Squatting frequency from the storm Chinese domain name value

recently "Chinese.Cn" domain name registration message as one falls, another rises. "100 enterprises Chinese domain name has been registered" storm has not yet subsided, and now the "one-time Samsung Corp registered 470".Cn "domain name for himself" news. A registered domain name registration behavior in the industry is not a small billows.

from the point of view of domain name investment, in the domain name two market, the Chinese domain name is worth investing considerable controversy. Many people think that the domain name is not suitable for Chinese alone used to build websites, but to have English domain name website can play a big role, so Chinese domain name investment heat will not be too high. However, the number of Internet users in China is large, the number of Internet users in the elderly. This particularity leads to "China" domain name in the country will be recognized. Because compared with the English domain name, the Chinese domain name is more in line with the Chinese people’s daily language habits, for the elderly, can be used directly in the Chinese search information on the Internet is a great convenience. read more

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Youdao search domain name for youdao com

NetEase (NASDAQ:NTES) search products officially opened a new domain name youdao.com, before the domain name yodao.com can still visit. Youdao also replaced the new LOGO, new LOGO into more Chinese elements.

NetEase search Youdao beta on December 2006 on-line, and in December 2007 released the official version. Youdao search type has been included in web pages, blogs, pictures, news, mass dictionaries and other applications, will become one of the core business segments NetEase.

it is reported that NetEase CEO Ding Lei has high hopes for Youdao search, I hope it has a prominent performance in the Chinese search market within three years. read more

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Taobao customer analysis Taobao passenger site positioning strategy overview


passenger money effect is now growing, but also want to be a guest of Taobao and is a simple thing, as long as the registration of one of their own account in Ali mother, you can through several ways to become the mainstream of Taobao customers, Taobao customers still need a website of your own, otherwise want to make money by GF link is very difficult

!At present Taobao

off site production threshold is relatively low, only need to use some free template, apply for a domain name and space will be able to create a Taobao guest website, but the more simple things often means greater competition, which requires the construction site before considering the competition keywords, that is need to do a good job in position to their Taobao guest website, this is a Taobao passenger station preliminary analysis the most important decision you can! This is the key to the success of Taobao customers! How can locate your Taobao read more

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Yu Guofu Qin Jiangbo Meng snake talk Google Adsense click fraud

Hello everyone!

  Sina compere: each netizen good morning, very pleased that you can participate in this chat, recently many people may notice, the first domestic owners sued the Adsense case, today we invited a senior lawyer in the rich, famous blog Meng Xiaoyi, Qin Jiangbo founder of the depth of the search, they were charged with friends some exchanges on the grounds of Google click fraud, please introduce three.

  Yu Guofu: my name is Yu Guofu, is now director of Sheng Feng law firm, such as the recent extreme events, Inc. and Baidu’s case is inside our agent, including some cases of the Tencent Inc is our agent, and now between Qihoo and YAHOO’s case is our agent, and so on, the companies involved more. read more

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Maybe let users vote online to help you make a decision

Maybe: let users vote for you to make a decision

is now a popular saying, called "decision phobia", it is the symptom of whatever size, always thinking, repeated consideration, still unsure. American start-up company Maybe gives the solution is: let users online voting decisions.

Maybe is a social decision platform. If the user is not allowed to ask questions, you can ask questions, listed options, allowing users to vote. As shown in the following figure, a user is not allowed to choose what kind of shoes are more appropriate, put these three alternative products placed on the Maybe personal home page, allowing users to vote. The white shoes received 1 votes (note it with a "your vote" label, means that this is you just cast off); brown shoes won 5 votes, one of the most welcome, so it gets a heart-shaped tag; but in the end the sponsor chose pink shoes, it votes to 3 votes, with a green label, said it was ultimately chosen. read more

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An electricity supplier entrepreneurs ordinary way

note: This article from the WeChat public, "the bear" (micro signal: daxiongisabug), for the August 16th Business Forum speech transcripts bear Gong wenxiang.

one, do not go to business

first, entrepreneurial success itself a close call, belongs to a small probability event. Most of the start-up companies have great pressure to survive, no accident will affect the physical and mental health, family harmony, quality of life, friends and other important parts of life. So, I suggest you try not to start. Especially those in big companies how high wages and benefits are very good occupation managers. read more

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According to the study you can earn 3000 of the ten ways

    every grassroots network, there are at least 10 ways, respectively is 3000 month, 3000 month and what not, I now do not need these basic methods, but for some it can make him a person of noble aspirations, more freedom to do the things they want to do.

      the methods described in this paper are tested or demonstrated. To write this article, but also to unlock some people may exist doubts. In peacetime, naturally speaking: "my job is to find the people better than me, then my task is done, I don’t have a leeway for ourselves," seems very detached, in fact. No one can not do without the "material", leaving the "material", how to talk about the spirit of detachment! read more

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VCs do not expect users to pay for Facebook and Twitter

Beijing on April 30th news, according to foreign media reports, the joint venture investment company (Union square Square Ventures) the venturecapitalist Fred – Wilson (Fred Wilson), known as Twitter, Foursquare and Kickstarter investment companies, he can use the platform to make money for the Internet Co always have their own ideas. He recently bluntly, expect users to pay Facebook and Twitter idea is absurd.

held in New York in the British "Guardian" of the annual Technology Summit (Activate Conference) group discussions, Werwilson said, most Internet companies relying on advertising business will be able to feed themselves, if they require the user to pay, it is unbelievable. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are created entirely by the user. "It’s ridiculous to expect users to pay, because users are people who create value." Wilson said. read more

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Discussion on new Wangzhuan to earn some money for the reason

many people with great enthusiasm to join Wangzhuan career, many people in the If You Are The One imagined himself to his own career listed before the age of 35, from retirement, free disposable wealth, with a lover to travel around the world, but to imagine like, it is covered with thorns, the difficulties, or even several months not to earn money from the phenomenon, is not visible Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, everyone can succeed the meat and potatoes, but also full of fierce competition and survival of the fittest, here we have to analyze why many Wangzhuan couples do not earn money read more

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News PR union money error

this morning received PR money Alliance Bank SMS tips. Look at the amount of last month the Commission figures don’t tally than
) to the office, a friend asked me: is not a PR tax deduction is very serious, more than 30%. The amount of money is inconsistent with the background of a combination of

a. An advertising company accounting made money 3


2.  sb; website; 1300     

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Don’t worry that breast every month a few days female health network

support is the chest muscles, chest muscle exercise can prevent sagging, let the bust up. Women should have exercise aerobics, running, doing push ups and chest exercise, exercise can improve the chest muscles become fit, can promote the normal development of the chest, the breast tall and flexible.

exercise chest muscles

almost all women are not very satisfied with their breasts, breasts have always been so that women have been under pressure. The girls use breast massage techniques, but the effect is not obvious, in fact, the best time to breast enhancement, we should make good use of their own inherent resources, grasp the best period in the breast of each month, in order to obtain the ideal effect of breast read more

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