreneurial opportunity, after the league with the Kunming Yingtenai company reached an agreement by the sponsor to provide free support for some members of the server. read more

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Ethics in network marketing

would like to write an article about this title. Written in Yahoo and Microsoft before the post has already mentioned a point. Recently, is relatively easy to find time to write more, then write blog, and I practise my own mouth. Molar fee. Ha ha

with the improvement of people’s living standards, the quality of life is undergoing tremendous changes. The network has become an essential part of daily life, which has become more and more close to the masses. I remember a few years ago could make the Internet addiction raise a Babel of criticism of that said, now is basically settled like silence, silent! Really quit addiction it? In fact. read more

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The cross-border electricity supplier melee black five service stagger beware trap

26 is Thanksgiving, the United States based black Friday shopping Carnival officially kicked off on the 27 day. In China, the major cross-border electricity supplier has played in full swing. The author found that the current domestic electricity supplier Operation Sea Amoy mode and ways, for consumers, through which sea Amoy business shopping, how to choose the way of freight, it may directly determine the consumer experience or even genuine goods.

"black five" the unprecedented preferential business emerge in an endless stream of read more

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CNNIC began to investigate individual owners

China Station Road reported on 1 CNNIC2 for the beginning of individual stationmaster investigation, Chinese Station Road founder in the telephone survey found each other to accept each other, first is to find the domain name, the domain name and identity verification, and then find the phone.

The other said:

survey time is 10 minutes, there are 100 seats at the same time the investigation of them every day, like a survey of the estimated 400 webmaster every day.

The main content of

investigation is several aspects. Are: domain name registration time, the time to open the site, the type of site, the site belongs to the region. The website operation mode, the number of team management website, website etc.. Some will choose the other optional answer for you, you can choose. read more

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Micro business, looks very beautiful one thousand people are at a loss

(data diagram)

investment risk has the means of money one thousand people have a loss of

text / reporter Huang Jiangjie

micro business, sounds strange, in fact, I am not far away from you. All those in WeChat, QQ space Shuabing selling skin care products, mouthwash slobber, is actually a derivative. You just start to feel very disgusted, anxious to shield people, but in the course of time eager to finally become a fixture. Micro business is like every day in your ear of the TV ads, you will always think of it when you draw a wallet. In the city of Dongguan factory of the world, nature also occupy a large number of micro business. read more

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Third party payment battle staged Internet Financial Prelude opened

in 2012 the scale of China’s third party online payment of about 3 trillion and 660 billion over the past 7 years, the average annual growth rate of up to 111%, the current number of users using the Internet to pay up to 220 million. With the further application of the online payment industry in 2012, growth has dropped to 66%; in addition the industry structure is relatively curing, Alipay with the advantages of electronic business platform to occupy 49% market share; caifutong business model similar to Alipay, the market share of about 20%; China UnionPay system mainly depends on the advantage of the market share of 9%; the other third party payment institutions is relatively marginalized, mainly take the professional road segment. read more

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The 1212 section the reputation of Alipay made investment to support 1 billion yuan to buy buy buy

Alipay and word-of-mouth platform with hundreds of thousands of businesses, the joint investment of more than 1 billion yuan, including cash discounts, coupons and discount items, set off line consumption binge."


technology news December 3rd morning news, today, Alipay and word-of-mouth disclosed the latest preparations and double play to 12 this year. Allegedly, there will be more than 30 million lines of businesses, the more than and 200 city and Australia, Asia and Hong Kong and Taiwan and other 12 countries and regions to participate in "Twelve activities. read more

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Bainiaozhaofeng non moral kidnapping mall public network is not blowing out the quality

read "bainiaozhaofeng" audience probably won’t be online heat "film producer Fang" moral kidnapping "rumors of a misunderstanding, a counter attack at the box office, not just kneel move to turn the tide? A young audience watching the film said:" in the present foreign films compete for the attention of the movie market. "Bainiaozhaofeng" like a stream of people that nourish a blundering heart." Of course, there are also many audience full of praise for the rich in the movie culture. Xiao Bian think, the box office counter attack, on the one hand from the audience to the dead Chinese fourth generation leader Wu Tianming honor and respect, on the other hand due to the film’s story is really exciting, in the entertainment era, a lifetime of faithful inheritance of folk art elite quality. read more

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How to look at a station with no future

we often encounter two types of stations, always can not have an accurate choice.

a station is rich, that is, one can see through his profit model, the more the greater the profits.

is not a very good profit model, but it can be seen at a glance, it has a strong audience.

for example, we have an example:

a person, want to do a creative trading platform, at present, the network is the lack of such a trading platform, because a platform which can maximize the protection of the interests of the creative people to buy, if a platform can guarantee a point, that is to invest 10 thousand yuan, can let a person day income 300 yuan, as long as there is the credibility of the platform, the whole Chinese may have hundreds of millions of people to invest in this project, because the revenue figures have exceeded their current income level, so the market is huge, we through such an analysis, can be analyzed, this project is promising, because it the profit pattern is clear, advertising fees charged by volume, as long as the transaction have income, so more and more money. read more

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What will you do with your circle of friends in 2015

in 2014 after a series of purchasing, micro shop and other information under the bombing, we have long been aesthetic fatigue, in 2015 you will also be embarrassed to delete and retain these so-called friends do?

if the brush out of the circle of friends in the sun or return, the buyers figure advertisement, feel shy, directly pull the black. Have to say, last year a lot of small sellers, the development of online and offline, there are some stay-at-home mom really got the first pot of gold, but there are also many sellers directly disappeared, if this year is not to make a change would die on the beach. So what do you do in 2015, read more

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Taobao modified evaluation system no longer have the default

original title: Taobao modify evaluation system: the default evaluation no longer praise

often go to Taobao shopping will find that, if the automatic confirmation of receipt, the specified time does not comment, the system will default praise.

today, someone broke the news that Taobao has quietly changed the commodity evaluation system, if there is no active comments, will display the user did not fill in the evaluation "," evaluation will no longer display party fails to make timely evaluation, the system default ". read more

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The new international network Honey friends at 17 pm today suspended

everybody webmaster good:

honey advertising in advertising the main adjusting today at 17 PM suspended. The ad code will automatically switch to the six space registration.

Union address:

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 read more

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How to make money online to increase customer trust and improve product sales

we all know, the sales network, making money online reputation is a key factor in sales, business that is humane, how to increase customer loyalty, increase product sales, in order to solve this problem, and Duo Wangzhuan home and guest network marketing and communicate with you


, a beautiful site training

for on site to ask the people, the website is to leave them for the first time the training plan for an impression, but the official template does not have its own design style website, for the customer trust is very difficult to improve. read more

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Discuz! 2013 Internet entrepreneurs conference wonderful business inventory

by Discuz!, spray Network hosted the 2013 China Internet entrepreneurs (webmaster) conference May 11th held in Beijing International Convention Center, the theme of the conference is to embrace the mobile Internet, there are a total of 4000 from all over the country owners, entrepreneurs attended the meeting.

map for the venue panorama.

The annual meeting by

Discuz! Zhang Xiang vice president of planning and hosting, invited Tencent Inc senior executive vice president Tang Daosheng, the founder Lei Jun millet and DCCI data center founder Hu Yanping, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan, CEO Fu Sheng, Jinshan network open platform Tencent general manager Lin Songtao, Tencent life electricity supplier division general Manager Dai Zhikang, CEO Wang Feng, LineKong search CEO Chen Pei, to view the investment partner Wang Huai, Kai Ying network CEO Wang Yue and other heavyweights attended IT, common employment sector and the owners are most concerned about the Internet business, mobile Internet and other hot topics in-depth discussion and wonderful keynote speeches and published views. Reporter selected a number of important guests of the business quotations finishing. read more

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Baby Babyhuddle social set up the stage singing business community

Babyhuddle uses a social + electricity supplier model


of the parent for many young people, what to buy baby supplies which do not have much experience, because most of them can not start, and baby supplies online retailer Babyhuddle aimed at the target population, offers an online community of young parents.

in Babyhuddle, many young parents will be listed on the list of baby supplies, equipment evaluation, and answer other people’s questions, so that the "new parents" be targeted when shopping. read more

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Get up in the morning to say something new sites do not make money

a lot of friends have just joined the ranks of the individual stand, do a web site would like to immediately turn it into money, this mood we can understand, but it is not desirable.

there are several reasons, one is the new general little traffic, dozens of real IP, or even less, the lower the traffic means less likely to click ads, or even advertising, resulting in some advertising position advertising revenue was 0.

two is an excessive advertising will seriously affect the user experience, in the long run is not conducive to the accumulation of users and the gradual improvement of traffic. Especially in the pop-up ads on the site, if you place a large number of pop-up windows, for example, each page has a pop-up window, it will seriously affect the PV value of the site, which can be proved in a short period of time. read more

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Desk negative female breast health health network

long to sit in the office, especially to deal with computer white-collar women, may not know, desk work, "bent" in front of the computer, to keep a breast’s "strong" is very unfavorable.

long sitting office breasts easy to collapse

experts pointed out that often use computer desk work, women, their most common posture is bent at the desk, in front of the computer, keep a chest posture for a long time, it not only looks beautiful, but also a long time, not only affect the shape of breast, breast pain, will feel tingling. read more

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