nternet financial hit Zero Commission forced brokerage transformation

Internet financial hit: Zero Commission forced brokerage transformation

when the Internet will reach into the securities industry, immediately to the ecology of the whole industry has brought tremendous changes in turn the world upside down. With the introduction of the State Securities Commission treasure as the sign, the securities brokerage business to rely on "a secure job" is the material basis of life was completely broken. In fact, not only the brokerage business, known as the crown in the financial sector – brokerage investment banking business will also be the impact of the internet. This period, the hot topic of the transition period of the report, will be in-depth analysis of the impact of the Internet on the securities industry, and cooperation with the State Securities and Tencent as a case, the interpretation of the two industry for the first time behind the more motives. read more

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Donkey mother Mickey network re financing business enterprise capital without fear of cold

A bleak

in the "old" business enterprise layoffs to survive, there is still a "starry night time for examinations" generation electricity providers to obtain their capital blood transfusion. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter, last week, donkey mother, Mickey network announced that have been completed or are carrying out the financing plan, and good music to buy, where to network, network transaction service providers will IPO 5173 items on the agenda.

Sequoia Capital haunt read more

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Wangzhuan based series three who really make Wangzhuan money

Network Entrepreneurship and money can not be separated, otherwise no one will venture in the network.

on who to make money in the end of this problem, we analyze one by one.

1, domestic and foreign union.

talked about the alliance, involving the three party. Advertisers, alliances, website owners. Between the three parties.

advertisers to provide products to advertising alliance business application promotion — the main site is webmaster alliance platform for advertising code hanging on their own station or blog. Three parties are paid in accordance with the registration, registration or sales. read more

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Gome online molested Tmall two 11 to do the best

October 31st news, according to Jingdong and Tmall’s "double eleven" trademark war yesterday, Gome online also issued a statement, said the double eleven belongs to all Internet users, is the common opportunity of the major electricity supplier, should not be the monopoly by who.

"trademark ownership, market without borders. Double 11 belong to all Internet users, but also the major electricity providers to serve the common opportunities of users, should not be able to monopolize. ’11’ does not belong to the United States online, but the United States will be the best online in two to do 11." Gome online wrote in a statement. read more

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Handle network May performance statistics difference of 80 million 68 million or 150 million

group purchase navigation site 800 days ago released in May this year, the "China group purchase report" on the basis of this report, the market leader, after the group purchase lashou encounter "Waterloo", sales shrunk dramatically, fell to 68 million 180 thousand yuan, the "market first" position is meituan replaced. However, in accordance with the handle network CEO Wu Bo’s statement, handle net sales in May was 150 million yuan. Between 68 million 180 thousand and $150 million more than doubled, in the end is what causes the data have such a big difference? read more

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Garnett is a liar King

first announced the liar’s URL http://www.playbo.cn/

"University – high IQ network talent incubatorThese three words are the high IQ

let him lost

the daily income of $100 to free Wangzhuan training projects as bait to cheat in his group began to talk you

what is GDI? I know a little bit of a MLM http://www.playbo.cn/viewthread.php? Tid=115& extra=page%3D1

you can watch it. Http://www.goodny.ws/ called GDI.

just rely on this thing on the one thousand of a person you are not a liar liar read more

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CNNC fatal security vulnerabilities hackers can hijack nternet users note CN domain name

signed "hooliganism Ma" hacker message despise CNNIC"

NetEase Francisco April 16th news NetEase received users to provide information technology, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) server was hacked, signed "Ma" hacker message despise CNNIC rogue behavior ", science and technology NetEase noticed this is" Ma "after ASUS, Oriental bodyguard within 10 days of the invasion third web sites.

Internet security sources of NetEase technology said that the invasion of CNNIC by the server there should be some security vulnerabilities, hackers can CNNIC "hooliganism", to express their dissatisfaction with the intrusion. See also did not cause substantial harm to the great CNNIC from the current situation, it is estimated that the hacker will leave a "back door" in the invasion of the server, to provide a channel for re invasion and CNNIC server is likely to have been hackers complete control. If CNNIC can’t find and fill the loopholes, once the intruders launched a massive attack, the CNNIC server may face the risk of failure. read more

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Automotive electricity supplier young upgrade Chery and Jingdong pat Guangzhou auto show strategy

annual Guangzhou International Auto Show on November 20th officially opened the curtain. Different from the past, in the present tide of Internet is the subversion of all trends, especially this year eleven is not a small electric car detonated Car Buying climax, reflected with the Internet thinking of the marketing activities in this show is more obvious. On the day of the launch conference, Chery reached a strategic cooperation with Jingdong pat, exploration of mobile social vehicle model to carry out comprehensive cooperation based on, Chery became the first real attempt mobile car brand. read more

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Niu Wenwen domestic entrepreneurs should be good at using the power around

July 13th news (intern reporter Yu Weiwei) sponsored by the "entrepreneurs" magazine competition the dark horse in the summer, "entrepreneurs" magazine, Niu Wenwen said that the economic winter is the entrepreneur in the spring, the China market has been the emergence of entrepreneurial services, so entrepreneurs should make good use of side force.

Niu Wenwen believes that at this stage there have been Chinese entrepreneurial services, including all services for entrepreneurs in the form of industry formats, such as VC, angel investors, Venture Park, schools, training institutions, business incubators, pay attention to the media, this is five years ago China market do not have. Therefore, when the economic capital into the winter, entrepreneurs should make better use of these forces. read more

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Network entity can also earn 300 yuan per day

do Wangzhuan friends may have the same feeling with me, and now want to earn money on the Internet too * * hard, and I was the kind of technology not technology, to experience inexperienced, global ten hours online every day, even the electricity will not be able to earn. Look at the Internet overwhelming day to earn N yuan tutorial, I also did not spend less, but buy a hand is nonsense. Do not say buy Wangzhuan tutorial is full of crooks, now I understand, they sold out all the rest of the hands to play, also teach you, not 35 years training experience, vision Wangzhuan experience is hard to do, you know, the market did not. Making money online is always the best thing for you. I think now I can make 300 yuan a day, is to find a suitable for my development channels, the experience and share with you. OK, get to the point. read more

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The new leading role of marketing alliance the only media strong debut

      Internet Alliance industry after several years of development, so that we are no longer unfamiliar with the concept of the effect of marketing. CPL (according to the guide to sign up to pay), or CPS (according to the sales effect to pay), or, is a form of effect marketing advertising.

      the only media company (http://www.weiyi.com) was founded in March 2007 by the network marketing industry veteran who is committed to the design and promotion of online advertising and traditional media advertising. The only media company focused on the network media department of online advertising planning and promotion, including the promotion of specific forms: read more

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The 19 year old entrepreneur latent AOL two months eat for free

Eric · in order to start a business in, AOL lurking in February.

every night, Simmons sleeps on the couch.

              Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on May 25th, a 19 year old Chicago young entrepreneurs who participated in the AOL K12 incubator project, still in the company of "latent" for two months, enjoy free food and drink fitness, as well as a variety of office facilities.

the name of Eric · (Eric Simons) entrepreneurs to participate in the AOL K12 business incubator project. After the project, the other participants have left, and Simmons chose to stay". The K12 project will get a card, but after the end of the project, Simmons found that the cards can continue to use, and completely live in the headquarters of AOL, the reason is: "I can’t afford to live in other places, can only rely on the AOL headquarters." read more

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Online advertising click fraud when Hugh

if asked about the profit model of Internet companies, as long as the Internet a little understanding of the people can give the answer, that is – online advertising. However, for their own interests, the network advertisement click fraud like every corner of a black spread to the internet. Reports from the media is more disturbing, network advertisement click fraud has become a black chain, voices can be heard without end advertisers: "Internet advertising click fraud when Hugh

?" read more

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First of all to create wealth and then get the value of the nternet from the laggards 3

1 and before the release of the 2, I was on the basis of these two articles outdated

can find these records in Google

ado. The laggards are the webmaster, I am not, and I like the title, I just came to see.-_-b.


(here at a digression, in principle, to control the downstream is the most say, P & G can not afford to offend WAL-MART, as we can’t afford to offend the search engine. -_-b)

in view traffic before, you should consider whether there is valuable content on your site first, whether it can provide a valuable service. Any station will have their own original, the original is their core value. For example, http://www.blueidea.com blue ideal, we should know that the classic forum posts, almost every can be searched in the Google (static is not included in the mandatory requirements of the engine). The success of their site is due to the collection of a large number of experts in the industry, have their own members are very good original. Of course, you can also take the memory of Intel CPU, Samsung, ASUS, Kingston display board assembly of their PC sales, which make the case difference, at least there is a case to be original. Even if you only buy second-hand machine, at least you should learn the assembly. The content of the site copy others put their own advertising, may be able to earn money, but you always do a little. Intel CEO in the global annual meeting you hide in small talk with eloquence, broken inside the shop with greasy hands and display. The station owners say site culture where you can harvest day in and day out. read more

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The domain name investment projects in Wangzhuan

this morning we tell about Wangzhuan tricks in that some can make money on the Internet loopholes, but is also very easy to make the rich project.

domain name investment is divided into the following categories:

a class of large enterprises English writing or pinyin.

This kind of

is very difficult to find, we can focus on some new enterprises, timely register their domain names, but now, now we are beginning to pay attention to the protection of their own brands, so generally in time to market or development, will be registered in advance down your own domain name, this is the past when one of the main means of domain name speculation, for example we can search our city domain, basically by foreign people registered. read more

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Wangzhuan tell take the time to waste time physical Wangzhuan Wangzhuan analysis

network is better than the bond market, bond market and money without money or 28, and the network to make money and no money is simply a disproportionate share of money less than 0.1% 5, do not make money accounted for ninety-nine percent of the 5, because ninety-nine percent of the people are staying at the click, hook, mail and so on do not make money in the industry, only a handful of people rushed out of the magic circle, and ultimately to the success of wangzhuan.

is now on the search engine to search, manual Wangzhuan have accounted for more than ninety percent, the most influential is nothing more than a few clicks, investigation, mail, coding and so on the site, do not enter these can do Wangzhuan novice, novice is always from the project to start up. The influence of free website, not by higher person is hard work, doing manual work to make money, says bluntly, do this with the reality in the dishwasher, the waiter does not have what difference, this is not the most valuable, not hard, but few money. There are too many people left on the network, as long as there is no one who will be on the Internet now, when the surplus labor is too much time, these physical activities of the exploitation of a layer, you can earn how much, 1 months to earn 100 you are happy. From these conclusions are: engage in physical money, not only can not make money in the past, and now can not make money, the future can not make money, regardless of the reality or network are interlinked! read more

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Li Kaifu the most afraid of smart entrepreneurs do not focus

lead: Mr. Li Kaifu as an investor, a dragonfly FM, and puts forward some suggestions for today’s entrepreneurs, to express their own views.

written in front of the words: Dragonfly FM is one of the projects of innovation works investment, currently has 200 million users, 10 million active users, a road industry ranked first, the valuation has reached hundreds of millions of dollars. Mr. Li Kaifu as an investor, a dragonfly FM, and puts forward some suggestions for today’s entrepreneurs, to express their own views, also as in the past to his young friends keep expectation and confidence. read more

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