Buy 1 names where the customer representative from turning bad achievements

renamed Chinese ( September 2nd – the Chinese domain name to pay more and more attention, the terminal, especially business, started to increase efforts to protect the brand name. In recent years, the acquisition of large brand domain name case, Jingdong ( and ( of the two ten million domain names much attention. Last week, VANCL finally to Larry domain shot, now Wanda electricity coming soon, the domain name was also Wang Sicong scored. read more

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Announcement of the obstruction of the international domain name registration affected by the Taiwan

by the Taiwan earthquake affected the international domain name registration blocked notice

dear users: Hello

Beijing time at 20:26 on December 26th and 34 points, Taiwan area occurred in the earthquake of magnitude 7.2 and 6.7. Affected by the earthquakes, responsible for domestic and international network connected submarine cable interruption (see specific reports communication), domestic and overseas have been seriously affected. Therefore, our company and the international domain name business acceptance have been seriously affected, and business includes: international domain name registration, renewal, change information etc.. The phenomenon may continue for a period of time until the cable recovery, the inconvenience to you, we apologize! At the same time, our company is actively looking for, test other Internet lines, in order to facilitate the expansion of the international domain name related work, once the service recovery, I will notice the company in the first time. read more

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The layout of suning com O2O mobile client is the key

speed transit network of mobile Internet is a piece of fertile land, tens of thousands of mobile APP in this land as rapidly like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. But many APP is parasitic in the soil of the edge, but has not learned from its internal nutrition, and some flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum fleeting, there are a lot of malnutrition, cry piteously for food. O2O (Online to Offline) mode appears, so that these mobile APP applications to see hope. This can be docked with the real network, breaking the screen of the model, so that mobile APP overnight became the protagonist. read more

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Three compulsory courses of enterprise network marketing

today, the network is important for the future development of enterprises, has no need of media publicity, put up a pageantry. Some enterprises know Google, Baidu is not a few, some companies may even have been practicing SEO. However, even if All the world knows. "network marketing can not be ignored this truth, but at the same time, many enterprises of the still holding hesitate, hesitation, distrust, and even conflicting mental attitude. Because these companies in the so-called network marketing activities, they did not get the desired return. So, the enterprise can give up the network marketing? The answer is, of course, negative. read more

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2013 control the explosion of sanctions artificially manufactured high sales model

March 13th news, according to informed sources revealed to the only product show, Taobao search rules and principles is a series of changes, especially in 2013, is no longer recommended explosion of economic model. Taobao said that Taobao search is best able to do service to 10 million people, but first for the seller, and then let the seller to serve the buyer 6 million.

according to sources, in 2013 when Taobao search, you can search the name @ + want direct access to want to store. Window features are also recommended to be more detailed, but also to make the difference between the price to help sellers get more accurate and meaningful traffic. read more

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A leader in the global e commerce industry Amazon why open the store


, global e-commerce leader, when the world was from offline to online, why it is from online to offline? What is the driving force behind, but also reflects what changes in the retail industry


according to foreign media reports, the online retailer Amazon is planning to open its first retail store, the retail store will open in New York Manhattan 34 street, and will begin operating in the United States during the holiday shopping season.

this is a surprising news, Amazon, the global e-commerce leader, when the world was from offline to online, why it is from online to offline? What is the driving force behind, but also reflects what changes in the retail industry? A shark enumerates some possible reasons and, one by one analysis. read more

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Sun Shoushan deputy director of the investigation of the network marketing platform

news March 10th at nine in the morning, Sun Shoushan, deputy director of the State Administration of new publications, accompanied by a group of provincial and municipal departments in charge of the leadership, came to Harbin publishing house Limited by Share Ltd digital publishing work. After Sun Shoushan in the Harbin press Limited by Share Ltd for the overall study, mainly inspected the Harbin press Limited by Share Ltd portal – bee bird network publishing marketing platform, and the construction site can be so perfect, so complete function fully affirmed in a short period of six months. The bee bird site is a comprehensive marketing network publishing platform, with online bookstore, paper books, e-books, download channel marketing advertising, copyright trade, trade and other functions for submission. read more

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Alibaba repurchase is expected to end early YAHOO investment was 14 times the return

"welcome to my office, I’m on the three floor of D, and I’d love to hear about YAHOO’s future." In the past weekend, YAHOO’s new CEO Meijer (Marissa Mayer) sent to employees after the first internal memo.

with a unique women’s delicate and somewhat sensational strokes, Meijer put more words on the "innovation" and "listen to innovation". The woman CEO admits she needs more time to learn about YAHOO and think about the future. In the meantime, the only thing she needs to do is to YAHOO people: do not stop, continue to work hard! read more

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The effect analysis of micro blog marketing

recently to tens of year old house next to a few years old kids are playing micro-blog, about 140 words of micro-blog to become part of the record and share the life, because of micro-blog’s cheap and strong communication, then there are the so-called marketing to your out of micro-blog, a so-called "micro-blog to the forum, good news, blogs, video aggregation to the topic of the platform to allow more people to" crowd ", reached the two level marketing and brand marketing effect." The micro-blog marketing theory turned out. read more

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Hacking skills

recently hackers rampant, a server in their number more than I get, so I have to

but when watching the log in front of the. I found some more js. Early to these JS and redundant ASP to delete, but unfortunately   read more

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Six team three months profit four hundred thousand why is the ending up

wrote an article "a person yesterday, three months Kuangzhuan million articles in space is not what reaction, I also submitted to some website, before I write the details of the submission, with little success, is not the small grass root or feel too cliche?? instead, yesterday’s article was submitted by a review before writing this article, to glance at the comment, some people say. Good, some people say a joke only, some people say that model is worth learning, I was very happy Public opinions are divergent., in fact, although some say no comment but at least, I know that my style of writing than before, must rise, I think I used to write the log now, I have to immediately remove the impulse. Why? Write too bad, I couldn’t see…… read more

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Lele the student is read www du8 com

. The advertiser names: the student is read (
* advertisers: Beijing scholar since   1996  years since its inception, has been committed to replace the traditional paper based on digital technology, provide related products, technologies and services. A company in this field to master the core technology, digital technology and domestic paper market pioneer and leader, global competitiveness is Chinese very few master   IT  one of the core technologies of industrial software company. The student is read by the Beijing scholar’s construction and operation of the site, with 120 thousand and 10 volumes of the signing of the mass of books. The student is read e-book portal, is the leading e-book reader, marketing and communication platform. The student is read to help readers to continue reading the book selection, happy to find books, buy books, solve the difficulties, to experience a new digital reading,   and built a bridge of communication and interaction between authors and readers, publishers.
* delivery type:   CPC
* 4Standard: 0.03 yuan /
* week settlement mechanism: the data returned valid data returned. The valid data
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What are the early mistakes

life we tend to focus on success and ignore failure. But in the rapid development of the Internet industry, small companies tend to be high risk of innovation, very easy to fail. And entrepreneurs themselves may also make mistakes, every mistake can be fatal.

– is a truth over

Wang Xing back to the early start, I felt that I was not really so clear objectives, a clear decision, a sense of urgency.

The problem with

‘s first venture is that you don’t know what’s important. I read some book, Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) and so. Facebook is popular with early adopters, but he doesn’t know how important it is. He went to Silicon Valley once said that the project is not important Facebook, want to rely on Facebook to attract some users, really want to do is to do a download software. Later Sean · (Sean Parker) told Mark not to do anything else, do this right. read more

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T male low key turn my electricity supplier business review in March

electric white one, review your business experience for the great spirit enthusiastically Paizhuan.

Today is February 27th

overcast sky do not know if the


through the hustle and bustle of the 2013, double the Taobao mobile phone sales are 5 billion 300 million; WeChat electricity supplier business model more and more fire; fresh and agricultural products also began to shock.

IT industry by the impact of smart phones, increasingly meager. I am in the cafe and the computer industry is more like yesterday’s yellow, going from bad to worse, the cost is high, more and more meager profits. read more

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What can do to save Wangzhuan Tongren

A wide range of

online, according to the author’s understanding that through this network platform to make money the project can be understood as wangzhuan. Some people say that there is a difference between Wangzhuan with MLM, but I believe that this is a one-sided understanding, everything should be analyzed from different point of view.

the beginning of the Wangzhuan is also called e-mail, surfing, click on these items, they have in common is that no technical content, open the page, waiting for the advertising countdown, then earn very little income, but for this little advertising, Wangzhuan novice hang software, what things do you can make money and free, in reality, where to find ah! Actually this kind of mentality reflects China network consumption and foreign distance difference. Because Chinese users feel is a great thing to make money online, even a bit, a few hair is bored. In fact, this free Wangzhuan only at the top of the Pyramid people can earn money, we can understand the reality of MLM sponsors, although the MLM is to obtain the following human money by deceptive means, but Wangzhuan is by exploiting the referral link decoy beginner labor from advertisers that get a lot of money advertising fee. There is not much difference between the two. read more

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Bottom entrepreneur Survival Report give you 5 million you will burn

Abstract: the bottom of the entrepreneurial team, although the size of the small number of people, but often faced with the problem of exposure and no less than a large team. If these problems can not be dealt with in a timely manner, it will not be like the rich Lord in the capital under the cover of the gradual settlement of the air, but because the team did not have the money and the embarrassment of the final amplification, a fatal problem.

BAT is not the Internet world, the U.S. group, Jingdong, Ctrip these star enterprise in the world, but more is the bottom of the entrepreneurial world, they have deep background, there is no strong technical support, and some may be just a small team, not too much money. Their living conditions are more worthy of attention. Based on this starting point, the author of the bottom of the entrepreneur survival report released for the exposure of the entrepreneurial team and common problems here to do a summary. read more

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Let big brother go to hell entrepreneurs should learn from people around

introduction: many entrepreneurs are the chiefs of the flock, "the true saying" but it went wrong — bigwigs "dream" and "feelings", may not be suitable for still struggling for you. In the era of the Internet community, to the center of the group learning, but it is more suitable for entrepreneurs to learn form.

in recent years the circle of friends and the public account has been filled with such an article: "Ma Yun", "golden sentences Lei Jun: we have to do", "pig on the outlet of xxAPP was XX billion financing, founder XX told secret at the XX summit"…… Despite the title of the party, the readability of the article, and the so-called big dry cargo for entrepreneurs really useful? I’m back in 2015 into 2016, also in thinking, all entrepreneurial grass root why blindly worship the so-called "big brother", "God", but only to the "big brothers" and learning read more

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How good figure must rub crush will become large breast health net


if it is his beloved person with his hand to touch his chest, I believe that the vast majority of women will feel heart rate faster, this is because of the reasons for the increase in sex hormones. The same way, if the opposite sex to their chest massage, then tend to become bigger faster. But be aware that this is the best thing to do for your partner.

often kneading breast, will have the function of promoting blood circulation, which can effectively make the breast becomes larger, but not in the process of rubbing force is too large, too often, to avoid breast swelling. The best is the right amount, and do 3 or 5 times a week on it. read more

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