Electronic business platform turned on the incubator Tmall over 50 companies to start PO program


squirrel, the United States, starry, Liebo, South Korea and other brands of commercial enterprises are listed to.

source: Vision China

when the electronic business platform into a listed company incubator look like? Perhaps Alibaba can answer this question.

April 26th, Tmall group’s Alibaba announced the establishment of the platform to help businesses listed office ", to build bridges between help businesses on the platform with the brokerage, exchange and other already listed or to be listed business enterprise brand. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 50 companies on the Tmall platform has started IPO plans. read more

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Taobao blacklist formally launched

January 9th at 4:34 in the afternoon, Taobao officially announced the micro-blog Zhang Yu Yu Yan, who had collected opinions of sellers in mid June officially launched the blacklist function! This function in the ECRM system by adding the label "forbidden to buy" in the form of the corresponding management of the buyer! At the same time, said ECRM has fully free


In fact,

as early as last June, Zhang Yu, vice president of Alibaba in micro-blog on whether the seller blacklist function need to seek the views of users, most sellers expressed support for the opening of the blacklist function, also hope that the seller can view the buyer credit record function. read more

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How to develop B2B e commerce based on Township

in recent years, the development of electronic commerce Chinese very fast, online shopping, group purchase website, web sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain overnight out, while the B2B website is developing rapidly, comprehensive, industry vertical, the number increasing, but most of the sites are focus on the city this one, many sites in each big city have set up a branch, then launched a fierce competition between these companies, we are making every trick to pull customers to their own website, but in this intense scene, another part of the people to see a new market, it is the township of B2B electronic commerce. read more

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Analysis of the causes of the failure of traditional clothing enterprises E commerce

2010 is a year of vigorous development of e-commerce, iResearch consulting 2009~2010 China clothing online shopping Research Report shows that the dress has become the first category of online shopping products. In VANCL, Taobao and other online shopping platform driven by traditional clothing brands began to have net".

the next question is: how to build e-commerce team? How to coordinate the impact of online price system of channel price system under the line? The cost of e-commerce is not low, how money is "the most cost-effective way? In what mode into e-commerce? Etc. a series of problems such as the traditional enterprise boss broke our brains, which makes the traditional corporate bosses lack of confidence, will inevitably lead to electronic commerce road failure, this paper mainly analyzes the e-commerce business failures due to the traditional road. read more

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Group purchase website Gilt 250 million sold the shareholding employees losing option

Gilt: luxury sale

The old Canada

retail chain Hudson’s Bay in the beginning of this month, has been with the United States flash purchase group purchase website Gilt reached $250 million acquisition agreement, the acquisition process is expected to continue until February 1st. The move is considered to be an important step in the transformation of traditional retailers to the Internet electricity supplier.

Hudson’s Bay was founded in 1670, the first to open retail stores only in Toronto Canada, after decades of development, business across Canada also opened in Germany and the United States have a retail store, there are a number of retail brands, such as Lord Taylor and Saks Fifth & chains Avenue. read more

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Eric 5 years old on startups are not starved to death death


Sun Tong

Vintage where the customer for this company for 5 years, the ups and downs of the biggest reflection, is a business enterprise need to continue to pursue their own heart, can not change in the external environment lose their direction.

in September, where the staff of each department will finally summary office moved to noble mansion. The old package under the East building almost a whole building, "before the operation, technology and other many parts were scattered in various parts of Beijing, the most important thing now is that we can finally be together." Chen said. read more

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From 1 thousand months to Wangzhuan rookie investment to earn 3 thousand

webmaster friends are good, this time I tell you about 1 thousand months to earn their own investment from the experience of the past 3 thousand, I hope you can learn from my experience to learn something, here is very grateful to everyone. I am a senior student, in 2010 May began to contact in the A5 webmaster Wangzhuan, accidentally see online Taobao customers can earn tens of thousands, was not believe, he inspected a Taobao, found off really can make money, so they are going to try a fourth time, anyway, a lot. You can take the time to start a. read more

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A successful entrepreneur must have 5 modes of thinking

(Translation: hunting cloud network reported on November 4th green cable Canada)

entrepreneurs are a unique crowd. When most people dream of leaving the business, a handful of people really do. Entrepreneurial life looks glamorous, actually full of pressure, challenges, and even setbacks.

on the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur who has some common characteristics. Successful entrepreneurs thinking often means not conservative, but out of the restrictions and fetters to form their own new ideas; means to overcome the fear of the unknown, because become entrepreneurs, it means with unknown peers. read more

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Analysis on the profit of personal cosmetics electronic commerce

many webmaster think now traffic more and more difficult to do, union, GG, SP…… The price is getting lower and lower, has been depressed in the site of the problem of profit (except the master). A few years ago, had a network of professionals pointed out: the website or the best way of future earnings is the network entity (object) and combination; second, now the electronic commerce in China are rising quickly, do not you see Taobao seller number, some sellers profit rich phenomenon? Don’t you see professional B2C after spring bamboo shoots is based on the network? Don’t you see more and more traditional companies began to take cities and seize territory on the Internet? Do we have for personal webmaster, technology and promote the advantages of the There is nothing comparable to this which is the cornerstone of the network, survival, and power drive powerful, and the advantages of traditional enterprises is only goods and their distribution network entity, does not have the ability to fight with the owners on the internet. So, personally think and believe, as long as the owners have the right supply channels with their own advantages, will be available on the Internet in the earnings of the road opened a world of their own. This will be easy to jump out of the flow – looking for conversion – low income vicious circle. read more

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To explore and meet the real needs of your users

Come out for nearly a year, most of the station area is love story, often go to the seniors to do stand experience, learned a lot of things, very recently to write website related things, but did not make their own website, but I think no matter what, in fact, inherent truth are similar, so I want to have some thoughts on some of their own experience of doing business on their own, do stand the most important is to consider the needs of users. This article is to do a formal operation of the station, not to talk about how to make money to do garbage station, how to do SEO, etc., a lot of good articles in this area behind the times

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Summer network to find a part time note

summer vacation, of course, is very happy, can play everywhere, you can play games, but many students are like me, love the summer when looking for a part-time job to do in the summer vacation, one can earn money, increase income, on the other hand can also add a little social experience, prepare for the future, stepped into the society after all, with great differences in school society, a little early to adapt to the society, is always good.


brothers junior year, freshman, sophomore summer was spent at many part-time jobs in the holiday, feel very substantial, every two months of vacation time, always have an income of one thousand or two thousand yuan, very happy. It is a bit of experience, I would like to share with you, you can help find a part-time summer students less detours, make more money: read more

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Sheriff black hat taught you to do foreign Wangzhuan lead a monthly income of 30 thousand is very ea

Hello, I am black hat sheriff, in the Internet work has been more than 4 years, from the beginning to now can be said to go is very difficult, from the first three months of hard earned 10 knife is able to lead his team to do CPS, CPC, cpa. to achieve the annual income of 100

, originally I don’t do lead, but recently the apprentice received repeated requests about lead, and in July 1st, I will be in my blog, my students bright to do 5 days of receipt, absolutely everyone can more than 100 knives, welcome to my blog. Next read more

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From watercress to know almost literature slow company is the time to make a transition

Abstract: micro-blog, WeChat and even now the popular broadcast platform, there is a reward function, one can create a good article, the author of the video, has not only want to get the harvest and satisfaction in spirit, they should also get money from content creation.

this is from the beginning of bad people make fun of young artists.

from the beginning of the decline of watercress, all passengers are back, there are micro envelope off, the entire Internet is full of businessmen mercenary and vulgar. read more

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The study found that high fat diet increases the risk of breast cancer type specific female he

A new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute ( The

) suggests that high fat intake is associated with a high risk of certain types of breast cancer.

Italy Milan National Cancer Research Center, the researchers reported in the paper, the last century in 70s, people have put forward the risk high fat intake and breast cancer link between, but after the relevant research conclusions are in conflict with each other. Now, according to the estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 expression, breast cancer is divided into several subtypes, each subtype has a group of risk factors, they suspect it resulted in inconsistencies in the previous research results. read more

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